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Um amor inexplicável por essa foto ❤😍😍 @mcpedrinhooficial
"Selamat pagi" "Sesibuk apapun yang kamu kerjakan. sempatkanlah untuk untuk Hal yang positif " #goodfriday #goodmorning #goodjob #goodface #goodboy #likeforfollow #like4like #followforfollow #followshoutoutlikecomment
Feeerva 👌👢🍺
Can't have both...
"E a cada nascer do sol, uma nova chance de recomeço..."🌞🔁 "And every sunrise, a new chance for a fresh start...🔁🌞 . . . #fslc #danatikolandia #goodnight #day #love #instagood #fslc #followshoutoutlikecomment #followback #like4like #rtb #goodvibe #replay #start #chance #recomeçar
Tem fases na vida que prefiro não dizer nada sobre mim. Apenas desejo fazer e deixar a vida acontecer sem narrativa
Its Sexy Time. But Nothing In Thia Picture Is Sexy. #FlashBackFriday
هب لنا ي الله، من نسيم كونك رضى ثم فرحًا ... ♥⚘ *صباح الخير*
مََّسأّئګمَ أِّرتّيَِّأّحٌ يَِّضمَُ أطّيَِّأّفِّّ أّلََّسّعٌأّدَِهِ♡ مََّسأّئګمَ أقِدِأّرٌ َّسعٌيِّدِھ يِّحٌقِقِهِّآ آلَخَآلَقِ بِإذّنِهِّ ♡ مََّسأّئګمَ هِمَوِمَ تّرحٌَلَ .... وِ أمَلَأًّ يِّګتّبِ حٌروِفِّأًّ جِدِيِّدِةّ لَلََّسعٌأّدِةّ وِ أّبِتَّّسأّمَةّ تّعٌأّنِقِ♡ قِلَوِبِګمَ♡ أّلَنِقِيِّهِ..!💛🌼💛 
‏💗أجمل شعور أن تتحقق دعوة كانت سراً بينك وبين الله كنت تناجيه بها طويلاً يارب قُر أعيننا بما نتمنى ! امين 💕💕
‏أللهم إروٌ أمآنينأ بمآء جودڳ وڳرمًڳ وحقق لنَآ سنآبل ألأحُلأم ألمعلقـۃ وإجعلهأ جُمعـۃ خَيُہڕ وٌعطآء تُزهہڕ بهآ أيآمنَأ منَ جُديُد!
Ok my dear tell me , talk please I'm listening 👂to you , are you looking to be Mrs_1st 👈😒 inshallah in your dream ☝️let's go to the casino better , the best 😏🗽🇺🇸 #dating #vegas #lasvegas #relaxnight #around #followers #vegasbaby #like4like #likeforlike #likers #followshoutoutlikecomment #casino
لا أحد يستطيع أن يشعر بما تشعر فلا تتعب نفسك في التعبير
لا تَتوّهم أن أحدهم سيضعك في أولّى اهتماماته أكثر مِن نفسه فإذا لمْ تعتني أنت بتفاصيل ذاتك المُتعبَة فلا تبحثْ عبثاً عن مّن يغزل لك خيوُط السلام النفْسي 💕
عِندمَا يكون همّك ،كلام النَاس ، فأعلم أنك سَتمضي حياتك ، دُون أن تُحقق شَيء
"مـزاجـي بـسـيـط .. ولآا آتـصـنـع آي شـعـور ،، آحـب آلـعفـويہ ،، وآگـرهہ آلـمـجـاآمـلاآت ؛؛ لآا آؤمـن بـ ثـقـآافـہ آلاآنـتـقـاآم .. لـگـن آؤمـن بـ مـبـدآ گـمـاآ تـديـن تـدآان"... 😴💕
ربي اوصيك بقلبها ، اسعدها بكل ماهو جميل من عندك اللهم اكتب لها السعاده الدائمه ، وابتسامه لا تغيب ، وقلب لا يحزن يارب 💛.
Расширяй горизонты своих возможностей!☝️😼
ℬᴀɴᴋs ࿐ ⠀ ┇ @WGO.Entertainment ┇ ┇Sit-Down Interview┇ ┇April 28th, 2017┇ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀» The Legit Boss vs the Fearless One; for the very last time. Despite the fact that the team assembled by Nikki Bella had won a tag team contest on Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks was still undefeated in singles matches, triple threats, and fatal 4-ways. The titleholder had a lot of confidence heading into Payback, where she had to defend her Raw Women's Championship for the very first time since winning it. It was crystal clear to Sasha, that Nikki was nowhere near her level, and the reigning titleholder was extremely aware of the fact that the challenger didn't have much of a chance at a triumph. Being the champion that she is, she focused a lot of her attention on the new faces inside the locker room; the new assets to Team Red's female division, who joined the roster during the Superstar Shakeup. Bayley, Mickie James, and Eve Torress; they were all Sasha's new targets. To lead the women's division, you've got to know when to strike, and when not to. The champion just so happened to be born an expert at doing that. The funniest thing regarding Sasha Banks is that she used to be a jobber, and she used to be one of those girls who would sit inside the locker room, and pray for an opportunity, but never getting what she truly wanted. She finally realized that a change was required, so she made her return to the company, and started an undefeated streak that no one has been able to match, and became one of the best performers, male or female, that the company has ever seen. The crowd was aware of the fact that she could break a certain person into pieces, just with her bare hands, nothing more. She may not have been born the biggest athlete in size, but she was born with a talent that was undeniable. Despite the fact that while she was growing up, nobody ever believed in her, she had a dream, and absolutely no person could stop her from achieving it. Many people believed that she couldn't make it to the top of the professional wrestling world, but she fought her way into a position that she had been dreaming of her entire life, being a Women's Champion. ⠀ ⠀ 「 @SethWalking
I love ❤️ My Camera 🎥👈And all depends how my mood is ,Absolutely perfect 😏🇺🇸🗽. #dating #vegas #lasvegas #relaxnight #around #followers #vegasbaby #like4like #likeforlike #likers #followshoutoutlikecomment
Acompanhe a matéria completa no site : http://jornaldosfamosos.com.br/ 💪🏻👊🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻🔛😁😎 A capacidade de sonhar sempre foi o grande segredo daqueles que mudaram o mundo. Os sonhos alimentam a alma e dão asas a inteligência. É no solo fértil da memória onde semeamos os sonhos que farão grande diferença em nossa existência. Os sonhadores mudaram a história da humanidade. Eles fizeram da derrota, o pódio para a vitória; das críticas, o palco, de onde receberam os aplausos.
Getting ready to teach 2 sessions of chasing and repoussé tomorrow and Monday with the wonderful @kristin_diener. I'm still a beginner at the techniques but it's something I really want to get good at. It's like painting with metal except you're moving it into forms and patterns and images with a variety of tools, hammers, and a malleable work surface that allows the metal to stretch. I'll be posting photos of the class on my website next week along with having several pairs of repoussé earrings available for sale. Happy Friday! . . . . . . #agujayclavo #jewelry #jewelrydesign #jewelrydesigner #jewelrygram #newmexico #newmexicotrue #designer #followshoutoutlikecomment #etsy #artist #artistsoninstagram #makersgonnamake #fashion #instagood #instadaily #silverjewelry #shoppingonline #shopping #supportsmallbusiness #contemporaryjewelry #entrepreneur #southwestjewelry #teachersofinstagram #repousse #selfie #selfportrait Go to www.agujayclavo.com for more info!
Visitinha p princesa 👸😍
Entardecer na praia de Aruana, em Aracaju 💙
El guapo que se robo mi vida y mi corazón 😍😍 #rey #grande #demami 💕💕
Old streets of Barcelona.
😭🤣🤣👋 #video_priklz
His back is everything 🙏💕