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One of my followers asked, how to deal with relationship trauma and pain in the short run. Firstly, you need to know that when feeling overwhelmed with pain, you do not have a clear perspective of the matter, you were and are attached and that you are and will be hurting, no matter what anybody does or says, until you learned to detach from the pain and situation. Seems impossible when you are stuck in it? You are right, it seems like it but it is possible. So firstly, accept that you are hurting, that your life situation has changed, a person may have left you...do not fight or resist that feeling...but at the same time, do not let yourself throw a huge pity party either! So accept that your ego got hurt over the matter because you were attached to a person and life situation. Secondly, know that your true, divine self is perfectly fine and that the feeling and hurt you are experiencing now, will pass. So take one day at a time...one day, not your entire life- seeing your entire life being doomed! Do what needs to be done! Sometimes external things help you to deal with internal pain. Meaning, sometimes it helps to clean up an external mess that you can control...so you feel like you are getting control back over your life. For example if a person left you, clean up their stuff and put them away. It will not heal you but help you not feeling like you cannot "do anything". Do not let yourself sink into hopelessness!Keep on doing  what needs to be done, despite not feeling like it. Keep up with your spiritual practice, work, maybe daily workout or walks...taking it one day at a time. This way you are concentrating on living life instead of dwelling in your pain and the "lost past". The true reason why you have gotten so attached is because you had a certain idea, ideal and dream about a person or life situation that you thought, that would make you happy. You had the expectation to be and feel happy with the other person and through life circumstances, which is never a "lasting thing". Another person or outer circumstances cannot make you happy- only a short time. Happiness is found in God...not in another person or life situation, which cannot last. But...
On this very special day of yours i just wanna wish you all the success ,love , luck, health & prosperity in your life , may you get all of them coz u deserve nothing less than that. May good keeps you protected from the all evil eye coz you deserve all the happiness of this whole wide world . For others u may be a hand and feet model but for me you're a very dear friend of mine who has a heart of gold and who is genuinely a beautiful soul❤. Thank you for being my friend . Lucky to have a friend like you in my life 😘😍❤. Here's wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my friend 😘. stay blessed 💖 @hand_feet_model
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