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This is an old video, but the man @donutoperator absolutely destroys a martyr of the black lives movement. BLM celebrates black people on social media solely for their skin color when they're involved with the police, and almost every time they parade around a name when the events they shout didn't even happen. Props to you sir, keep doing what you're doing - op
Wow.... does anyone know if this scum is still working on the US team? -Miranda
Now if only we could get women and girls to be held accountable for their actions..... 😒
Call this a chontent chop if you'd like. I found this despicable gremlin @anotherfeministontinder who is so angry no one will date her she hates an entire gender then claims to be part of an equality movement. Buckle your seatbelts because there's about to be a lot of run on sentences to fit it all. 1. Your account is laughable, and the fact you're swallowed up by an inability to see beyond your own nose, and use complete shutdowns of conversation by either blocking someone or screaming that they can't possibly come from a position of understanding by upbringing or education is childish. Learn to engage like a damn adult. 2. "Haha look at this funny joke about men and violence/diminishing male victims because they appeal to emotion and feel disrespected" *proceeds to post a dozen images about men saying something she finds mean* any more hypocrisy and you'd be the definition of an oxymoron. You aren't intelligent enough to realise you contradict yourself every post 3. You whine and whine about people not taking women's trivial issues like "dealing with mansplaining" seriously, only to dismiss all of the issues men face because you don't care about issues that don't affect you. 4. Again with the crying about remedial problems, yet you can't process the reason why people call you out so often for generalizing men. You do exactly what you hate to people you hate, then absolutely moan that people do it to you. Grow up 5. Witch hunts weren't only for women, and it is specifically a metaphor that has been wildly used in literature. 6. You posted an image about cherry picked inequalities that both sexes face, yet you only think women do because you have no clue what you're talking about. 7. When you say men are trash, you issue merit for people to say women, races and religions are trash (blacks and Muslims since you seem to galavant the fact you care about them like they owe you something) based off the actions of the few. Again, contradicting yourself Be careful, if you give her a visit she may post your comments at a poor attempt of a roast or send followers to your account to report you like a child 🙃 delete your account - op
This is so cute. I'm so happy for this little girl. So many people in the foster system don't end up in loving homes.
"Women cannot be demeaning to men." That's peak feminism right there lol smh.
Actually being this emotionally fueled you accuse an entire race for making up definitions while simultaneously making up your own and saying the real definition isn't a real argument. You have less argument skills than a rock and contradict yourself because you use your hurt feelings to overide basic knowledge. Take the L to your miserable account where you're angry at an entire race and have to cry about it @blacklivesfuckingmattr - op
What garbage thought policing is this? When you invalidate someone's argument strictly based on their race, sex or creed you can't claim you're for equality - op
Female humans are no different. Though I think I rather get my head chopped off during over having sex and then having to face - Paternity fraud - Child support - Alimony - False rape charges - [Most of all] Drama Later on
Probably lol