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Check out this lighted cell phone case by @lumeecase. It creates flattering lighting no matter where you are by having light shining towards your face. #EmpoweredPictures #FORDmodels #lumeecase #findyourlight #createyourlight
I was just walking along this beautiful path and was magically captured looking effortless in the moment. OR...every detail was meticulously planned and we took a bunch to snaps to get the perfect "candid" image we liked. I won't say which 😂 POSING RULES A seemingly candid "caught in the moment" pic comes from looking like you're in motion. In this case I followed these posing rules: 1.FIND OPPOSITION. Weight on 1 leg. 1 hip higher than the other. One shoulder higher and more forward than the other. Head looking to one side and down. All this gives the impression of walking and creates a nice body shape. 2.HAVE INTENTION IN THE HANDS. My hands look like they are pulling my jacket over my shoulders. 3.NOT LOOKING AT THE CAMERA is great for a fake candid shot. In this case it's "oh look at that interesting thing happening on the ground in front of me. I'll pull my jacket on a walk towards it" If you post a pic using any of these tips TAG @EmpoweredPictures, I'd love to share it on this page! #EmpoweredPictures #FORDmodels
It's all about LIGHTING. For the pic on the left I was directly under an overhead light. For the pic on the right I took one step forward so that the light was shining down on the back of my head instead of over my face. What a difference, huh?! #EmpoweredPictures #FORDmodels If you post a pic using any of these tips TAG @EmpoweredPictures, I'd love to share it on this page!
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This is one of my favorite Goodwill finds believe it or not. It's a new dress for me to wear and it was only a couple bucks🙌 I LOVE @goodwillintl Photo: @tjhoppins
You have to learn how to say "no" without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy. You need to learn to respect and to take care of yourself. ⚡️ Like, if you agree.