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Me and mischief disobeying the no dogs past this point sign and taking a dip. I didn’t wanna do it but mischief said “sack up cunt” so we jumped in. #fuckthegovernment #fuckrules #rulesaremadetobebroken #stankydog #sackup @mischief_the_insta_mutt #dv #vetspets #fuckyou
The very fact that there isn't, proves how little the governments care about our being. So why the fuck are YOU still depending on the government? At least INTEND on being self sufficient and sovereign and work towards it. If not, you're nothing but fuel for a giant, heartless entity...
While the media portrays blacks as lazy and abusers of the system, you have white people like this who REALLY take advantage of the system. There are way more white people on food stamps than any other ethnicity but the media always portray blacks as people as disadvantaged. #thesystemisbroken #conspiracytheory #4biddenknowledge #anonymous #weareanonymous #fastfollowtrain #wakeup #bbc #cnnireport #bbcworldnews #gainpost #twitter #instagram #facebook #fuckthepolice #fuckthegovernment #fuckreligion #youbethejudge
Give your life for your country and get fuck all in return for your efforts, except PTSD 😠 NO ex-squaddies should be on the streets! #soldiers #offthestreet #disgraceful #heros #uk #britisharmy #fuckthegovernment #shameful #armywife
No face, no case. #denim #fuckthegovernment
What is the mindset of those who carry out the crimes for the global power elite? How do they rationalize their actions? What is their justification? Populations must be awakened to what is unfolding, the sand in the hourglass is running out. Deception and devastation are the calling cards of the cabal that runs the world. While an unfortunately high percentage of global populations are still pretending that bigger picture events are not their concern, they will soon discover just how small the world really is. What can each and every one of us do to make a difference? How many are willing to actually try? If not now, then when? If we arm ourselves with credible and compelling data to pass on to others, and ask them to do the same, we could yet reach a critical mass of awareness in time to alter the outcome. Isn’t that our responsibility? We owe our lives to the children, to the web of life, make your voice heard. ✈️📡🚨⌛ #GeoEngineering #SolarRadiationManagement #ChemTrails #StratosphericAerosolInjection #PoisonSkies #HAARP #EMF #Frequencies #GwenTowers #AMicrowavedPlanet #LookUp #ThoseAreNotClouds #ByeByeBlueSky #StopSprayingUs #WakeUp #Sheeple #WeatherWarfare #WeAreUnderAssault #FuckTheGovernment #FuckTheMedia #FuckTheSystem #SpeakOut #Protest #Awareness #HigherConsciousness #Expose #Reality #Ontario #Canada #TheLifeAndTimesOfYoungKyle
Climate engineering involves more than just the highly visible atmospheric spraying, radio frequency / microwave transmissions are another lethal aspect of the weather warfare assault. Climate engineering is nothing short of weather and biological warfare. Not only are our skies being constantly saturated with highly toxic climate engineering elements, extremely powerful and harmful radio frequency / microwave transmissions are being utilized to manipulate these materials (and thus, the weather / climate). How can we know for certain that RF / microwave transmissions are being used to control weather and precipitation? From satellite imagery animations that prove the manipulation beyond any reasonable doubt. The ongoing global geoengineering insanity continues to decimate the biosphere, human health, and the entire web of life. The effort to expose and halt this insanity will take all of us. Waking others up to the critical climate engineering issue by sharing credible data from a credible source is the most effective strategy in this battle. Make your voice heard. ✈️📡🚨⌛ #GeoEngineering #SolarRadiationManagement #ChemTrails #StratosphericAerosolInjection #PoisonSkies #HAARP #EMF #Frequencies #GwenTowers #AMicrowavedPlanet #LookUp #ThoseAreNotClouds #ByeByeBlueSky #StopSprayingUs #WakeUp #Sheeple #WeatherWarfare #WeAreUnderAssault #FuckTheGovernment #FuckTheMedia #FuckTheSystem #SpeakOut #Protest #Awareness #HigherConsciousness #Expose #Reality #Ontario #Canada #TheLifeAndTimesOfYoungKyle
Lets put a face to the name I am Miss.October your Succubus, your purpose I am NOT a feminist but I am tired of being told women arent strong enough to lead well im going to prove that wrong. I WILL abolish your fears, your mental health problems I have a very unique tactic, I WILL skype regularly if you are not in the UK to keep you focused on the task ahead. Here are some facts about me so you can know who I am; 1. I am a female full of rage but not at the way women are treated because I believe men and women are EQUAL but I enraged at the bible being forced down childrens throats, at the government rigging everything, lying to us daily, im ANGRY AT THE WORLD AS IT STANDS but I dont worry I know I will gain some loyal followers and we will be one step closer to the goal 2. I live by the "7 deadly sins" if I want to eat I will, if I want to sleep all day I will, if I want to fuck then I will I will do what I want when I want because that is our HUMAN RIGHT 3. I have spoken with Satan, it is my duty to assemble the grand army but Satan isnt a red guy with horns, he isnt evil he LOVES US MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, he is knowledgable, he is beautiful, he is generous all we ask in return is loyalty 4. I want to be a safe haven for those who are bullied, come from broken homes, have mental health problems and I promise you this give me 3 months youl not need any more meds I CAN cure you with the power and belief that flows through my vein AND SOON I WILL TRANSFER THAT POWER TO YOU WHETHER YOU ARE NEAR OR FAR 5. Jim Jones and Manson (RIP CHARLIE) had good foundations but they were sloppy their followers trust started waivering that will not happen with us because I TRUST YOU AND NEED YOU Side note* if you take drugs dont stop on my behalf the only time you need to abstain is during initiation drugs open the mind they are the gateway to eternal freedom. Please PM for more information. Miss. OCTOBER.
I spent years being walked over, Treated like SHIT being betrayed but not anymore my cause has given me purpose. I want to absorb your struggles and transfere them back to you as strength and power. I want you all to be ruthless, ambitious, to fight back if someone does you but fight back 10 fold. Not sure how? Let me teach you. Youve trusted teachers, doctors, police all the people who were meant to keep you safe but failed. Together we can complete missions that will bring us one step closer to our cause TRUST IN ME I WILL NOT DO YOU WRONG. Are YOU ready for your initiation? -Miss October #areyoureadytochange #lucifer #satanlovesyou #noblewar #beprepared #exerciseyourdemon #innerdemon #selfhate #fuckthegovernment #failedbythesystem #failedbyhumans #divineintervention #lefthandpath #ineedyou #iloveyou #nobodies #losersclub #lonelyclub #destroyyourfears #letmehelpyou #inititiation
Life is in the mindset, you are what you think, wealth is in the mind not the body (I love trippy skies) #SkyLife #SkyMan #AlwaysInTheClouds #Strangerclouds #FuckTheGovernment
THIS IS A QUESTION FOR ALL THOSE WHO FEEL THEY DONT BELONG, WHO FEEL THEY HAVE NO DIRECTION NO PURPOSE WELL I AM HERE TO CHANGE THAT; Call me Miss. October now I want you too pay close attention. 1. I am here to give you a sense of belonging that is my sole purpose to love the unlovable, to allow you to unload all of your darkest secrets so you are a blank canvas,ready to join a super army 2. STAY WITH ME HERE this world is a hideous place, full of sheep, full of mindless, brainwashed IDIOTS who allow their every move to be dictated to by the government, by the police, by each and every bullshit MP, President and Mayor I WANT TO CHANGE THAT but I cant do it alone I NEED YOU this is your purpose 3. When I was just 15 years old I got a message, I was shown the future and unless we join together it is a horrific future full of pain and suffering, TOGETHER WE CAN AVOID THAT you see this is not just an army it is A movement of change, progression, evolution 4. There is one simple goal for this army, world domination, overthrow every political party, prevent the NWO taking place by starting our own NWO. The current NWO has no place for people like us, we are nobodies, we are nameless...for now. But trust in me and I assure you WE WILL HAVE A NAME, WE WILL BE REMEMBERED IN YEARS TO COME, WE WILL HAVE PEOPLE CHANTING OUR NAME PEOPLE WILL BE PRAISING US FOR IT WILL BE US WHO WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE THAT COUNTS. 5. This is an Army of freedom, there are no racial barriers, free love is welcome, and I want ANYONE who is struggling with ANY problem do you have mental health problems? YOU ARE BEING FAILED BY THE SYSTEM THEY ARE PUMPING YOU WITH MEDICATION TREATING THE SYMPTOMS BUT NOT THE CAUSE I CAN TREAT THE CAUSE I CAN HELP YOU RID YOUR AILMENTS ARE YOU BEING BULLIED TOGETHER WE WILL ERADICATE THE BULLIES AND TOGETHER WE WILL BE THE STRONGEST UNION IN THE PLANET. Pm me if you want to learn more, if you want a purpose if you want to stand for something, this is your chance to become someone, give me your trust and in return I will give you liberation you never knew exsisted, i will destroy your fears, struggles and problems. ARE YOU READY?
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