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Here’s to taking the scenic route home. Hopped on board one of the last Amtrak trains to travel along the South Sound before they change the route next week. Best decision I made all weekend. 🚂
Let's be wildflowers, let our souls be scattered by the wind. Let us grow, wild and free, tall and brave, in the places that we dream, in the places where our longings are filled. Let us grow between the cracks of brokenness, and we will make everything beautiful. ~ g.c. #summerwildflowers #explorepnw #pnw_explored #pnwonderland #thegreatpnw #themountainsarecalling #thehillsarealive #explore_dof
On top of ⛰ watching another one, greater one #mountainrainier #enjoythelittlethings #explorepnw
“here’s to the things that remind you you’re living, you’re breathing you are here and the universe is looking out for you.” - brooke n. monroe ( @lilwitchhh 🖤)
On the forth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Four barreled gins Three tea liqueurs Two single malts and a Manhattan that has sherry First off, I want to introduce the first of @ariagins's Distiller's Reserve gins, aged in Imbue's Bittersweet Vermouth barrels, available at the tasting room. The other two (one aged in Petal and Thorn barrels and the other in pinot noir) will be released in early 2018 but I'm not sure exactly on timing. Stay tuned! Second, the actual cocktail for this, the fourth day of Christmas: the Clover Club 1-1/2 oz @ariagin 3/4 oz fresh lemon 1/2 oz simple syrup 1/4 oz @wildrootspirits Marionberry vodka 1 egg white Dry shake the egg white enthusiastically, and add ice and the other ingredients, shake (also enthusiastically) until both fluffy and chilled, and pour into a coupe. #longdistancecocktailclub #cascadiaexplored #oregonexplored #exploregon #pdxplored #explorepnw #optoutside #rei1440project #outdoorsing #theirpnwlife #thatpnwlife #pnwonderland #reiits5oclocksomewhereproject #forestpark #drinklocal #draaaaanks #madeinoregon #wildernesshappyhour #gin #gindrinks #gincocktails #pinkdrinks #drinkpnw #ariagin #ariagindistillersreserve #wildrootsspirits #12daysofcocktails #12daysofcocktailchristmas
From this morning, back out in the mountains ⛰ #explorepnw #pnwhiking #rainyhikeday #payingforsantacon
Moments that take your breath away! #🦅
The swinging bridge.
After snow picnics, mountain snowshoeing and hot apple cider lodges, we headed to catch the fog descend over the frozen lake up ahead. Need more days like these, exploring with such good humans.
No matter how many times I’m scolded not to interact with wildlife how can I possibly resist. Wild animals are so magical and mysterious, when I encounter them it’s like there’s some sort of magic in the air drawing us together for just that moment in time. It would be such a shame to let it go all for the sake of following the rules! #BringMeAllTheAnimals
my favourite driving companion 🐶
Re-stocking my first aid kit for my hike tomorrow, and going through the check list! I never used to carry first aid stuff with me, especially for the easy day hikes, but over the years I've learned that it's better to be prepared for anything- the ten essentials are so for a reason! (Not all ten essentials are pictured here). #safetyfirst #murphyslaw #occamsrazor #rei1440project #nextadventure #explorepnw #tenessentials
It’s almost Christmas and time to plan for brand new adventures. Where will your heart take you this time?
The Spheres, from 7th and Lenora. Situated on Amazon’s urban campus in downtown Seattle, the Spheres will include a botanic garden and workspaces for the company’s employees. The opening is scheduled for the 18th of January. Seattle, WA, 🇺🇸 - 10 Dec 2017 (©️HL, img no. 91874).
Rainy sunrise.
Whidbey island north of @seattle.city. Exploring out here for future workshops! Comment if you ❤️ PNW! - - - - #cinemadventure #getoutstayout #travel #instadventure #aerialphoto #drone #dronelife #wakeupanddrone #exploreseattle #explorePNW #PNW #moodygram #latergram
Sunday walk.
Changing of season's! What's your favorite season? 📷: @michaelmatti #adventurenthusiasts
Tolmie State Park, Lacey WA
Winter looks good on you. See ya later Bozeman 🎓
Nope! I didn’t edit the colour in this photo until the ends of the earth. PNW sunrises just get pretty and sparkley and alpenglow-y and I love that I get to live in such a pretty place #pnwisbest
1 week until Christmas Eve
y’all ready for the dead ass cutest story? my mom and step dad were going through clothes to donate and my mom told my step dad “you can donate that jean jacket” and he’s like “no i wanna give it to tesa” and she explains that i already have one, but he insisted on washing it and giving it to me 😩😭
proper christmas break packing protocol: 15 pairs of leggings for every 2 pairs of jeans. #selfrespect
do i like snow? if it’s off the roads, doesn’t cancel my flights, doesn’t obscure my visibility, and doesn’t put me on my ass when i walk outside then ya i like it
Couldn’t this be a painting???? - @washingtontrails
Cool little spot we found on our walk this morning #treetunnel #explorepnw
One more week until home time and these gorgeous views ✨🎄😻 #sunshinecoastvibes