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1 0 0 0 followers!! ❤️🎉 thank you everyone for watching me grow and discover new things 😊 look how big I've gotten! Left: 4 months Right: 2 months 😍••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #frenchbulldogpuppy #frenchiesociety #frenchies #gotfrenched #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiegram #frenchbulldogpuppy #frenchbulldog #frenchielove
Tuesday faces when breakfast isn't served yet. #ConfusedMuch #Frenchies #english #bulldogs
Happy #tot amigos! Today is neutering day for this little guy 😳✂️🍒 Just dropped him at the vet! Send him happy thoughts ✨ #tongueoutTuesday #typicalOliver #whatsMomdoing? . . . . . . . . . . AMIGOS! 📣Todavía están a tiempo para entrar a la rifa #amorXcosmo! Habrá 8 ganadores! Aprovechen podrían ganar nuevos juguetes, bandanas y más! 🎁 sigan al @dapawclub
Sound needed!! my dad found my noise hilarious! Do you? I don't know what he's talking about my mum finds it adorable ❤️ #cutedogs #frenchiegram #frenchielife #frenchies #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiesofinsta #frenchiesoverload #frenchielove #frenchieoftheday #frenchieoftheweek #frenchiesociety
Hamlin ( @hamlin_the_frenchie) from Chicago is one of the most loved frenchies on Instagram. He has a cool story with his parents Grace and Joe. Read a bit more, comment to send love! How old are you? I'm 8. What does one day in your life looks like? - 38% sleeping - 26% following my little human bro around the house while trying to get him to feed me his snacks - 18% avoiding making eye contact with my humans because they want to take me on a walk or go out to lift a leg - 12% napping in a sun spot - 9% having my dad go through a few rounds of negotiation of treats-for-photos with me - 5% picking out the four-course selection of chewy toys for the day - 3% trying to learn addition What's your favorite treat? It's gotta be popcorn...no wait, definitely carrots. And blueberries. I almost forgot about spinach leaves. Actually, it would be easier for me to tell you what I don't eat (besides the list of toxic stuff for dogs that my humans keep away from me). Cilantro. That's it. Which part of yourself that you are most proud of? The fact that I get so many emails and comments from my Fellow IGers saying how my posts help brighten up their day. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy both inside and outside, and motivates me to keep on smiling for the camera. What's your favorite thing and least favorite thing about your parent(s)? My favorite is when they take me with them on car rides and trips. I've done some fun and strange activities with them- from crab fishing to jet skiing. However, I'm in my happy place as long as I'm included. My least favorite thing is when my mum puts my stuffed toys in the washing machine, which ruins the flavor I worked so hard to infuse into one Who are your favorite frenchie friends on Instagram? A few of my friends are @jaxandfriendschicago, @princealfie, @snortmonster, @vincenzopepito, @markelpresley, @thedailywalter, & @omarcomin_. However, there are many more, enough to turn this into the closing credits of a movie.