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A Mayan elder wearing traditional Mayan garb walks into a bar, he sits down and strikes up a conversation with the bartender, the bartender says -''Hey! You don't look like you're from around here, where are you from?''- The Mayan elder says -''Earth.''- And the bartender says -''So what do your people believe in?''- and the Mayan elder replies -''Well, our people believe that the earth rests on a giant crocodile sitting in a lake of water lilies.''- The bartender says -''Wow! That's fascinating! Tell me more!''-. An Anishinaabe elder wearing a traditional feathered headdress walks into a bar, the bartender says -''Hey partner where are you from?''- and the Anishinaabe elder says -''Around these parts.''- The bartender says -''The last guy that was here believed the earth was on a crocodile, what do your people believe in?''- and the Anishinabe elder replies -''Well, our people believe that the earth sits on the back of a giant turtle resting in a great ocean.''- The bartender says -''Wow! That's incredible! Tell me more!"-. A gentleman sitting at the bar then walks up to the bartender and says -''Hey! I heard you talking with those native wisdom keepers about the earth, you know what I believe?'' The bartender says -''No, what?'' The gentleman says -''I believe that the earth is flat!''- The bartender says -''The earth is a ball you idiot! Get the fuck out of my bar!''-.
“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” #epikeraentertainment #photography #fucksociety #mylifestory #streatwear #fashionkilla
Society. It has categorised us - anxiety, bipolar, personality disorders, anorexic, narcissistic, schitzo. society has tried to confine us in areas which serve them purpose. I tell you, we are not part of these categories. We should not be a subject of such separation and feel as though we are isolated from the norm. We are purely people that have not had the privelage and the ability to learn coping strategies due to our upbringing, due to the lack of connection we experienced in our childhood and so many other factors. We are part of the norm, we are not special and yet no different to everyone else. Therefore we must not behave any different. we must take part in society and in the world. We can feel and achieve what every other person does. We are deserving of normality. Take part in living, enjoying, embracing your life and it's journey, for the good and the worse. There is no truth to anxiety. Let's repeat this statement with complete belief. Love Irene xx ✹ #endxiety #youdeservethebest #endxiety #mentalillness #awareness #support #love #peace #achieve #goals #realgoals #lifegoals #beyou #loveyou #normal #humanity #psychology #fact #mentalhealthawareness #recovery #happinessmatters #endtomentalhealthstigma #faith #risetogether #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #awareness #openyourmind #truth #fuckanxiety #fucksociety
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pǝɔuǝlᮉs sʎɐʍlɐ sI ˙˙˙ɄʇnÉčʇ . . . . . #graphics #fucksociety #riots #anarchy #photoshop #police
Im not really a selfie queen but I found myself in this artsy creative center this morning and looooved what they have on the mirror! You are beautiful, just the way you are. đŸŽ¶ #reflection #inspiration #creativity #beauty #selflove #fucksociety
There was a time when I hated the sight of my stretch marks! I felt like they’d ‘destroyed’ my body. I felt disgusting, I wanted to escape my own skin. I only valued myself on what others thought of me and I felt like I was worth no more than another persons opinion. Now I really couldn’t care less. I’ve learned that it’s ok if people don’t like my appearance, cause we all have things we like and we things we don’t like, and that’s ok. What’s NOT ok is not liking yourself! It’s NOT ok to be made to feel like you’re not the right shape or size, or your body isn’t acceptable. We live in a society where we’re made to believe that we have to look a specific way to ‘be socially accepted’ đŸ–•đŸŒ đŸ–•đŸŒđŸ–•đŸŒđŸ–•đŸŒ #fucksociety love yourself for everything that you are and for everything you aren’t. It’s ok to want to better yourself, but only if it’s for yourself and not for the approval of others, never thrive for perfection because you will never be more perfect than you already are. Eat good because you love yourself not because you hate yourself and never let anyone else determine your self worth!! 💜 #doitforyourself #selfloveclub