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This Week in Welfare #52 - Canned Lion Hunting - Part 1: ‘Bred for the Bullet’ 🦁 . In the previous Week in Welfare we discussed the ‘Lion Cub Petting Industry’ and the wider impacts it has on other tourist-fuelled industries in Africa such as ‘lion walking’ and ‘canned hunting’. In the light of recent news that Trump’s administration have plans to lift restrictions on the import of body parts from elephants hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia, quietly including lion ‘trophies’ in the new guidelines as well, what better week to discuss the controversial topic of canned hunting – the primary source for these trophies. . But what exactly is ‘canned hunting’? A canned hunt is broadly described as a hunt of an animal, most popularly lions, within an enclosure sufficiently small enough to prevent the animal from being able to escape as it would in the wild, for the gain of a trophy body part. This unfortunately poses a challenge in defining exact parameters of what would constitute a ‘canned hunt’ and what is simply ‘wild-managed’ territory; in South Africa for example, the vast majority of the lion population is held within (albeit large) fenced game reserves or private property and so there are very few true ‘wild’ lions anymore. This makes it very difficult to draw up effective legislation to regulate these hunting practices if some canned hunting parks would slip through the net. . Read the full article on our Facebook page (link under our bio!) and watch out for Part 2: ‘The Greater Good’ in a few days! . ❓ What Do You Think? - Is hunting ever morally justifiable? - What makes trophies so desirable? - Let us know what you think below! . 📖 Read more at www.cannedlion.org 🎥 Watch the documentary at www.bloodlions.org
Wings up Wednesday 😂
Our basilisk has a bad habit of picking the fruit out of his salads and leaving the rest. 😂 • These neat lizards are also referred to as the Jesus Lizard due to their super wild ability to run across water! 🦎 #wildlifewednesday
Nayru trop mignonne 🙂
Came close to this lazy fella in Costa Rica while driving towards San José. Spotted him in a small tree along the road and just had to stop for a few moments to study the peaceful animal. 🌱