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Amusement park #kaesfootprints
It's awesome to see people surfing at sunset. The colours of the waves, the way the light touches the waves & the water and the outlines of the surfers.. a bit of photo magic :)
#Throwback to Italy... The first day we got an early start, sipped our cappuccinos at the bar, and headed over to the Colosseum. Amazing place - a piece of ancient Rome.
Geceden hazırladığın yarın yapılacaklar listesindekileri yapmayınca gelen bir daral var ya, hah, o etrafımda dolanıyor şimdi. Suçluluk hissi ile el ele tutuşmuşlar bir de, birlikte kınıyorlar beni.
Charcuterie goodness. Happy birthday @zestypark 👌🏽
Tonight I drove to the motorway then realised I didn’t have a card in my camera. Decided to head to Beach Haven via home instead. I’m gonna blame Winston for making me leave at the last minute for sunset
{ entrance goal }
Так близко и так далеко💭🏔💙 Самое приятное в путешествиях для меня - это дорога. Где только вы, незабываемые пейзажи, скорость и любимые треки🤤