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I had such a wonderful day with these ladies! #lularoe #lularoeteam #lularoefashion #friendship
We’re only a little bit batty. 🦇
They were born in the same year. They are growing together, right now She is 8yo and her dog(years) is 63yo. Yeaaah time goes fly.. but their love will never ending.. #kids #dog #goldenretriever #pets #friendship #people #love
the champion's of ikrh soccerleague2017, #friendship #blackgeneration #622 #ikrh #stamfordbridge.
Getting time to spend with this precious one....priceless!! So thankful for our friendship @mollsfitmom even when distance and jobs make it difficult!❤❤ . #friends #bestie #priceless #babes #friendsforlife #friendship #precious #thankful #grateful #gymrats #gymfam #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #myfitnessjourney
Everytime we do a #SempoiFestive program i feel blessed and grateful for not only having a pretty awesome #gengsempoi team but also for having the opportunity to spend time with the unfortunates ones and make them smile. Those smiles are my strenght to become a better person and motivates me to reach out even more out there. It was truly heartwarming this time celebrating #SempoiDiwali and experience the kids saying their prayers in Tamil, English n Bahasa. Like wow guys. InshaAllah, may this small gesture goes a long way. Aamiin. #SincereCharity #iamaproudvolunteer #friendship
Tonight I visited an old climbing buddy of mine. He chose to amputate both his legs. He has a very rare progressive genetic neuropathy that caused him to be on crutches for 5 yrs. He was the first patient I ever looked in the eyes & said, “I cannot help you. this is beyond me.” It was the first time I felt like I failed as a health care provider. I lay awake for two nights, after I said that to him. Pondering in what ways I felt like I had failed him, as a friend, climbing partner, & patient. I walked around with a knot in my stomach for a week after that. Not really quite deciphering why. As I watched my friend show up to “Smith,” less & less to climb, I knew he was about to make some hard choices. That was 2 yrs. ago., when he cut off his legs. This week he had his first round of chemo. He has lymphoma. A type that appears curable. I went over tonight to eat soup with him & his wife. He asked, “How’s your clavicle, Almine? I hear it’s not healing.” I said, “It’ll heal. It’ll just take time. It’s a ‘First World Problem.’ It’s bullshit, really. I just have stubborn bones, that’s all,” I laughed. “Imagine that.” His wife looked over at me, “We love you, & your stubborn bones.” I smiled, picking up my soup spoon, “I love you guys too.” Tom looked at me, smiled a faint smile, & said, “I like your shirt.” I laughed. “I love this shirt. I got it while visiting my family, in South Africa.” He winked, “I think I need to Harden The Fuck Up.” I replied, “You cut off both your legs, pal. I think you LIVE what this shirt says.” He said, “Let’s both Harden The Fuck Up.” He gave me his hand. I squeezed it & winked. “That sounds like a plan, my friend. It’s been a rough year...for a lot of people. It’s a solid piece of advice.” He grimaced, “This soup needs to Harden The Fuck Up too.” We all laughed. Looked at each other, & belly laughed until we cried. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes laughter that becomes tears is even better. 💖 #HTFU #friendship #climbinglife #whensoupisntenough #hardenthefuckup #climbing #soupkitchen #laughter #lifelessons #tears #grateful #friends #love #heart #instagood