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Inked Apple. Best piece of art in a hotel I have seen so far. Sort of symbolizes me in a way...
Banana Del Rey 🌹 Enjoying the new #LustForLife album by @lanadelrey So here is some old #LanaDelRey fanart by me. Swipe left for more!
!i!...This one has gone all pear-shaped...!i! 😊
So lucky to have a set of the Victorian gardening books 'Thompson's Gardener's Assistant'. Some of the antique engravings to be found within the text are stunning such as this one of damsons. #journals #journaling #nature #naturelover #naturejournal #gardening #fruitart #vintageephemera #antiqueprints #scrapbook #scrapbooking
The table is ready with all your art supplies. Yep, we said art supplies. Today's 1 p.m. Food Play for Kids workshop by @earthangeloutreach teaches kids (ages 3 -12) about fruits and veggies, and then encourages them to make some edible art with them. A banana sailboat, a singing red pepper, a smiling potato, or some smiling corn with legs...these are just a few of the characters that have come to life during these classes. Let your kids be creative and bring them out to The Yard! If you haven't done so already, purchase their spots for class via the events link in our bio. #wynwoodyard #foodplayforkids #miamiartworkshop
when alice in wonderland and cherries collide πŸ’