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Sabrina today at the Macy's thanksgiving day parade!!! @sabrinacarpenter
Since today is Thanksgiving, I want y’all to comment your names and something you’re grateful for, even if you don’t celebrate! Here’s mine: Delanie, music and friends
Build a bear would hv been rly happy to see Sabrina💛
Sippin’ her cappuccino☕️🥀
I am beary thankful For 50 followers Thanks so Much Carpenter family LY so Much @sabrinacarpenter #sabby #detour #evolutiontour #Why #seamless
thankful i met this beautiful gal exactly one year ago and even more thankful ive gotten to watch her grow not only as an artist but as a person💛 im not crying theres just something in my eye trust me (also all my videos are on my moms phone and ipod so these are some low quality ones i sent to my phone lol) #sabrinacarpenter #evolutiontour