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ba·lay·age (bä′lā-äzh′) n. A technique of coloring hair in which the stylist applies the color by hand to create natural-looking, graduated layers of highlights with a less apparent regrowth line than in traditional highlighting.
Happy birthday to our President Nani Perez! The former DOJ sec and Sec of transportation and communication, one of my favorite profs in law school that I've personally indebted to.. Sir thank you for the opportunity and reconsideration. I promise that I will be worthy of such consideration. Rest assured that I will focus na sa studies w/c is my top priority. I wish you good health and continue inspiring us, your own crafted future Brahman lawyers! (left pic, picture with my pretty senior at Micah in mass communication way back. Itayo natin ang bandila ng komunikasyon sa departmento ng batas👊🏻😊) #lawschool #law #jurisdoctor #school #abcomm #friday #fridaynight #classmates #happyfriday #framatic