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Parait que l'eclipse d'aujourd'hui est une inspiration à la transformation dans le but de pouvoir débuter un nouveau chapitre de vie plus étroitement lié à notre âme... l'été 2017 s'achève, j'ai le coeur un peu serré, mais je me doute que le chapitre qui s'entame demain sera beau lui aussi.
Hay que ser feliz, 😀 agradecer por todo lo que pasa en nuestras vidas. Permitete ser feliz. Que sea un estilo de vida.😎 Disfrutar de lo pequeños detalles que el universo te regala cada día. Y aun cuando no todo sea como tú quieres, aprende de ello y sigue adelante. 🏃 We must be happy,😀 thankful for everything that happens in our lives. Let's you be happy. Make in a lifestyle.😎 Enjoy the little details the universe give you everyday. And Even when not everything is what you want, learn about ir and go ahead happily. 🏃 # happy #thankful #ecostyle #freesoul #thinkpositive #love #travel #dream #detail #life #work #passion #relax #goodvibes #goahead #enjoy #beauty #stepbystep
🎼And though my love is pure, though my love is true, I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away, I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is, I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away #photogrpahy #nature #naturephotography #bird #freesoul #freespirit #flylikeabird #flyaway
Hello Beautiful GratiDude Community! 💛 I just wanted to say how much you all mean to me. All your support and love is truly magical and you all inspire me everyday! 🙏✨ I am so #beautifullygrateful to be on this journey with you all, finding and celebrating lifes joys and blessings each day. So the biggest THANK YOU to each and every one of you! 😘 Its been over 3 years since I started the Gratitude Butterfly, so I thought I would take this time to share 10 little things about me you might not know! 🌞🐬 1. I am an Ayurvedic Health Coach. I own a Health Clinic called Wholesome Living Ayurveda located in Melbourne. If you are after a beautiful treatment, head over and have a look! @wholesome.living.ayurveda 2. I left school in year 12. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was so unwell and unhappy at school, and leaving was just the beginning of my new journey. I believe in following your heart, and it hasn't steered me wrong yet! 3. I am allergic to Cats! 😢🐺 Which is sad because they are so cute! 4. I used to be a swim teacher. I loved this job, as I was a champion swimmer when I was younger. I used to teach all the little kids/babies to love the water, and also taught Adults with disabilities. So beautiful! 🌊 5. I adore reading! I am a novel lover and I cannot wait to have a full on library in my own house - with a fire place and cosy reading nook! 📚 6. Growing up I wanted to be a ballerina. I still do ballet classes for fun. 7. I am not a "party girl", and you are more likely to find me watching a movie with family or friends on a Saturday night. (With popcorn and tea of course!) 8. I adore the outback of Australia. My family and I were constantly travelling to central Australia growing up. This is my happy place! 🌴 9. I always have to have flowers in my room! I love wild flowers, and will often pick them on my walks with my dog. 10. I make a mean curry! 😋 🍛 My fav is a coconut, chickpea curry. Delicious!! 🍚🍴🌱 So there you go! Hope you are all having a fabulous day and are celebrating the blessings in your life! With Love + Gratitude, Em 💋 x x x
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The New Moon. #rp
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Aprendi que meninas boazinhas 😇colecionavam elogios e presentes , claro que eu gosto, mas...🎁💌🎁💌 Eu colecionava chuteiras e cicatrizes.⚽🏆⚽🏆 Hoje, enquanto algumas esperam viver um conto de fadas...🙏👸🙏👸 Eu já beijei príncipe que virou sapo 🐸💏🐸💏 Construí castelos para morar sozinha 🏰🏰🏰🏰 Despedi a fada madrinha 👊🚫👊🚫 Se for pra escolher com quem viver, escolho viver com o "lobo" 🐺🐺🐺🐺 Ouvi várias histórias 💬💬💬💬 Mas resolvi escrever a minha.🍃🍀🍃🍀🍃 🌸🌻🌹🌼🌺🌸🌻🌹🌼🌺🌸🌻🌹 #boanoite #noiteboa #resiliente #resilienciahumana #freemind #freesoul #savageheart #bitchdontkillmyvibe #vocepramiméproblemaseu #fiona #sooqueforleve #sovibeboa #sooqueforbom #sogood #lifeaholic #mechama #mechamapravida #mechamaqueeuvou #sobora #vivaavidacomumsorrisonorosto
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