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Lovely girlss 😘😘 bonito estar con.vosotras ayer 😁😁😉🎉graciasss #todoitagain #erasmuslife #endofexams 🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍😊😊😊
Took a break from Milan's busy city life and headed to Lake Como! 🏞 I would highly highly recommend taking even a short visit to Lecco! It's only an hour away from Milan by train and hands down you'll explore a completely new side of beautiful Italy 🇮🇹 #travel #traveling #wanderlust #adventure #explore #photography #photooftheday #instatravel #italia #livealifetoremember #myerasmus #erasmuslife #erasmus #lake #lakecomo #nature #naturephotography #hills #view #morning
When your (class & flatmate) wants to test some features of his new bought camera in the early morning. PC: @through_the_optics #beardedaf #portrait #bokeh #portraitoftheday #camera #suomi #finland #lappeenranta #beard #iraqi #erasmuslife #erasmus2017
@johankazarku "I have an idea! Let's go to Montmartre!" #erasmuslife #crazything
day 98- vou sentir saudades das madrugadas depois do Park #ErasmusLife
You can feel disconnected but the fact is every living thing is linked. Without you there is no me, without them there is no us, without that there is no this. #erasmuslife #natureconservation @nature_org #erasmus #f4f
Erasmus means getting along with other civilisations. Thank you guys for the great night we had! #erasmuslife #erasmusspirit Uzbekistan #greece #cyprus
Happy nice and happy party with Dutch girls ,you are sooooooo nice #erasmuslife #netherlands🇳🇱 #nijmegen #friendsforever #asiangirl #dutchgirls
(EB Takeover Day 4) – Dresden, a city Rebuilt The Eastern German city of Dresden is most famously known for its complete reconstruction after it was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing in WW2. Like many other German cities, it was faced with the choice of redesigning the city to suit modern times (like Frankfurt and Berlin) or to retain its architectural heritage and culture. They chose the latter, taking some 60 years to finally finish the construction. We picked up little bits of information like this from the free walking tour in Dresden, which was extremely helpful for us to learn a great amount about the city in a short span of 2 hours! Such free walking tours are the norm in Europe, and are conducted in English in almost every city. Of course, you are free to leave a tip of any amount for the guide at the end of the tour – the amount being what you think the tour was worth to you. After listening to some of these amazingly passionate and engaging tour guides, I now make it a point to attend the free walking tour in every city I visit! For the nature lovers, Dresden has easily accessible treks (just 45 min from the city centre!). We took a day trip to the Saxon National Park, which is easily accessible from Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) via a train ride on the S-Bahn. From there, we hiked stage 2 of the Malerweg Trail, a 112km long trail that takes hikers through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The main attraction for this stage was the Bastei Bridge, a beautiful man-made bridge built into the surrounding rock formations. Though slightly crowded and touristy, it is perfect for a day trip out from Dresden! More information on Dresden’s reconstruction: http://mashable.com/2017/01/28/rebuilding-dresden/ #qKk_E_v00kqT The Malerweg Trail: http://www.saechsische-schweiz.de/en/home-malerweg/malerweg-stages/malerweg-stages-1-8/stage-1.html #aweekOnExchange #exchangebuddy #germanYXchange #goger
When ypu com3 out og the club znd ot is already day #ErasmusLife
여기까지와서 팀플을 하냐? 라는 말을 들어가며 해낸 팀플, 악의 구렁텅이이면서 또 돌이켜보면 참 많이 배우고 느끼게되는 참다운 교육의 현장, 그 끝에서 아쉬움을 사진 한 장으로 달래봅니다 #팀플 #학교스타그램 #교환학생 #이탈리아 #피렌체 #universitadifirenze #agrifood #economics #교실스타그램 #종강파티 #with #italianfood #erasmuslife #20170524 #plantbaseddiet #by #international #flexitarian #team
De país en país hay de todos colores, diferentes tamaños, distintos olores... #granada #andalucia #fiesta #erasmus #erasmuslife #spain
A very hard life of an Erasmus student #wednesday #34degrees #churrasco #pool #bestpartners #erasmuslife 🇵🇱🇧🇷🔥🎉
Situado no íngreme monte do Espinho, freguesia de Tenões, concelho e distrito de Braga, está o Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte, mais conhecido como Santuário do Bom Jesus de Braga. O Santuário é composto por um escadório, que representa a Via Sacra do Bom Jesus e que sobe até à igreja. O conjunto arquitetónico integra ainda o Parque do Bom Jesus (uma área de mata), Elevador do Bom Jesus (um funicular) e alguns hotéis. Este conjunto arquitetónico inspirou mais tarde a construção de outros semelhantes, como é o caso do Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Lamego, Portugal) e do Santuário do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos (Minas Gerais, Brasil). Atualmente, é um dos santuários católicos mais importantes, a nível nacional. É um lugar que vale a pena visitar, e desfrutar dá paz que ali se encontra. Foi um dos lugares mais lindos que já conheci. #erasmus #erasmuslife #portugal
😍 SOMOS GRANDES GRACIAS A VOSOTROS! GRACIAS POR TODO 😚 #erasmus #erasmuslife #familiaforever #feriadecordoba #eiscordoba #eisc
I passed my Dutch Critique today and I'm done with Junior Year at HKU Fine Arts. Thank you to everyone who came to the Compression Exhibit, and to my friends who helped me along the way. Now to relax on a boat, sleep for fourteen hours, and dance tomorrow away.
Aquela foto que é clássica mas eu precisava ter a minha 😁 🇳🇱 #iamsterdam #netherlands #erasmuslife
Nemuzu spat, tak sem hodim alespon jednu fotecku z tyden staryho pikniku, aby to vypadalo, ze tu mam nejaky kamarady. #foodlovers
TRAVEL DIARY DAY 232 | 235 Again a crazy day. Ireland is giving it's best to give me some unforgettable memories before I return to Germany. We started in Limerick today and wanted to go directly to Dingle - when we passed trough Adare, there was a lot of traffic, so that we had a lot of time to look around while sitting in the car and we found a beautiful little park, in which we spontaneously stopped and walked around. The small village was so lovely and adorable, I'm really happy that we decided to stop. The same happened when we passed Tralee and the great weather allowed us to drink a coffee outside. Coming to Dingle peninsula.. even after my second visit, it's still my favorite​ part of Ireland. I swear that I just changed the contour of this picture - the colour/the landscape is all real without a filter. It was stunning and beautiful. Unfortunately the weather changed, but it was still so warm and nice - I simply love that place. And again, coming to the weird part of the day - I messed up our Ryanair Check-in - again. How is that possible? Don't ask me.. we will see how this turns out. Again. 🍀