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My hot tamale😋😋😋 #fire #hottie #everydaycrush #ohlala
I told my gal soon All dis Niggaz we com around formin lyk a player'buh she kwz daddy is a DEFENDER #Everydaycrush #daddy's gal #
“Fitness Comes In All Shapes And Sizes” So the next time you’re at a race, looking around and getting intimidated by all the men and women, who look more athletic than you, remember that there is no one body shape that can be defined as “fit.” Your fitness is based on what you feed your body and what your body can do, not how it looks in spandex. #mytheamrocks #lesmills #gritfam #gritfit #wedowhatwelove ❤️👆🏽 #reebok #teamblack
I want to say Happy Anniversary to "My Queen" it's been one year since you said Yes! We have been through hell and back just trying to be together. Sleepless nights just so I could spend a couple extra hours with you. Tired as hell dragging ass at work, all that time was definitely worth it all! This has been the most fun filled year I have ever had. I finally know what it's like to just be free and be me, not having to hide anything or any part about me. Always accepting me for who I am and not trying to change anything. You truly make me happy. Saying yes to marry me and taking on the extra responsibilities that it takes to help me raise my nephew for now. I couldn't ask for a better woman to be by my side and rise to the top together as one. I can't wait to see what life has to offer us and see where it takes us! I fall in love you more and more as each day passes Mikaylah. #happyanniversary #myqueen👑 #everydaycrush @mikaylahkayy_
my wife looking beautiful 😍 #wife #london #sexycurves #everydaycrush
Who needs Wednesday to Crush on her 💞 @saeonmoruda most wonderful strong and happy lady I know #Boychick #EveryDayCrush #WCW