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Beautiful view from the plane. Sky was just gorgeous!!
BROADWAY 🤘.. just got tickets to @chicagomusical.. new york theatre district !!
"The great mystery's been lit once again." . . Sometimes the sunsets will look like this and Emily and I will wander outside to take it in. #fujiframez
When you average it out, waves 🌊🌊🌊 look a lot like low lying fog.
Take them glasses off and get in the pool #fujiframez #tbt
I'm loving this new #50mm
Firstmate Jonathan cleaned more than a hundred #haddock as we sailed back to #Scituate.
Sometimes I just don't know what my camera is thinking. | Day 80.2 #365project
Snapped these rhino's in their natural habitat
@bmsuerth is letting me test drive his @fujifilmx_us #x100t this week and next week when I head to Ireland. It's a fun little camera, that plays like film. You have to take your time. It's enjoyable. The dynamic range and sharpness aren't anything to be laughed at. I'll probably pick up the x100f when I get back to town. // #fujiframez #captureminneapolis
All AGlow #sunset #water #surf #sand #driftwood #nature #florida #travelgram #igflorida #travel #explore #outdoors #smoothwaters #3ltgallery A great sunset finale to our group photo workshop in the Florida panhandle.
Driving home from a profound meeting with our counselor as @ladylunk and I leave the storm behind. | Day 371 #fujiframez
STOP. Lima, Peru. April, 2017. #bangers #fujix100t #fujiframez
Evening ride on local mountainbike trails #fujiframez #photography
The greek gods in one room...
This medic team warned me that I could get stuck since they don't leave anyone they find behind, even if it means death. This brought me crazy discomfort since i'm healthy, strong and able but I wonder how much comfort it brings to this kid who lost his left leg and broke his right ...and all the others who are weak, unable and powerless. Sounds kinda like the stuff that crucified Nazarene talked about... #fujiframez & #framez #iraq #love
Jasmine The Production Office Cat. @narhwalmovie
Today at Villa Borghese, there was this equestrial event called "Piazza Siena", and I said to myself "Oh great! I can test my new tele lens!!". And I did it! I am glad for obtaining these results. I sincerely love my Fuji!! 😇💯
Bought this relic on ebay because i shot my first film with one. It was advertised as not working, crank broken. it works perfectly; they didnt know how to use it. All it needs now are some lenses ;) #bellandhowell #16mmfilm #fujiframez #nostalgia #filmmaking
A repetitive nature
Forget the 24/7 night club ads all over the metro. Berlin is vibrant with incredible locations 24/7. • Next @terroirtalk 🔥
Used the Primo V's for the first time yesterday! Optical perfection.
🇺🇸 "In 2014 when there a lot of demonstrations against the government I always had to worry about my friends who were protesting and at the end of the day I had to read the lists with the names of the people who were detained or in the hospital to make sure that none of them were someone I knew. More than once I saw a familiar name, they were not my friends but anyways it was really hard to know that they were about to go to jail without committing any crime, just for protesting." 🇻🇪 "En el 2014 cuando hubo protestas siempre tenía que estar pendiente de mis amigos que iban a protestar y al final del día tenía que leer las listas con los nombres de las personas que estaban detenidas o en el hospital para asegurarme de que ninguno de ellos fuese algún conocido. Más de una vez leí nombres de conocidos pero no eran mis amigos directos, de igual manera era super fuerte saber que conocía a esa persona y que estaba a punto de ir presa sin haber cometido ningún delito, simplemente por protestar."
Fuji classic chrome
Fuji classic chrome
Fuji classic chrome
Tried to take the fish away from @brownerater but he snarled at us.
Live sessions are always fun to shoot! Color plate by the amazing man behind @luts 📽️🤛
Happening right now, somewhere in Glasgow. Welcome, summer. ☀️☀️☀️
On my mind. | Day 80.1 #365project
Now they always say congratulations.
Stunning views of Mt Katahdin on a visit to Baxter State Park
I love this spot near Crantock from Gemma & Andrew's day #justmarried #flashesofdelight #weddingday