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Thinking of you a little extra today, and feeling extra thankful and appreciative of our friendship. Thanks for being my person, love you always. #blueridgemoments #booneview #foreverfriend
There are some sisterhoods that cause the gift within you to leap. Surround yourself with people who call out the greatness in you. She's mine. @elle.ayye #daughtersandvessels ------------ At the sound of Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth’s child leaped within her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. ‭‭Luke‬ ‭1:41‬ ‭NLT‬‬
And then I learnt that the best things in life aren't things 👭❤️ #foreverfriend #diamond #friendship #love #family #instalike
Birthday shoutout to my favorite travel buddy, "bestie of the besties," fellow foodie and lady boss of a friend, @mollyfreier I'm certain my life's adventures wouldn't be as sweet without you in them. Thanks for always making my heart feel happy. Can't wait for our next adventure in Turks!! #wecouldbeanywhere #foreverfriend. #meeshandmollysadventures #thatsmybonebitch #loveyournewinstaname
My birthday boy!! Love my Jojo❤ #mybaby #furrybaby #pomlover #foreverfriend
Forever drowning my feelings in Miyazaki films and doggo cuddles. #Miyazaki #nausicaa #studioghibli #greatdane #danemoments #love #cuddles #mya1sinceday1 #babe #mygirl #foreverfriend
and when your sitting around the fire place when you go back home , i hope that you suddenly remember all the memories that had faded so gently away . i hope you remember the smiles that we gave each other , the laugher we shared , the moments we created and the flicker of happiness we beamed uncontrollably like the fire on set . i hope that the times we created were deep and treasured , i hope that the songs we danced to that left your feet feeling pained leave imprints that you can only reminisce about . i hope that your travels take you far , and that your knowledge grows and expands . i hope that the friendships we made together push you further to make new bonds , for you , my dear friend , i hope that the happiness we have created empowers you to explore and rebirth , for you are , and always will be , the person who shone light down and helped me become me . thank you kurt , you will always be one of my closest and best friends . #foreverfriend #bestfriend #littlebrother