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Guys. It was inevitable working at a camera shop and I told myself I would never do it but I finally got a film camera! I didn’t edit this shot at all and it already looks pretty sweet. So any of you shoot film??
Me and my beautiful wife have moved to Hawaii and are really trying to grow our videography and photography portfolio. We are offering killer discount and rates for family, couples and singles photography and videography. For any family that is traveling to Oahu Or even lives in Oahu, I’m offering a personal videographer for he whole day and offering fast editing. We are doing this because we know that you will enjoy our work. we hope to hear from you guys soon. For more information on rates please send a DM and I will get back to you fast! Thanks so much! Mahalo! 🌴❤️🌺🤙🏽
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phoning home like ET 📸: @vamp_la
“When your give yourself to me completely, I will bite you. Until then, my love, I will only nibble on you.” | model: @marissa.kuzel #vampire #love #lovequotes #halloween #blood #fangs #dracula #coffin #darkness #damned #iwanttosuckyourblood #pinnacle_portraits
Dropping his latest hit. 🔥
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Don't judge my story by the chapter you walked in on. 📸: @solo_photosoul