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I have come that you may have Life to the Full! This is who God is! Full on, giving totally, not holding anything back! This is seen in God the Farher sending His one and only Son. Totally, without restraint. Fully giving of His total self for each and everyone of us! Thank God He did! Eternally grateful! #totalgiving #lifetothefullest #giver #lover #firus #eternallife #soblessed #grateful #catholic #heart17 #heartconference #catholicwomen #thecatholicguy
Name: Firus Species: Sergal/human Gender: Male Age: 221 (born in 1796) Height: 6’ Sexuality: REALLY GAY Blood color: molten metal orange (glows slightly) Likes: hammers, metal, leather, steampunk, steampunk fashion, the 80’s, extreme temperatures, helping out strangers, making machines, Rory’s butt. Dislikes: any temperature under 70℉, winter and fall, iced coffee, racist humans, Hielo’s temper Personality: a lovable gentle giant who tries his best to be nice to everyone while being very flirtatious towards his boyfriend, Like, VERY. Bio: Firus was born in 1796 with no exact date due to his home and birther being that of a volcano on one of the many hawaiian islands. Withstanding up to 3,000 ℉ and having that of molten blood of an unknown material, if put in too cold temperatures he will die. He ages his physical appearance very slowly so a decade is a year for him. In 1850, his parent allowed him to see the human life stlye which caused him to be ridiculed and shamed for being dark skinned and that of freak. So, he escaped back to his home and hid away from civilization. In this time he read many books and heard the stories of time and creation from the volcano, his only upbringer and friend at the time. He finally had the guts to go back to the humans in the late 70’s. He found that they were a lot more accepting, especially those hippies, and he quickly got trapped in the world of humans and the culture surrounding them. He was originally in california but he heard of the biggest supernatural sanctuary being in need of a clothes maker and mechanic in colorado. Therefore, he packed his bags and made his way to Normality, Colorado. He spent his time here building his trust and business among the people and improving his skills, even building all of his own tools and machines. Then, he later met a young man by the name of Rory on the side of the road in normality when he swore he had never seen him before. So, he drove by and offered food, shower, and a place to stay the night. He accepted and they have grown a great relationship, even being linked by the souls.
Natural Turqoise persia 20x14x5 mm est Silver KT no 8 IDR 150 rb + Ongkir Wa 081939892403 #turqoise #gems #Gemstone #firus
Natural Turqoise persia 20x14x5 mm est Silver KT no 8 IDR 150 + Ongkir nett Wa 081939892403 #firus #turqoise #gems #Gemstone
sahabat.. terimakasih telah menjadi bagian dari segala peristiwa dihidupku #kalianTerhebat! #nia #meilina #jelly #slamet #guntur #firus #smaditahitz #smaditaHokya!