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Monday is essential oil class night!! Regular scheduled classes to educate all my oil peeps!! Have questions?...message me! If you are a part of my oil team, builder or user, you have access to me and all the knowledge I have and my business partners knowledge too! Want to be a part of my team? I can help you get set up today! Support your body naturally using essential oils, my life has changed for sure! #doterra #essentialoils #lifeisgood #entrepreneur #allnatural #healthylifestyle #freedom #healthcare #healthcarereform #coldandflu
Most of the fathers gets home at night after a long day working , that's what I love about our job. we are independent, we decide of our own time , and we can spend the time that we want with our kids , we love playing with them , #herbalifeoportunity changed our life and she can change your life too , #joinus !!! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ’ #freedom #cohenfamily
My Big Dogs. #boomboom #sierrakiloyankee My @remingtonarmscompany 870 and my @windhamweaponryinc WW-15 sport lots of @magpul furniture, @pofusa SS trigger, @vortexoptics Sparc AR, @strikeindustries_si switches, @vikingtactics mount, and @phase5wsi QD end plate.
That feeling of wanting to be loved screams lack. Relationships are not about attachment. Being single can feel lonely but it won't last forever. Take that time to get to know yourself and to heal. You will attract the love you need if you work on yourself. Never rush a relationship to avoid being lonely. The ego will trick you into believing you don't have time or that pain will last forever. No one can carry you or protect you from your inner world. Other's will pressure you into a relationship but look around clearly that's not working. Attachment kills relationships. Love brings freedom. You won't have to work at a relationship or force it. You don't have to try to make it work. Once you've healed the universe will deliver that gift of love. Open yourself up to love first by loving yourself. I promise that pain will fade and you'll find happiness with yourself. ⭐️✨❀️ #love #single #relationship #soulmate #couple #attachment #loved #unconditionallove #friends #universe #spiritual #life #goodvibes #relationshipgoals #partners #freedom