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La mia SUPERLATIVA fidanzata..che dire..davanti ad un pubblico di più di 60 persone..emozionata a mille..MA BRAVISSIMA.. Avanti tuttaaaaa!!!! @martigovegan @robertotansella @mario_tansella @tansellafrancesca
concluding my two-day hike in the mountains, we traveled from Muizenberg mountain to Table Mountain by foot along the Cape. i obviously overestimated myself because my body couldn't continue on after the first day. thankfully, one step at a time, God gave me strength to finish it finally. unlike this picture, most of our journey did not have a nice trail with flowers gracing it. we lost our way, took detours, stepped in swamps, encountered baboons, fell into thorn bushes, etc. However, i still got to see many nice views, fireflies dancing around us when we sleep, and simply enjoying nature at its finest. Cape Town, you truly are the most beautiful city in the world. #capetown #muizenberg #tablemountain #capetowninfo #southafrica #baboons #fireflies #lost #found #hiking
Cheekiness captured before Lili’s 18th Birthday shenanigans began. . . .