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🔥PROBIE TIP🔥 "Clearing A Flooded Saw" This is one of those topics that usually generates many different opinions due to personal experiences. Anyone that has been around small engines, or enjoys working on 2-stroke motors will usually be somewhere along the lines of what we are going to suggest. With that said if you have different ideas or another way that is tried and true for you, then you are welcome to throw it in here for everyone to discuss. Troubleshooting a flooded saw in the field could make or break whatever task you have been assigned to. We all know that if the saws are not checked, ran and maintained it becomes very easy for them to flood from the constant bumping around that happens while driving around town.  If they have started to flood you will notice the blue smoke that burns off in the first 5 seconds or so of getting them fired up. There are many different scenarios of when and how the saw may flood. One very common way is operator error. This can happen when someone initially attempts to start the saw but goes through the wrong procedures. To read more about how to clear a flooded saw please visit www.trainyourprobie.com and read the latest training and tips post. #trainyourprobie #chiefmiller #firetruck #firedepartment #fireman #firefighters #ems #kcco #firefighter #firefighting #brotherhood #paramedic #firehouse #rescue #firedept #iaff #feuerwehr #crossfit #brandweer #pompier #medic #motivation #ambulance #freemason #emergency #bomberos #coffee #healthy #fitness #firerescue
Jaya 65 di jl adis sucipto di samping gg sakura.sijago merah menghangguskan gudang biskuitpada pukul 17.30. Wib Tkp sudah dapat di atasi #damkarpontianak #pemadamkebakaran #indonesiafirefigter #firefigter #firerescue #pontianakinformasi #informasipontianak
Prettt nasty Shoulder Day!! I burped up Chunks ..Not am all out Pukie da clown visit but just a bit of a tease 🤢 after high rep shoulder day my shoulder were toast before 3 sets of these 😡.. #averagehasnobenefits #fittofightfire #ageisjustanumber #fireRescue #teamnosleep #nocturnalEMS #DBAP #BFMC #Swiftwaterrescue #incidentmanagementteam #ironjunglealumni #OWOF #warriorswayathletics
Starting the day out with truck checks. Ready for anything. #nelsonfirerescue #firehalllife #firehall #firerescue #nelsonbc
Ну вот и ещё два года прошло) старший сержант)с новым званием меня) #пожарный #firefighter #firerescue
My sinister Death Machine so aptly named, the #RedWitch. #incrustwetrust -- I was minding my own business one day when Matt, @the_flat_green_bastard, reached out to me and said "Hey you sketchy f&$kin goon check out this sleazy ass b*tch that's whoring herself out for money." So I clicked on the image and low n behold appears the Witch in her stock baby tire no lift back woods Mississippi voodoo moss covered glory. He had found the rig for sale by someone who was friends with the Chief of the rural Fire Department in Mississippi that had enslaved her after she served with the Mississippi National Guard. Naturally I thought the truck was rad, but I was actually unsure of the red at first. However I thought to myself the color shouldn't matter since I can always tell that honey to die her hair. So I told @the_flat_green_bastard that I would offer the Department half of what they wanted for it and if they told me yes I would leave the next day and drive 1,800 miles out to pick her up. After sixteen seconds on the phone the Chief of the Department said sure I'll take that. Stunned that he accepted, I now realized I actually had to drive fifty billion miles to go pick up some greasy ass redheaded skeezebag. I had just sold my beloved crust bucket, the #Nationalguardtruck, the rig I used to rescue CUCVs from around the country so I was stuck with making the trip in either my #Campulance or my Jeep LJ since I didn't yet trust all the other bowties that needed so much work. I finally decided I would rip out to the swampy backwoods of Mississippi in my badass 2006 Jeep LJ. So I hit up my good buddy, Dr. Square, @nemesiswil and asked him if he could weld some CUCV shackle mounts to the front end of my green machine so I could flat tow that Seven Slotted American Made Yeep behind the redhead I knew nothing about. After that was all setup, I threw two shackles on the front mounts, loaded my gear, my tools, tons of spare CUCV parts, and my massive military Oshkosh towbar kit. Then I hit the road to rescue the Witch! -- #bornforadventure #chevy #chevrolet #gm #gmc #generalmotors #squarebody #cucv #contacttruck #searchandrescue #firerescue #firedepartment #searchandrescue
Getting to ride backward today, no complaints!!!!! @madison.firefighters #firefighter #fireengine #firerescue #fireman
Fear Do not Touch Firefighter Notice how to open the car cover . . 🌍 Follow us: @firefighter_proud_lovely Via: @firefighters3 Thank you so much! . . . . .
Long Beach Fire Dept. Engine 11 (reserve) & NEW Rescue 11 responding. Moments after these videos were taken, Engine 11 went out of service to HQ to "find a different spare". @longbeachfire @longbeachfirefighters Follow us: @firefighter_strong Via: @emergency_vehicles_21 Thank you so much! . . . . .
🔥Featuring🔥 @tehran_airambulance115- Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the pepole whose lives they saved.👨🏻‍🚒🚒🇮🇷. Follow us: @firefighter_fire_love Via: @firefighting_obsession Thank you so much! . . . . .