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When the two Italian Greys wants in on the training session.... 🏋️ #italiangreyhound #iggy #instadog #dogsofinstagram #pets #fitpets
Wishing all a relaxing long weekend!Play with a pet,go for a nature walk, swim or jog,enjoy your golf game..Don t sit,Be Fit!! #weekend #naturephotography #squirrel #grace # active #fitmotivation #fitpets #kualalumpur #2017
it kinda looks like we were walking on the top of a huge dirt ball....which I guess describes a hill huh ok nvm
chin up buttercup
Hands down my favorite place to take pics of these two can you tell
It’s almost winter but here’s another fall pic
Everything is brown
cutie pie
Maya and I stuntin on these dirt stairs
Resting in the shade again and Maya’s tail is tucked in bc she saw a person lying down and new people make her either really nervous or really excited
“Maybe if I don’t look at the stairs they’ll go away”
The canine Lawson clan got to enjoy the holidays together as well! #ourpups #doglife #fitpets #shitzu #family 🐶🤟🏽
Maya stays stuntin’
Tryna sniff that liz(ard)
What are they looking at
“Hurry up and take this dang picture the sun is in my eyes”
“Yo is that a lizard?”
This park is just ok. Not nearly as nice as the other one Maya likes. But this one has gooses. Geese I mean.
My favorite adventure buddies
Don’t you just wanna pat her lil head? Pat pat
The bluest sky you’ll ever see dang!
“Is that a squirrel I smell?”
Maya kinda looks like a ferret here
FALL💛🍂 super cute collar from @pawsandpoppies
Outside with the cuties
We out here, leapin and lookin like fools
“I see a bunny, can we go make friends?”
We meet again, Dirt Stairs....
The Dorito ears making a come back
Peep Maya’s scruffy tail
Red leash + orange tee shirt (can you tell that Maya and I enjoy warm tones?)
Enjoying the shade before we bask in that #dank sunlight
Behind the scenes: I told them to run in front of me and I took this photo while running after them it’s a mystery how it’s in focus still
Pro tip: get a walk in an hour before the sun sets so you ain’t in the dark and you ain’t in the heat :)
Leader of the Pack. Get to know a little about Heather Parsons for our #PeopleofRayne series. As the president of Rayne Clinical Nutrition Canada, Heather not only is the leader of the pack of dedicated & caring people that make up Team Rayne, but she also has a pack of 6 dogs that she shares her life with. Heather has always been a passionate pet owner, who believes her house is not a home unless it is filled with the love of pets. Her career keeps her very busy, but she always makes time to enjoy her life to the fullest, including lots of travel with her husband, various sporting activities, as well as participating in many dog sporting activities such as agility, training, and barn hunt. You can learn more about her sport dog activities, and find inspiration on keeping your own pets fit, by reading her blog articles on our Fit Pet website: http://www.fitpet.ca/fit-pet-blog/ https://youtu.be/XCnpXW46UkU #RealPeople #realpets #realfood #TeamRayne
So pure, so angelic
Look back at it
Maya back at it again chillin in the shadows
If you zoom in you can see them 🔍
“Can we continue walking now?”
More dead grass!
“Mama get me at this angle!” #modeldog
“Wait, what was that sound?!”
We made it to the top 😤💯