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I just want to skip Thursday and Friday and go straight to Saturday 🐉🚣🏻‍♀️🌊☀️🏁
I have a lot of favourite pictures but I think this one takes the cake 🌻 Summer time with my guy, at a beautiful lake 🌄 Need I say more?
Bullock's Oriole (Icterus bullockii). - A beautiful bird that I saw while at the Osoyoos Desert Center. Another species from the south that barely extends past the 49th parallel.
This is a shot from May 22 during pre-dawn – Moon meets Venus over Kamloops Lake. #explorekamloops
issa furtado
I think part of the learning curve with this new hobby will be allowing myself to be less discerning. I look at this photo and I see so many imperfections, so many things that weren't what I wanted to get out of it, things that I couldn't get out of it with the tools I currently have at my disposal. I'm going to have to try to be forgiving of myself and appreciate the beauty I'm able to capture while accepting I have a long way to go.
"Western Painted Turtles" (Chrysemys Picta) - Posted in celebration of World Turtle Day. These laid-back pond dwellers were soaking up the sun in Kelowna, BC a couple of weeks ago. 😎
He didn't even wave back #yourenotarealcanadian 📸 @dexterfriesen
Your TOFINO Guide is ready! . Walking along North Chesterman Beach. Surfing at Cox Bay. Beers at the brewery. Burgers at Shelter or Wolf In The Fog. Lattés at Rhinos or Tofitian. Reading at the Wick. Massages with Megan. These are just a few of my favourite things that I share with you in the TOFINO GUIDE, now up on the blog . Check it out 👉🏻 http://melissacolleret.com/travel-guide-tofino/ or 🔗in bio 👈🏻 . I've wanted to put this together for those planning a trip or who want to day-dream from home. . I also put this together as a way to say THANK YOU to the amazing people who run the places I spent so much of my time. May others enjoy all that you are and do for this magical community!
A breathtaking sea of colourful tulips as seen through the lens of @scottprojectphotography // 📷🌷 Discovered on @inside_vancouver - ================================================== ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 ✅ Follow, like and comment ✏ ✅ Tag your friends 👥 ================================================== Follow @1minutevancouver ❤ @1minutevancouver =========================================
@sarabakeacake thank you for an amazing breakfast on our last day. I had so much fun I didn't even wanna return . .. #cabinlife #lodge #beautiful #britishcolumbia #explorebritishcolumbia #toadtrip #golden
British Columbia is the best place on earth. I spent a weekend and wish I could spend a lifetime
"Ole One Eyed" @jduncanphoto and I have seen this ole' fellow a few times a year, documenting his progress for the last half a decade plus. Could not find the one eyed bandit a few weeks ago, was worried he may not have made it, was thrilled to see him out and about, in what appeared to be great health & munching on the grasses like crazy!!! #callaghanvalley #whistler #britishcolumbia #explorebc #explorebritishcolumbia #westcoastisthebestcoast #westcoastbestcoast #explorecanada #bearsofinstagram #bearstagram #bear #bears
Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Bride Janelle makes her way through the deep woods in British Columbia. We were lucky to have a great guide from @nipikamtnresort navigate us through back roads to some stunning spots. I am always happy to go off the beaten path with bridal parties for photos! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! What did you all get up to? . . . . . #firstsandlasts #photobugcommunity #explorebc #canadianwedding @canadianwedding #joywed #calgarybride #bcweddings #bcweddingphotography #radiumweddingphotographer #Calgaryweddingphotographer #Calgaryweddings #yycweddingphotographers #mountainbride #rockymntnbride #therockies #explorebc #yycweddingvendor #beautifulbride #tribearchipelago #bleachmyfilm #agameoftones #explorebritishcolumbia #explorecanada #huffpostido #wedphotoinspiration #weddingphotoinspiraton #soloverly
The number 10 bus is a good time 🚎
Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Killer way to send @brent_mckamey into married life.
"Tulips" - Tulip flower bed at the Butchart Gardens • • • • • • • • #britishcolumbia #beautifulbritishcolumbia #yvr #yyj #victoriabc #explorecanada #explorebritishcolumbia #spring2017 #orange #canada #canada150 #vancouverisland
He's about to tell a good one-liner.
Dinner picnic and sunset swims at Wood Lake ✨ #ilovesummer
stuck in the middle with you
Had a blast exploring Kimberley this weekend! 🏞 #explorebritishcolumbia #treepose #rockymountains
I had such a great time exploring the local shops in downtown Kelowna today. I purchased a beautiful new quote necklace from @shopfunktional. It reads "Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true" ---
Had a great May long away camping for my birthday weekend Not going to tag everyone but you know who you are! 🤙 • • • #camping #saturdaysarefortheboys #birthdayweekend #explorebritishcolumbia #britishcolumbia #vancouverisland #vanisle
Could never get tired of this view #explorebritishcolumbia
These mugs ain't lying, great May long weekend ☀️👌🏼 #maylong2017 #invermere #bc #mountainlyfe #explorebritishcolumbia #lovethisplace #feelslikesummer
Van city views 🙌🏻