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Something Non hobby related but equally beautiful: some shots from Malacca, Malaysia, enjoying a wonderful weekend here #malaysia #malacca #travelphotography #exploremore
On our last day in Chiang Mai we finally made it up Doing Suthep. Then got caught in the pouring ran 😂 so so grateful to spend our last few days with my beautiful sista @echo_aroundtheworld and her amazing man. I met Echo 7 years ago in Canada and then we traveled from Mexico to to Costa Rica together. She has been a constant inspiration in my life ever since. Anddd she has started to vlog her own adventures on YouTube (link in her IG). Much love. Cannot wait for out paths to cross again and thanks for the snap ♡
[Small Business Saturday]: We spoke to teacher-turned-fashion designer @zyrin on her journey with @iwearkozo. Find out more on how she handles change via our blog post on our profile link 👆🏼
The #facade of #FedSq us made up of pieces of #glass, #zinc and #sandstone
Lost pictures: 🌈A rainbow over Dettifoss, happy friday everyone. #fbf #bevisuallyinspired
Got Imagination? Travel to your own magical destination. . 🌠Read a book 🌠Dream It up 🌠Pick up a paintbrush and create it 🌠Photoshop the shit out of it 🌠Take a car ride off the beaten path 🌠Go to a theme restaurant/hotel 🌠Take a hike 🌠Pack a picnic 🌠Watch a fantastical Movie 🌠Take a Train Ride 🌠Cosplay 🌠Build a fire and roast smores 🌠Romantically lit outdoor cafe 🌠Outdoor musical festival/gala 🌠Feel the magic in...YOU Repeat, until you smell it in the air and breathe it in your soul. Happy Discoveries to You 🔆 Picture repost from @soulguide81 . . . . . . #weekend #weekendgoals #moon #astrology #horoscope #newmoon #weekendvibes #explore #adventure #wanderlust #instamood #travelgram #instatravel #discover #lifestyle #exploretocreate #getoutside #naturelovers #exploremore #meditation #awakening #zen #tarot #oracle #magic #dreams #escape #myhappyplace #happyplace #dreamscape
Bike rides & bug facials - a classic pairing. 💚
These two. I knowwww. 😍Had such a great time tonight w Sam and Erin, so much so that I couldn't wait 10 minutes before editing. 😬 cannot wait to get more of these out!
Slid off the road and almost flipped racing the desert roads of Israel w/ @jamieout. Also here's a defender. #israelcollective #socality
Eastern Newt (Red-Spotted Newt) in its terrestrial Red Eft stage of its life cycle. #redeft #easternnewt
ini katanya penutupan karena masuk bulan ramadhan. camp seru sama orang-orang idiot, yang ada cuma ketawa lupa punya masalah dan beban, gajauh cuma di bukit batu Bogor, tapi dengkul sama dada berdekatan selalu hahahaha. ______________________________ Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa semuanyee, kalo saya atau orang-orang dalam video ini punya salah, janji dan kekhilafan mohon dimaapin ye ______________________________ @toyf2410 @zaytandaw @dhikazrrocket @bagas_bluesbug04 🎥 : @irfanaziss 📍 : Bukit Batu Bogor _____________________ @mountainesia @folkindonesia @parapejalan @id_pendaki @id.explorer @id.pendaki @pendakiindonesia @pendakikusam
Can't wait for summer hiking
"Depending on where you stand, Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument has been quietly doing its thing for between 275 million and 50 million years. But it’s relatively new to us humans: It was the last part of the lower 48 United States to get cartographed, and once people started poking around they realized they were dealing with an un-spent wealth of ancient and modern science and culture. President Bill Clinton set it aside as a national monument in 1996 because its untrammeled significance distinguishes it for researchers and explorers alike. So don’t trammel it" #friyay #escalante #yogimagee #yogimageeexpeditions #feraldenver #LiveFeral #livewithgumption #lettheoutsidein #iloveslots #slotcanyon #imaslot #beautahful #utah #utahisrad #unrulydreamers #utahthebeautiful #spooky #spookygulch
This sh is bananas 🍌 #icecream
This was one of my favorites
Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain... To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. 💋⛵️💋 #Mediterranean #Sea #Sailingworld #Hallbergrassy #yacht #ocean #boatlife #gopro #HR43 #espana #exploremore #yachtlife #sailing #yachting #travel #sailingstragram #yachtandsail #adventure #sailingblog #liveaboardlife #travel #cruising #yachtlife #islands #sailOn #livinglife #italia #sailingItaly #toscana #mpnmarinas #🇪🇺
new @indybrandclothing + @bencam19 killing it with photos + summer + tibble getting this rad dock = a hella amazing friday!
"Have camera. Will travel." ~ @chrisburkard . Got to meet one of my fave photographers today at an intimate screening of his film "Under an Arctic Sky." Essentially it's a documentary about surfers who go to Iceland to surf under the northern lights, but you really need to hear him talk about it in person because it's about a lot more than that. And he's so incredibly nice and humble about his work, which is amazing btw. His photos make you want to quit your job and travel to the most remote parts of the earth. . I asked to take his picture and then got super shy and awkward about it, so yeah 🤦🏼‍♀️
It's really starting to feel like summer nights, and I'm soooo ready.
Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial 🌿
Franklin D Roosevelt memorial 🌿
Lunch traditions with gram. 2 more days and It'll be your Birthday, @angelo.japlos ! As you sip the glass of Borsao, Rose - I try to drag out every little detail from our future plans... I can't thank you enough for everything. I can still remeber the days I prayed for the things I have now. Everything is not the same without you. Thank you for always reminding me of what Butterflies feel like 😘 #Japiza
A little taste of home ☕️
Pagi! Long time no see 😊 Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa bagi teman-teman yg menjalankan, semoga pada bisa full sebulan ya! ------ Ini adalah foto trip waisak kemarin yang belum sempet keposting dari kemarin-kemarin, kita pingin sekali ngucapin terima kasih buat manteman yang udah join di trip waisak kemarin antara lain @sheilamrz @herlambangw @kahanenoeschi @ririfebi Tya dan Iyas. Senang sekali bisa mengenal dan menemani perjalanan kalian semuah di Jogja, mohon maaf apabila ada kekurangan, mohon dimaafkan juga jika ada kata-kata yg berlebihan, terima kasih banyak, semoga bisa jumpa di lain kesempatan dan di apapun keadaan ya! Kipkun ^^, #fadejourney #trip #tour #journal
Nunca falte a vocês o zelo, sejam fervorosos no espírito, sirvam ao Senhor." Romanos 12:11 #Day1
Want to experience a Wild Goddess Weekend? We still have a spot available for you on the June 23-25 trip! Wild Goddess Weekend is an all-inclusive ladies-only camping and hiking experience in Mount Rainier National Park. The experience has been designed to provide you exactly what you need to tune in and connect with yourself, nature and other inspiring women! Invest in yourself by joining us for this incredible weekend! Link in bio! #getoutstayout #wildgoddess
Cozy scenes on a chilly spring night ✨🌙 | #fbf 5.2.17
Interesting that most towns will have a small square or main area and Marietta Square is one of my favorites with their interesting stores, great pizza, and this gorgeous fountain. #neverstopexploring #goexplore #exploremore #liveyourlife #liveoutdoors #goodvibes #womanwhohike #keepitwild #stayandwander #travel #getoutside #gooutside #keepitwild #keepgoing #thegreatoutdoors #takeahike #Atlanta #ExploreAtlanta #Georgia #exploreGeorgia #Marietta #MariettaSquare
Exhibiting : @myyellowplate - WHEN IN DELHI. What's on my yellow plate? Aloo chaat from a local cart seller in mehrauli. Yesterday evening was spent eating Aloo chaat and exploring mehrauli archeological park. The park is spread over 200 acre in Mehrauli, Delhi adjacent to Qutub Minar world heritage site. It consists of over 100 historically significant monuments. In the park, most impressive are the time-ravaged tombs of Balban and Quli Khan, his son and the Jamali Kamali mosque. This lesser known view of Qutub Minar comes from Quli Khan Tomb. The Tomb was constructed for Muhammad Quli Khan in early 17th century. The tomb was converted by Thomas Theophilus Metcalf into weekend retreat and was called as Dilkhusha (meaning delight of heart). ________ No copyright intended. All rights reserved to the owner of the image. ________ Hashtag - #delhibizarre Follow - @delhi.bizarre_
Go for a little bike ride. Let your jaw drop in awe of our pretty planet. Swallow a mouthful of gnats. Dismount bike to choke up and cough out bugs. Realize you feel so very saddle sore. Good times.
Running on cold brew and nachos right now
Ride or die😉 via #pintrest
A walk up to Point Reyes lighthouse, listening to the fog horn and taking in the serenity of the fog. 🐚
139/139 . . . . Closing the door on a season of life that has been so transformative. I have so much more to say on that in the future but for today, I am simply choosing gratitude. To @krochetkids, for everything you've been and everything you will become, thank you. These last 4.5 months have been a dream.
Down to the beach to watch the sunset.
just wanna be one with the tulips 🌷
Walking amongst the orchards
Night shift