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“make your love a really festive affair, don’t make it a hit-and-run affair” - (Osho, Book of Women, p.41); take that quote in any aspect but personally, I believe that this should be carried out in all relationships (not just romantically); I don’t even believe if you have genuine love for someone, it can be temporary! That being said, I love boss girls, women who empower women and women using their platforms to better the world, including @niathelight who I interviewed for monochrome-ego.com (link in bio) so head over there and be inspired by her and her journey 🌻💕💃🏽 #londonblogger #Sydney #frogirlginny
Meus amores o vídeo já saiu, e tá demais, vocês precisam conferir, lá eu estou mostrando passo a passo da minha finalização. Corre lá, não deixam de da likes e se inscrever no canal, e quem foi lá comentam aqui sobre o que vocês querem que eu fale no próximo vídeo!! Um beijos meus amores 😘♥️ { @ruthy.freitass}{ @milaleeal }🌼 . Parcerias⬇🌻 ✔ @cachosmuitoamorenvolvido@diariodeumacrespa@amazingcurls@garotadocacho@camaleoa_cachead@cachosforever@elafariaoficial@loucaasporcachos@cacheadas.crespos@cachosinspiracao1@meumundocachos@cacheadaecrespa_✔. . #intimasdaray #haircut #hair #cut #frogirlginny #love #cachosbr #cachos #cacheada #princesa #cachosdefinidos
THE GODDESSES OF THE "GO WITH THE FRO TOUR!" ENJOYING THIS MORNING DANCING TO THE RHYTHM. THEY ARE IN THEIR ELEMENT. BOTH PROUD TO BE AFRICAN! 🌍🌍🌍🌍🙌🙌🙌💫💫💫🌠🌠👏👑☺🙌😍😍 #gowiththefro #Fro #FroGirlGinny #frogirl #Dancing #Dance #Africa #nicaraguan #NICARAGUA #Curly #Curls #curlsfordays #Curlyhair #fashionforward #Fashion #AfricanFashion #BlackExcellence #BlackWomen #blackgirlsrock #Happy #Healthy #Pretty #unapologeticallyblack #ProudtobeBlack
NIA [youtuber] [3/3] @niathelight tells #thesocialmashup: ▪️I get inspired by people who have less and do not desire to have more. Traveling taught me how small the world really is, we all just want to be loved ▪️If I could go back to when I first started out, I would tell myself: You have no idea who you are going to become ▪️The coolest thing that’s happened since being an influencer is traveling around the world, being on TV and being in front of a store in Soho, London [her photo is on the exterior of the @jackwills stores!] ▪️In 5 years I see myself in my own apartment with plants, a fruit filled with veggies because I will eventually become vegan and acne free
NIA [youtuber] [2/3] @niathelight tells #thesocialmashup: ▪️One beauty trend I would never try is dying my hair blonde again! So damaging for the curls ▪️My holy grail beauty product is Skimdo ▪️My go-to getting ready song is Lady Love by ‪Lou Rawls‬ ▪️In my closet you would find plenty of denim and black dresses ▪️I spend the most money on skincare, I LOVE @Elemis & @Kiehls
NIA [youtuber] [1/3] @niathelight tells #thesocialmashup: ▪️My very first YouTube video was a hair tutorial, I was 16 but I deleted it because people in school would watch it and make fun of me ▪️My first influencer crush was Diggy Simmons ▪️My dream collaboration is @forever21 ▪️On social media I obsessively stalk @Rock_Yo_Rizos@TheVicStyles ▪️My go-to Fall accessory is a big cozy scarf ▪️My on-the-go style usually consists of jeans, white tee and some cute boots