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art object "With Fire on Fire," from which I began this project. I was inspired by S. V. Maksimov  description of the forest fire. It was very surprising that despite primitive fear and horror of what was happening, people still tried to fight, having found a brilliant solution, a nontrivial and effective method. They light up their own fire against a wild forest fire. It lit on purpose, to destroy everything that feeds the fire. In this way was possible to stop riot of titans - indomitable forest fires. "With the expansion of fire and as warming atmosphere, hand made fire becomes stronger and stronger.(says one of the witnesses who participated in extinguishing the fire in the forest thickets of Volga) In a distance, hi has already large forest fire and tends faster and faster towards to rival. (in russian language all  inanimate object hav gender and  fire is male gender. That's why fire is - “hi”) Finally, hand made fire enter into fire-breathing atmosphere of a real fire driven by the wind  and furiously throw to him.  Battle across the area announces the neighborhood as crowd of opposing  forces.  These moments are solemn! Here seem  artillery fire, the explosions, and burning toothy ranks of  forest giants, kick each other and fighting all in twirl heat, intertwined with their branches. The flame rises wall against to wall and, with a terrible impulse, appear instantly-disappearing tornadoes or swirling pillars of fire, screwdriving to the sky. After this general battle, where collapsed more than one majestic Titan, who despised the fury of the storm, everything calms down. #contemporaryartist #contemporaryart #interestingart #arte #myart #mycraft #red #embroideryartist #embroidery #artembroidery #artandcraft #artandcrafts #slavic #slavicculture #parachute #artwork #artworld #artgalery #artworkshop #artinprogress #artinprocess #russiancontemporaryart #forestfire #fire #fuoco #cuntrylife #ansestors #artproject #contemporaryartprojects #newartist
The things you see in your travels #burnout #forestfire
So @mason_casting is looking for some firefighters for the show. Would be great to see some wildland firefighters on the show "meet dirty D, likes going weeks without showers and thinks whiskey and dip is a food group" #wildlandfire #wildlandfirefighter #firefighter #forestfire #brushfire #LACoFD #sdfd #smokejumper #helitack
"Look deeper into that which confuses you. For that is the cure for hatred." ~ anonymous
Photo of the Rice Ridge Fire in Seeley Lake, Montana sent to us by @swrt1991. These brave men are BLUE COLLAR TOUGH! 🇺🇸 #bct
figures in the night. #findmore at melissaofuller.com
Hey Guys! I have been interning with Himalayan Ecotourism since the last week. My job here is to talk with locals and understand the reason for initiated forest fire in this region. Last year, more than 1600 cases of forest fires were reported and 90 percent of them were man made. One of the major reason that the locals stated was they light fires because they don't get any rain but this year there was not a single forest fire and we got good rainfall today. Hence, this is a short 20 sec video shot and edited by me on the above discussion. PS - The footage of the forest fire was taken back in 2016 by Yakima.(She's the director of WakeBuddhi which has been nominated for 18 international awards) #forestfire #forest #naturephotography #saveearth #himachal
After a dry summer wild fires spread over huge areas north of Lisboa, Portugal #wildfire #forestfire #forest #fire #highway #leiria #portugal
Tree shades 🍂