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Happy to report▶️34 MONTHS SICK FREE💉💊❌❌ . How many times have you been to the doctor this year? I've been once for my annual check in but not too long ago..it was a WEEKLY basis🙈 We often don't think about the food we put into our body, the stress we endure, the lack of healthy habits we choose until it becomes a problem. . For me that was a BIG ONE. ✔️Weekly allergy shots for 13 years ✔️4-6 month long sinus infections every year ✔️Daily allergy needs I just accepted it was part of my life for the rest of my life. The doctor said I was supposed to grow out of them but that never happened. . It wasn't until I truly started fueling my body with the nutrients I was severely lacking (superfoods to the rescue!) and created a balanced healthy lifestyle..yes margaritas were still a part of that! That I finally found PEACE🙏🏻 When you're sick you're desperate. When you rush through the daily grind you don't think twice. If you're looking for a solution to feel better I can't be your doctor but I can share what's worked for me! I'm only a quick message 💌 away! Happy Monday friends 💕
10 HABITS/CHARACTERISTICS THAT MAKE UP THE GROWTH MINDSET (and gritty character)- by Mark grunberg 1️⃣ VISION, GOAL & IDEAL - every gritty character has a direction to aim for, there's always a direction to compel effort no matter where it takes them. 2️⃣BELEIF & HOPEFULNESS (that the goal is attainable) 3️⃣PATIENCE - with others, but mainly with oneself 4️⃣COURAGE & HARD WORK - against the odds, obstacles and facts 5️⃣REFRAME - all great effort produces one thing for certain; mistakes. One must be able to look at, present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc) in a new or different way in order for ingenuity to shine. 6️⃣CREATIVITY - taking ideas and using ones fascinating mind to make them better/ more efficient/ more useful. 7️⃣PERSISTENCE - “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln 8️⃣RESILIENCE - Adaptability. Flexibility. Persistence in the long-run is ultimately futile without the willingness and understanding of how to adapt and evolve. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” 9️⃣MENTAL TOUGHNESS- Mental toughness is hugely about having a SHORT MEMORY; it’s about refocusing your attention to the present and forgetting any recent mistakes or failures. The greatest competitive athletes are known for their mental toughness because they have the ability to shake off their mistakes right away. 🔟REFLECTION- What have our results produced after all this time and effort? Should we set up a new ideal, goal or objective? Do we need to adjust and reset our vision? The ability to collect and reflect upon our results and data will help us to understand if we’re getting closer or moving further away from our goals. . 🙋🏽My name is "growwithjo" for a reason- not just because it's catchy and it rhymes (well maybe that too 😂)- my vision for each and every one of you is to grow in ALL aspects of life; INTENTIONALLY! You are in control of how far your progress towards your goals! Develop these habits/characteristics and you'll be well on your way. 💪
Brace yourself Finals are coming #coffeebreak
Is working out a blessing or an obstacle in your life? Taking care of your body is something that should not be a matter of choice, but a matter of options. You don't have to lift weights if you don't want to. You can go hiking, biking, swimming, play tennis, football or martial arts, or whatever you like. Count your blessings, move your obstacles
When you gotta pretend you having a blast on your vacation but deep down you upset cause you missing gym days 😂
Happy Monday! Happy peak week! Happy life! Woke up to these STUNNING stage shots that @chrishaydenphoto took on Saturday. Dispite my tan being too light, these photos gave me the biggest boost of motivation for the upcoming week. I am extremely proud of this physique. This is hands down my favorite look 💁🏻 💇🏽 @inikita1 💄 @wwwbeeyecandycom 💎 @all_that_glitters_gems 💃🏻 @sassyandclassyposing @patricevfitpro
Happy EID-Mubarak to all of you. A wonderful one to help make your Eid friendship and fun light hearted moments of bright, happy things warm, happy hours and that this Eid day brings... #selfie #30daytransformationteam #fit #fitness #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #goals #fitspiration #thick #bodygoals #babes #slimthick #worldstar #wshh #melanin #curves #ootd #beauty #downtown #fridaynight #thickfit #fitfam #model #success #fitthick #flexfriday #fitnessmotivation #workoutfollow #likeforfollow