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Y'all! Mini sessions are here!!! I'm so excited to announce I'm offering mini sessions this year. They will take place in an all white natural light studio. Best of all, I'm partnering with @mossfloral who's providing a custom floral holiday backdrop to shoot against. You guys...it's going to be so gorgeous!!! Click link in profile for full details!
I had so much fun with this adorable little family! Raisins for the win!!
Miles showing off how he’s walking!
It's always so much fun to stop AND HAVE FUN when I'm shooting a family session. This family was full of laughter and was so easy going! Thats my favorite combination! I LOVE this!! ****side note*** kids are ADORABLE!!! Zoom in to see their faces lol
It is noon and I have already had 3 succesful appointments today ✔️✔️✔️ And I had time to surprise my daughter at school for lunch🎉. Now it is on to the pediatrician for flu shots😬 Here’s to hoping the tears are short lived and the rest of the day is fabulous as the beginning has been. #sabrinagebhardtphotography
When sitting still just isn't fun anymore! 💙
happy toes-day, friends
I was so excited to see the Cohen family again! I can't believe how much Reid has grown since the Fresh 48 session we did! That seems like it was just yesterday! Time flies!! Thanks so much for coming out to see me, guys! ❤
MINI SESSION GIVEAWAY!!!!! We are teaming up with @sugaredfigpaperie, @shopsmallfortworth, and @babybydesign to bring you the couple Christmas Card Giveaway. Family photos, custom holiday card design, and $100 to shop for your little babes. To enter the giveaway, go to the @shopsmallfortworth page for instructions!!! Giveaway ends Wednesday!
Absolute pure love, joy, and happiness all rolled into one photo. These moments are what I live for as a photographer. #bapfamilies
Today has been a Monday😏. I had every intention of being super duper productive. Because it is my busy season and the list is ridiculously long. And for every item I cross off, I add 5 more. Anyways, I packed up my my stuff and left the house (because way more productive when not at home). I brought a healthy lunch with me. I had a tidy little to-do list written and prioritized. I put my earbuds in and listened to classical music. And then nothing. NOTHING. No productivity magic. Sooooo, I guess I am about to take a break to start picking up kiddos and then try to get back at it. Maybe this afternoon will be better? Who am I kidding, my crazy kids will be running around then. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I almost forgot to me tion this nugget, I sent out my monthly newsletter this morning without proofing the subject line. And quickly had to make a huge correction and re-send🤦🏻‍♀️. Awesome. #sabrinagebhardtphotography
This family had three boys in three years, and they're still standing! 😋😍
Three client galleries went out this morning, with more to go! Us photographers are smack dab in the middle of busy season and it's a whirlwind of shooting and editing and sneak peek-ing and emailing that we are all used to this time of year. We stay up late, fueled by pretty galleries and gallons of coffee, pouring our hearts into our work for our wonderful clients. It's synonymous with fall for so many of us, but it's part of what makes this season so exciting! So if you know a photographer, give them a big hug (and maybe a coffee!) over the next few weeks 💛
I love mini sessions so much. Really I love family sessions, but to get to meet so many new, awesome, sweet, people in one evening and photograph their families fills my heart to the brim. I always leave giddy!