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아오 듭다 드워
We're already half way from 400 to 500 !! 🥂 q: What's your lucky number ?? a: 7 🍀 fc: 453 ✨
넘 어려운 컴퓨터,,(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)매일 가도 모르겠다 누군진 모르겠디만 커피랑 쵸콜릿은 감사합니당😝..🙏🏻
개ㄷㅓ워 차라리 학교 가고싶다. 빨리 수시 쓰고 빨리 졸업.
- {WATERCOLOR ON MIXED MEDIA PAPER} - hey! here's α watercolor drawing i did of fi from legend of zelda: skyward sword! 💖 i personally LOVE recreating illustrations from legend of zelda and water coloring them as practice ☺️ i love the colors in those games!
10 things about me cause I want to: 1. I'm in love with cats, dogs scare me but I have one lol and I love him more than myself. 2. I love cold days, I hate summer. I think we can use cooler clothes on winter. Also, I prefer sad music and I can't be sad on summer lmao 3. I'm introvert, but I'm not shy. It's not the same. Google it and you'll discover the differences. 4. I speak spanish, but I decided to make this account on english cause most people in the world speak english and some of you dm me from many countries. Thanks for that♡ 5. I love Harry Styles so much, that probably make you think I'm an 8 year old girl, but no. He is just a wonderful singer, actor, human and he deserves all the love. There are so many reasons why I admire this boi. 6. I love to appreciate women's beauty. 7. I spend too much time on netflix. I can finish an entire season in some hours. That's why I don't socialize lol 8. I don't like to post pictures of myself. Of course I'll do it someday, but not too many. I don't understand why some guys of my age are obsessed with themselves. There are many reasons why I found stupid posting selfies every day. 9. I use twitter to express myself and also for funny stuff. Link on my bio if you wanna stalk my shitposting 10. When I'm sad I listen Between the bars from Elliot Smith or Stop crying your heart out from Oasis. I found music as my safe place. #roses #blue #pink #vintage #stupidhashtags #myself #nature #flowers #aesthetic #tumblr #tumblrfeed #feed #rfr #l4l #trocolikes #tumblrgirl #likeback #asap #1f1 #cfc #feed #alexturner #lanadelrey #thenbhd #the1975 #music #grunge #love #boi #teens #true