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Juli & 🐈. I took this picture with an old #yashicamat124g đŸŽ© @anna_seeger_
Wista 45N/Fujinon 150mm, Kodak Ektar
Kyoto, 2016.
Movie review for Kingsman: The Golden Circle Okay y’all need to stop looking at Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb or anything to make you decide on whether a film is good or not. Just fucking watch it you twats. Make your own mind up. I’ve seen people posting about the scores and getting all worried and sad and angry because they know it’s gonna be bad. Well guess what, you don’t know. Cause this was good. Real good. While it does have it’s flaws, and wasn’t well received by all critics, guess what? The first was the same. And I still love that one. Matthew Vaughn is just terrific, there’s only one film I haven’t seen from him, Stardust. The rest I’ve seen and have never been let down. What a director. He does remind me of directors like Edgar Wright who have their own style of comedy. Particularly in the way they film it. Makes it look so unique and it’s very obvious Matthew has that. Now let’s talk about the performances. Obviously you’ll all know who the great ones are from being in the last one. Taron Egerton is just fantastic here as he is in the last one, but a lot more matured. While he doesn’t always have a boyish attitude, that’s great thing because now he’s a Kingsman. And manners maketh man, don’t they? What he lacks in a boyish attitude, he makes up for in the jokes that come from it. He is a lot better dramatically in this one but also is constantly funny. There’s a scene with him and Harry involving a dog where Taron did a really great job at his acting. Colin Firth is also wonderful here. I won’t say what’s up with him but there’s something that effects his character for a large majority of the film and although it’s inconvenient, it works well in the long run and makes his progression really worth watching. He was always such a great presence and made me laugh quite a lot as well. He’s a great actor and just so easy to watch and appreciate. Love what he did here. One of the massive highlights here was definitely Mark Strong. We get a lot more time with him than the last film and he is constantly great to watch. Especially in a scene where him and Eggsy get drunk together. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)
Wista 45N/Fujinon 150mm, Kodak Ektar
Moments pass like sand through my open fingers, grasping at the unobtainable. I've built this castle out of thoughts, brick and mortar memories meticulously stacked one by one to gesture at the idea of home. A place to feel content. Yet the seasons are changing and the tides coming in, and the windows are open and the cold fills the empty spaces and hollow corridors where creativity and clarity once walked hand in hand, admiring the garden they built from the highest tower. Weather erodes, time seamlessly ticks, these visions are crumbling just as fast as the bricks. An inevitable storm is brewing on the horizon and nothing but an ocean of possibilities between us now. I tire of rebuilding these walls, for truth penetrates all and soon these walls will fall, leaving me in the rubble unburdened at last.
G'd up from the feet up. đŸ’ȘđŸ» // #35mm #mandem #gang #camping #tungsten
Wista 45N/Fujijon 150mm, Kodak Ektar