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Доброе утро!☀️ А вы уже были этим летом в московском зоопарке?🤔😎 Автор фото: @kary_noss Выбор: @skyteam17 Чтобы принять участие, добавляйте хэштег #StreetsMoscow и отмечайте нас на снимках, сделанными вами, начиная с сегодняшнего дня. Любые фотографии, где соблюдены эти правила, могут быть опубликованы на нашем аккаунте @streetsmoscow. Удачного дня!
Even though we prefer secluded empty beaches, the forest or whatever natural unspoiled environment to the ever boiling city life, we must admit that Bangkok is the exception and we formally refer to it as our guilty pleasure 😊 We couldn't live here, this is for sure, but we come back with utmost excitement whenever we have the chance and we storm the street food stalls, massage parlors, the clubs and sky bars like there's no tomorrow 😊
Here's to another year around the sun🍻And there's been no way better to celebrate this existence then adventuring around the globe with my other half💙 An epic location hike in the mountains was lined up today but due to horrid weather, it had to be postponed booo. So here's another snap of me sitting on the edge of the world, ever so grateful for these experiences in life ✨
Lagoon love
Kamis Manis Untuk Kamu yang Selalu Manis 🎺🙈
Hiked up the Cairngorm Mountain which had a nice view half way but then ended in fog :/