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Florida Tailless Whip-scorpion. The only arachnid I'll ever get close to! Found this guy during hurricane Irma. Never seen one in the wild, so I was very excited! For those who don't know what they are, they are arachnids, but are neither scorpion or spider; more like a strange combination of the two. They have the standard 8 legs like a spider, & 2 pinchers like a scorpion, but no stinging tail or venomous bite.
"What's fall?" - Florida ☀️
Quick flight for Maria’s swell off Juno beach this afternoon #lovewhereyoulive
...Because someone always did love my reflected sunset shots. Shot with the a7rii and a Canon FDn 28mm 2.8 in the days that followed Hurricane Irma. The parking lot was completely flooded but gave an opportunity to take this shot.
Something cute for the day... Dumbo! ☁️