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@theprettylifta had a good rookie year competing, but I have no doubts she is about to destroy this package! ——————————————— One thing I know for sure is that she puts her heart and soul into it, and her desire to be great outweighs any excuse! 2018 here we come 🔥💪🏾
What do women prefer? That is the question 🔥 💪 @jeff_seid 🎵 @justinbieber
Lately I’ve been so focused on the fact my life seems to be crumbling before my eyes. It’s no secret I have a lot of changes happening in my life right now, and just like you I have a heck of a time remembering what I should be thankful for. I have a heart that BEATS I have two legs that can take me ANYWHERE I have the loyal love of my family and fur baby I have a few close friends who offer unconditional support and love I have my health mostly under control I wake up each morning breathing fresh clean air I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach I have running water I have two hands to pray with I have so many things that so many people pray for and sometimes I forget to remember their are people out there who pray to have MY burdens Taking some extra time to reflect on this today and let myself cry it out a little more has immensely centered my soul. I may not be where I want to be but I have the choice to keep moving and I’ll be damned if anything will stop me. Imma drink my shake and do an extra workout today because I am ABLE to. Focus on what you have instead of what you’re missing 🙏🏼
#transformationtuesday 1year and 1 stone difference and alot of hard work! I really struggle to lose weight and to tone up due to being in surgical menopause and having hypothyroidism so to be finally seeing results for my efforts feels pretty dam good 💪 here's to 2018!! . . . #strongwomen #fitwomen #hardwork #strongnotskinny #thisgirlcan #womenwithmuscles #juststrong #juststrongambassador #fitchicks #womenwhotrain #womenwhotri #tattooedfitchicks
Frustrated with having small arms? 💪 . Free report in my bio ☝️
#transformationtuesday with our Weho client Jen. She lost 31.5 inches in 8 Weeks, but more than that, she was proud of herself, stronger than ever and found her #bbscommunity . We're so proud of, and inspired by her 💕💪🏽. Jen said . . . 'The encouragement from all the trainers was what kept me going week to week. I created a community at BBS, and that, along with the confidence I feel both inside and out, is the biggest takeaway for me.' ✨ #bbsstudio #bbs #bbscommunity #transformation #fitness #dance #fitchicks #fitwomen #motivation #healthylifestyle #health
Subbed Noon at Irving today, it was a full one and the energy was AMAZING! Made this crazy delicious Spinach Smoothie by @nourishwithanna for refuel 😍 I didn’t have any spinach so ended up using kale. And it only calls for a couple more ingredients. Head to her Instagram for loads of delicious and good for you dishes and drinks! ❤️ #burnpilatessf #nourishwithanna #smoothie #kalesmoothie
Consistency is 🔑 One of my lovely clients progress - two months between pics & how amazing does her waist look? & such a visible difference in her hips & thighs! This lady comes to me twice per week 💪 Would you believe that there is minimal difference on the scales between the two photos? BUT her clothes are fitting better & she's even fitting in to clothes that were once too tight - Result!! When we become fixated with the scales only it messes with our heads, we obsess about it & to be honest it just makes us miserable! This is why progress pictures are so important along with taking measurements. Good job 😘 #progresspics #personaltrainer #motivation #goals #fitnessblogger #iifym #trainhard #lifting #strongwomen #gymlife #gymrat #fitfam #fitfoodie #iifym #instafit #igfitness #instafit #instafitness #transformationtuesday #health #fitwomen #fitness #irishfitfam #kilkennyfitfam #ukfitfam
Macros update ‼️I have beautiful macros this week ( also, 129g of protein not shown in the pic. ) I was non compliant last week, unfortunately. Still, my weight stayed the same with no increase or major loss (171.8 lbs). Im well within my weight limit for maintenance.🤗 _______ This is a new week with new goals and new high day macros! First time going way over 400g of carbs on my high days. 🤞🏻Gonna need it! ________ Training is going well. Looking forward to new exercises and making sure I get one conditioning day in weekly during the holidays! I get distracted way too much when family comes over... so I need to improve in that area. 👌🏻I have a few more months in maintenance and I intend to enjoy them with lots of heavy lifting. 😉💪🏻😏 ________ @avatarnutrition @versus1023 ________ #macros #foodlover #flexibledieting #reversedieting #maintenance #nomnomnom #eatallday #strongwomen #heavylifting #beautybeast #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #strongcurves #avatarnutrition #fitwomen #strongmom #progressnotperfection #trainhard #bluehairdontcare
Working out but not making gainz? 😞 💪 ➖ Eat THESE 5 foods for maximum gainz! ✔️ Link in bio: ripped.shredded ☝️ ➖ Follow @ripped.shredded for gym motivation Follow @ripped.shredded for gym motivation Follow @ripped.shredded for gym motivation
An amazing journey by #fcww_athlete @transformationbarbie. What started off as a decision to lose weight transformed into an unforgettable journey of losing over 200lbs, gracing the stage, and how she describes it...”A new life”. 🙏🏻 We were #blownaway by her tenacity and dedication to achieve her goal and the vigor with which she now continues her journey. 💪🏼 The greatest statement we read was.... • “I will never forget the girl on the left, without her, her trials and tribulations, the girl on the right would not be possible!” • The truest statement EVER! Where you are remains the biggest stepping stone to where you want to be. Not easy to digest, but nonetheless true. Dig deep ladies!💥💪🏼💥
C H I L L I N’ . . . #mustlovedogs. . 📷: @g.i.jj Q set up: @joeyhagrid @danikramos
So excited for our upcoming NEW YEAR JAN CHALLENGE!! This by far is always are largest and most inspirational group! Love how many of you are already gearing up for the new year!! Spots are filling up. I have 7 left!! I'd love to help you with your health goals in 2018!! Reach out if you want more info!! #newyear #newyou #increaseenergy #loosebloat #sleepbetter #feelgreat
🙌🏻 Pro: I’ve been using FRÉ skincare for 6 weeks and my skin is brighter than my future.✖️Con: You’re tired of people posting about products on Instagram and you want to hit the unfollow button.✖️Con: You would miss my dumb humour and constant memes if you did. 🙌🏻 Pro: I’m not here to sell you anything, I’m just here to give you a discount code to use, if you want to. For the next 24 hours you can save 30% by using the code Stephanie15 ⬅️ Shipping is free + your products are guaranteed to ship before Christmas👏🏻🤶🏼Interested? Hit the link in my bio, shop, enter the discount code, pour a glass of wine. Not interested? Skip to the very last step🍷
Simple post workout meal of potatoes, broccoli and skinless chicken thighs in @nandosuk medium rub. Enjoying having the evening to relax but feeling a little odd not being at the gym right now 🙈 I think I have a problem 😂 Does anyone else feel off if they train at a different time of day than usual? . . . #fitness #fit #fitspo #fitwomen #fitgirl #girlswholift #fitnesslifestyle #dieting #healthylife #flexibledieting #healthyeating #healthyfood #food #weightloss #foodpic #strongwomen #iifym #nutrition #fitfam #irishfitfam #fitfamily #fitfamuk #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fatloss #gym #physique #diet #gains
After 15 miles of walking yesterday to celebrate the Virgin Mary today I’m enjoying some time in the Sauna after my Chest workout 🙏❤️ #chestday #bodybuilding #fitwomen