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Early morning packing - Venice bound
c h r o m e s c a p e {ii}
We like to have fun. . . . #sony #photography #instadaily
c h r o m e s c a p e {i}
São Paulo é um caos!
Work work work work work
"Espiral de ilusão"
Matinais vs Crepusculares
"Caballo sin nombre"
The worst floor
Shining head
Black smoke
Observador anti-social fotogênico
Digital diner
Orange moon
Home, sweet park
Tempero imagético
Hoje me vi rodeado de amarelo
New mexico's night
Going back to Karlshamn for a day (7-ish hours travel) 🚄+🚗 #framez . . . . #cinematographer #cinematography #filmmaker #filmmaking #photography #vsco #cinematic #ziess #loxia #sonya7s
Cidadela Amarilla
La tarantula
Dark exit
empty truck
Happy hour lonely 😏
#fujiframez travel days
People are the light
Espiral vermelho
'Let us put it like this: a spiritual—that is, significant— phenomenon is "significant" precisely because it exceeds its own limits, serves as expression and symbol of something spiritually wider and more universal, an entire world of feelings and thoughts, embodied within it with greater or less felicity—that is the measure of its significance.' —Thomas Mann
It's crazy to think it's already been two years since @nicolepotato and I backpacked across Europe but looking forward to our upcoming adventures this summer and getting back to shooting film again!
A Shot A Day 5/25/17 Dusk I used the same oval shaped aperture cut out on a piece of paper and placed over the lens to get the stretched bokeh. Cloudy sky gave a nice soft light. #framez #lighting #bokeh #photoaday
A Shot A Day 5/24/17 Reflections and refractions 💡 Yet another picture taken through the patterned glass of our front door #framez #light #lightroom #photoaday
Wish I lived where palm trees live. | Day 80.3 #365project
So excited to shoot ECB, got some ideas in my mind that I would love to execute for this event. It's been forever since I was at the track and forever since I've actually put out a drift video!
• ... tente viver.
Don't let @theslickwilley read you bedtime stories. 👹
living in Ghilbi (iiii)
living in Ghilbi (iii)
living in Ghilbi (ii)
living in Ghilbi (i)
It's good to be back. Good things coming soon...
Feeling Shady, 🌲 #DeeAShadez🌞 AVAILABLE NOW‼️ #ModaReignas👑 ||DM for inquiries|| #DeeAModa Colors: pink, blue,rose gold, silver, clear, purple, orange, red, gold, black $15
Throwback to the shoot of my latest short film, The Search. This was the very last scene on a very productive one-day shoot. 🎬🎥
Last frame I'll be posting of my current film in post production, "The Edge With Us". Little story time. • I was gonna play the main character, but a bunch of people wanted to audition. Knowing what I wanted in the character, I basicially was doing auditions as a "just in case" kind of measure. Then this guy shows up. @codyhively , a guy I never would have written this character for, knocks it out the park and into another country. He really wanted to play Avery and it showed, so I had no choice but to give him the role. He was better, he was hungrier, and he was perfect in the end....oh and Olive did great too. • • • • • • • • #framez #acting #filmisfun #theedgewithus #cinematography #director #film #shortfilm #indie #blackmagicdesign #ursamini46k #ursaminipro
Sometimes I just don't know what my camera is thinking. | Day 80.2 #365project