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#snack ♥️ Me encanta cuando en mi Snack hay una manzana verde 🍏 es mi fruta favorita en el mundo mundial 🔝 La acompañé con la granola que cree en @cereart_official 😋 que tiene ingredientes deliciosos que escogí en su página web. ¿Ustedes ya entraron a la pag de CereArt a crear su granola personalizada? 😍
✨ Lo que más me gusta de los bowls es que puedo mezclar todo y el buen sabor se multiplica por 100 😍 • 🌱Habichuelas con 🐰 zanahoria salteadas en aceite de coco @we.organic y 🌶chipotle de @pishqa • Lomo de res con champiñones. 🍅 tomate y 🥑 aguacate y para darle ese toque dulce exquisito Plátano maduro! 😍 ¡FELIZ ALMUERZO!
Ya hiciste tu mercado saludable de la semana? Escoge tus productos preferidos en tu mercado favorito, los esperamos! #itsalifestyle #barranquilla #fitchoices
So many people running around trying to figure out how to look better aesthetically, buying every beauty product and buying things they can't afford to impress strangers who don't really care. I love meeting people who are stopping to figure out how to actually feel their best and be better off in life rather than "look" better in life. It's amazing how our skin, hair, physique and internal glow changes with healthy choices. Health is all we have. If you can't afford to drink more water, take a walk and breathe deeply - all for free then why can you afford to put a $600 purse on your credit card or $100 false lashes that take 90 minutes out of your day? Health doesn't have to cost insane amounts, most beneficial health choices are free! Try choosing health over impulse buying or bar tabs and see how much your life and wellness will change in 6 months. I'm not saying you can't enjoy beauty, nights out or fun purchases, but don't complain when you feel awful inside and don't find satisfaction. Want more free health tips? Click the link in our bio for my top 5 FREE health investments. You deserve it. Ditch the designer jeans and design a healthier life first. #priorities #investinyourself #health #feelyourbest #beyourbest #healthislongterm
#breakfast ✨Buenos díassss🌤 • ¿Cómo van con este #RETOEASYFIT ? Ya solo queda una semana 💃🏻 Me encantan estos desayunos básicos! • Tortilla: 1🍳 huevo entero y 2 claras, 1🥛 chorrito de leche de almendras sin azúcar añadida, 🌽 maicitos y quinua @tierradorada17 🍅 tomate y fresasssss muy dulces 🍓😋 • Feliz díaaaaa🔝