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consciousness shifted back to its original nature. :  #awakening,  #consciousness, #enlightenment,  #spiritualawakening
I wanted to share with you guys this great breathing exercise! Next time you have anxiety do this until your heart beat slows down and you feel better ✨ #meditateandlove
✨Here is a whimsical terrarium featuring three fluorite points nuzzled up in a bed of prehinite chips with a couple of apophyllite pyramids and an air plant to keep them company! These stones were chosen to help provide clarity as to one's divine spiritual mission and offer support with the effective communication needed to get there.✨ The terrarium measures 6x4.5" and is $55 plus shipping. DM for availability
Don't use them as such
Get Ready to #FEEL 💜 #BREATHE 💜 and 💜 #RELEASE #MeditatewithMe and Shionta Pumphrey @heartbeat4many @shades_of_health tonight at 6:30-7:30pm 830 Willoughby Way across from the skatepark sponsored by #AmerigroupCommunityCare @thewellnesssanctuaryinc and supported by @atlantabeltline 💜💜 Trust me she's #dope 😉 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #guidedmeditation #meditation #meditate #meditating #spiritual #peace #balance #wisdom #enlightenment #breathwork #yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #mindfulness #clarity #soul #purpose #chakra #thirdeye #god #free #life #love
💕💕💕 so true. ・・・ Rp Via @inked.mystic 🙌🙌💜🙏✨😘👌👆💕 You cannot think your way into enlightenment. You can't meditate positive vibes into your life without doing the work. That's not what the law of attraction is. You don't just decide not to deal with negative thoughts and certain issues and they just all of a sudden stop following you and your life miraculously changes. You won't stop attracting the same types of people and situations trying to show you the lessons. THAT'S FUCKING ASININE. You have to do the work. Piling on the positivity and ignoring your issues doesn't make you strong. It doesn't make you woke. That's not authentic. You have to face those shadows. Stop blaming everyone else in the world for your problems. You are the common denominator to everything that has happened in your life thus far. Look within. Own your shit. Accept that some people won't forgive you. Forgive them anyway. Put in the work. Purge. Be messy. Be alone. Have mental breakdowns. Give yourself permission to be emotionally explosive. Be a train wreck. Collapse. Crumble. Set ablaze to every scar and emotional trauma. Watch it all burn to the ground. Get it all out of your system so you can heal for real and be the bad ass you are meant to be. Feel. Process. Heal. Grow. Rebuild. 💀🕊🐉🔥💕 . . #healing #enlightenment #higherconsciousness #5D #personalgrowth #realtrue #spirituality #spiritual #starseed #indigochild #moonchild #psychic #empath #intuitive
Be sure and zoom in to read the cards carefully. I think that a lot of DF have been doing tons of inner work this year including myself. Lots of healing waiting for union if you found your twin. We are mastering the energies now we can transmute like ninjas. We are ready to show others and share our abilities with the world 🌎 through our works creatively or otherwise. "Your Soul is hungering for creativity and manifestation of the beauty in your inner world, to witness it and live it in your physical world too. Much of your spiritual energy is directed into creative process and your creative powers 💥 are growing fast now. As you are gaining more potency in your creative flow, it is important that you use this growing ability wisely. Become aware of how easy and quick your thoughts and feelings are manifesting into conversations, situations and responses from the Universe. Notice how quickly your prayers are confirmed through signs and dreams, intuitions and opportunities opening up for you. The time is ripe for you to choose to align yourself with love ❤️ each morning so that your thoughts 💭 will serve you well and the manifestations you set in motion will be ones ☝️ that enhance your life experience, rather than more of what you do not want to experience!" #goddess #ascension #divine #enlightenment #empowerment #empoweringwomen #heartbroken #healing #heartbreak #love #truelove #selflove #selfcare #unconditionallove #unconditional #twinflame #guidance #knowyourworth #knowthyself #spiritual
Instead of scrapping I'd like to see if any of you are interested in one of these trees at a EXTREMLY discounted price! ~~~~~~~~~~ Tree 1 is made with Tigers eye and glass beads in the roots, the tree is 2 inches and will come with an adjustable necklace strap. The price for this tree is $4.00 + shipping . Tree 2 is made with Sunstone and is 2 inches, this tree will come with an adjustable necklace strap. The price of this tree is $4.00 + shipping . Tree 3 is made with Malachite and is 3 inches in size, this tree will come with an adjustable necklace strap. The price of this tree is $5.00 + shipping . Tree 4 is made with Lolite and Moonstone and has Swarovski crystals in the roots. This tree is 2 inches and will come with an adjustable necklace strap. The price of this is tree is $5.00 +shipping . . If you are interested in any of these, please comment below with which one you'd like to adopt😊 or you can send a DM . Love and light to all of you on this beautiful Wednesday ✌
Still feeling the tranquility I experienced at Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona. A stupa is considered to be the living presence of the Buddha, representing the Mind of Enlightenment. Their sole purpose is to bring benefit for all living beings. I loved taking a quiet break here to reflect and, per the park's suggestion, recite affirmations for myself, my loved ones, and the world. Definitely recommend checking it out ✌🏻