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Who cares? Honestly. It's always something with the activists-Julian
This guy is an awful person and it's great the Supreme Court denied his appeal. But it gave CBC something to bitch about because the Supreme Court never gave a reason for their decision. His claim was even rejected by the court of appeals so that should be the end of the story.-Julian
Sexism on men , this is horrible he is a father NOT a pedophile. -Jules
Some liberals need to understand that there will always be opposite views. Some can be better or worse but they are still opposite views ~ Robert
I love how this feminist makes the sexist assumption that men just make misogynistic jokes whenever they get together lol. And if anything antifeminist women respect themselves more. They are confident and independent enough to not need the victimhood mentality that is so rampant in feminism today.
I know there are many good muslims in the world but there are those, especially in countries that have Sharia Law, there are horrible things that go on such as gay murder, pedophilia and oppression of women ~ Robert
Well said
When you're politically correct, your arguments cave in on themselves. Rather than be intellectually dishonest and looking foolish, let's talk about whats really going on with radical islamic terrorism. The failure to acknowledge the truth is getting innocent people gruesomely killed. #feminism #feminismiscancer #antifeminism #politicalcorrectness #politicallycorrect #sjw #blm #alllivesmatter  #racism #triggered #feminazi #endfeminism #trump #clinton #maga #pcpolice #islam #manchester #arianagrande #isis #terrorism #radicalislam #lindasarsour
We have to stop this. They are now taking over lands in the far east! #maga #youthconservative #donald #endfeminism #republican #alllivesmatter #liberaltears #meme #triggerwarning
"Equality." For those wondering, a VRO is a Violence Restraining Order and they are issued for things like domestic violence and stalking cases in Australia. Female victims are able to get free legal help in filing for one and can even have a lawyer do everything for them on their behalf at no cost. Male victims get to call a hotline. So a woman can walk in and see a lawyer and get help from start to finish throughout the entire process for free, but a male victim will be turned away because men are treated like second class victims. Thanks feminism 😒
Who gives a fuck? 😂 How is Cosmo even still a thing with ridiculous shit like this?
Currently looking for quality posts and I'm not finding much, so here's this. I understand being protective over your kid and not wanting them to date someone who's a douche but it is possible to go a bit too far with it all in some ways, but overall I understand parents wanting to protect their kids and such. Opinions? -Laura - #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #NAFALT #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike
See I like right wings but not that fucking far right Jesus Christ
it's a win for us! -Jules
This is just stupid. ISIS of course ONLY targets women, never have they ever killed a male. I would think their religion might have something to do with it, but sexism was definitely the drive to do it. Brianna Wu is now the face of stupidity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #antifeminism #fuckfeminism #fuckfeminists #endfeminism #meninism #meninist #feminism #trump #hillary #hillaryforprison #intersectionalfeminism #patriarchy #conservative #egalitarian #tumblr #misogyny #racism #idontneedfeminism #dontneedfeminism #prolife #abortionismurder #abortion #prochoice #womensrights #feminist #criminalizeabortion #2genders #transgender #male #female
[sources @nobodyneedsfeminism @fourthwavemadness] But of course, the attackers religion had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this at all! Imagine derailing the deaths and injuries of up to one hundred people in order to victimise yourself as feminists. So disgusting, and you continue to say this despite the fact many casualties and victims of the attack were indeed male. It was not an attack on women and girls exclusively, it was attack on other humans in order to cause fear, panic, death, injury, and destruction. Don't use a tragic event like this to victimise yourself. Don't include tragic events like this in the oppression olympics that feminists obsess over taking part in. #equality #egalitarian #egalitarianism #endfeminism #antifem #antifemguy #antifeminism #feministsbelike #antilgbtcommunity #endreligiousintolerance #antiblm #antialm #antiselfdiagnosis #stopselfdiagnosis #feminazis #thirdworldfeminism #patriarchy #huffpost #feminimsucks #feminismisnotequality #prolgbt #prochoice #lgbt #stopradicalfeminism #stopfeminazis #antifems
Well, I mean truck drivers don't exactly work a normal 9 to 5 job. This is from the Metro here in my city a few days ago. Also, I feel bad because I kinda have been taking over the account as opposed to the admins. - Eddy
The irony
And to explain why I'm carefully choosing posts. I'm urging ALL activist accounts and people posting under #prayformarawi and #prayforphilippines to stop posting any images (other than text posts) being shared. Also, again stop saying it is ISIS. It is not ISIS. It's a whole other terrorist group (although inspired by ISIS) in the Philippines. From: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/611871/military-urges-public-to-stop-posting-information-in-social-media-posts-of-troops-terrorists-in-marawi-city/story/ - Eddy . . Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented in this image represent those outside the account. The owner of @ieatfeministsouls holds no connection with the views presented in the image. Unless otherwise stated, all views in the image do not represent the views of the poster. This account is not responsible for the views shared by commenters.  Unless clearly stated, the account holder does not share the views of those who comment. Viewer discretion is advised. #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #NAFALT #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike
Hi, I'm Amber, the new admin. Honestly, Trumps healthcare plan scares me. The additional pre existing conditions scare me. To add kids to the long list of people that will no longer be covered by health insurance if Trump Care passes....
I hate girls that are bi and say "I'm turning gay i can't stand guys" like please kill yourself slowly - Jules
Why is the cuck still alive today why cant he just die and stop harming his child with polygamy ideas
I get accused of being a feminist and when I'm telling him I am not I am in fact an egalitarian- I get blocked I do not understand
basically .
looking for some admins I know this page ain't big but this is to express your opinions ya know? (CLOSED)
this world is fucked up; trump work for something you promised to destroy Isis please do what you promised and stop going on golf trips
this sounds q'white right lmAOOO - but in all seriousness she's being let go because she's a woman + she's white; women are not taken seriously at times and this is a prime example that no matter how serious the case is they would see her as defenseless when clearly she's a fucking psycho "it would damage her surgeon career" she could've taken a life. That's a bullshit excuse to let her off.
Reverse racism isn't real because it's just plain ol' racism so step the fuck back
ok but then we have Pence so I'm just 😩
They keep trying. Please, keep those of Manchester in your prayers. 22 dead and 60+ wounded. This is terrible. #prayformanchester #maga #youthconservative #donald #endfeminism #republican #alllivesmatter #liberaltears #meme #triggerwarning
Relatable 😔
Two men caught having sex in March were subjected to a public caning in the Indonesian province of Aceh on Tuesday. A crowd of about 1,000 people watched the punishment, many cheering and filming the event. The public caning took place in a square in front of a mosque in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh. The pair, aged 20 and 23, each received over 82 strikes with thin rattan canes. Their original sentence of 85 lashes was reduced due to time spent in detention. At least eight other men and women were caned along with the gay pair for offenses such as adultery, which is a crime under Sharia law. The beating was carried out by some 10 officials, who were wearing brown robes and had hoods covering their faces. The officials took turns during the beating and paused briefly when those being punished indicated that they were in too much pain, Reuters reported. A crowd of some 1,000 people witnessed the punishment. Some cheered or filmed the caning or livestreamed the event on the internet. “I wanted to watch it so it could serve as a lesson for me not to commit any act that violates Islamic teaching,” Zubaidah, a 20-year-old female college student who said that it was the first time she had witnessed a caning, told AFP. “Homosexuality is a curable disease, it is very forbidden in Islam." Aceh is the most conservative province in Indonesia, a country with the world’s largest Muslim population. It was given a right to enforce Sharia law alongside the national criminal code in the 2000s as part of an agreement with the central government to quell a separatist movement. Authorities in the province criminalized same-sex relations in 2014. While homosexuality is not a crime in the rest of the country, LGBT activists say there is a growing pressure against the minority there too. The backlash against the LGBT community began in early 2016, according to activists, who believe it was triggered by widespread media coverage of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US. And where is the outrage from feminists? From other allies? Non-existent of course. Nothing but silence.
This feminist POS wants to blame the #manchester attack on misogyny. How selfish can people be? She wants to use the attack as an excuse to promote her leftist feminist agenda. This is outrageous. She's too full of herself. This is why we don't need feminism. This is extremely selfish and rude to the families who lost their children. Stop crying about misogyny and be grateful that you get to go home at night. Rant over. #trump #conservative #capitalism #donaldtrump #paulryan #tedcruz #america #merica #maga #makeamericagreatagain #economics #fakenews #cnn #killary #hillaryforprison #louderwithcrowder #stevencrowder #washingtonpost #draintheswamp
Yes, I'm sure his religion had nothing to do with it 😒
Hey guys. I applied for this thing at my school where I get to hang out with police officers, and learn the drills. I get to do gun training, conditioning, and K9 drills! It's gonna be awesome. especially since I get to hang out with the people who keep me safe. #maga #youthconservative #donald #endfeminism #republican #alllivesmatter #liberaltears #meme #triggerwarning
This entire exchange is infuriatingly stupid and disturbing all at the same time 😕
A self-described "militant” feminist known for her extensive blogging for the Huffington Post has been given a major position in the new French government. Marlène Schiappa, a 34-year-old activist, was one of a slew of appointments made in the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s election as the new French president. Schiappa was handed the cumbersome-sounding title of Secretary of State in charge of Equality between Women and Men on Wednesday. Schiappa made her mark on the French media scene by founding her own feminist blog for mothers – Maman Travaille – in 2008. Since then she has moved on to more prominent platforms, including the French version of the Huffington Post, to which she has contributed since 2012. She previously advised Macron’s nascent En Marche! political party on gender equality, and was on the staff of the mayor of the town of Le Mans. It remains to be seen if her years of feminist blogging and bashing men (her only apparent qualifications for this government position), will actually lead to more "gender equality" for anyone.
A US judge has thrown out a discrimination case brought by the family of a Muslim student whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. In 2015 Ahmed Mohamed was arrested in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, after his teacher said the clock looked like an explosive device. Photos of the 14-year-old's arrest sparked a public outcry. But on Thursday a Texas judge ruled there was no evidence of racial or religious discrimination. "Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that Irving Independent School District employees intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed," wrote US District Judge Sam Lindsay in his ruling. He also dismissed a complaint against the school principal saying it was "factually deficient" to allege that Ahmed was treated "differently than other similarly situated students, and that the unequal treatment was based on religion or race." Ahmed, whom US media dubbed "clock boy," was originally charged with having a "hoax bomb" after he brought the digital clock display in a small briefcase to the classroom at MacArthur High School in Irving. But those charges were later dropped. Ahmed's attorney and his family have declined to comment on the judge's ruling.
"Women are so oppressed, men are so privileged and have nothing to worry about" #antifeminism #endfeminism #feminism
Not this pizza gate bs again. How do alt right call MSNBC, NPR, Telegraph, CBS and others fake news but believe this crap. Here's what one google search got me to find. Petersen, 32, passed away on Nov. 13, in Haiti. Claude d’Estree, the executive director of the Human Trafficking Center at the University of Denver, had employed Petersen until June as a researcher and as his assistant, after which she moved to Haiti. He said she had been teaching at private pre-kindergarten-through-12 school, Union School Haiti, mainly to support herself, and had been exploring setting up a nongovernmental organization in Haiti. He said she committed suicide but the circumstances are not clear. D’Estree said Petersen had gone to Haiti a number of times, but she was not there to research human trafficking and was not investigating the Clinton Foundation. He said she had been a “brilliant” research fellow, working the past two years to produce a still unpublished article that critiqued a controversial book on the business of sex trafficking by Siddharth Kara. Before going on a 2015 trip to Haiti, Petersen asked for help locating pro-sex worker organizations. “I am a social anthropologist who wants do solid research on HT, rescuing people is not in my agenda (this is a stupid & imperialist concept),” she posted on a Facebook message board. “She was a sweetie, an amazing, wonderful girl,” said Elle, an activist in Colorado. “She really did care about sex-worker rights,” eager to do battle against anti-trafficking advocates such as Swanee Hunt, who want to end the sex trade entirely. So how did her tragic death spawn a web of conspiracy theories that she was an anti-trafficking investigator? Some guy from Reditt found an old Facebook post on the Clintons and screen shot it and tagged it in to this, and even after I confirmed that her death had nothing to do with the Clintons, he made up stories that the family couldn’t get answers,” Robinson wrote The Fact Checker in a Twitter message. As for the second photo Robinson had stated that they were all taken out of context. Over a hundred people emailed him to find some "link" to it. This will continue down bc this omg -M
So much for women getting off easily in the criminal justice system just being about "white privilege" eh? A woman has been spared jail after she admitted to raping her daughter's 13-year-old boyfriend. Elaine Goodman, 46, faced up to 15 years in prison but was sentenced to two years' probation. But while a judge at Kent County Superior Court in Delaware said her action was "an aberration", he did not think jailing her was the answer. Women across all age, race and socioeconomic groups get more lenient sentences than men do, for the same exact crimes. This is female privilege, pure and simple. Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/woman-rape-daughters-13-year-old-boyfriend-elaine-goodman-spare-jail-2-years-probation-kent-county-a7526186.html
Careful, left wing views are about to be presented. Boys prefer different types of girls. Girls prefer different types of guys. - Eddy
The comments just kept getting dumber and dumber lol. Post two of two.
The comments on this are hilarious lmao. I'll share some more in the next post. Note: "IM" in the post is referring to Internalized Misogyny. Post one of two.
Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, an organization fighting radical leftism on college campuses will be at UCLA this Tuesday. Maybe you'll see me there. *UPDATE: CHARLIE KIRK IS SICK AND CANCELLED THE EVENT.* #feminism #feminismiscancer #antifeminism #politicalcorrectness #politicallycorrect #sjw #blm #alllivesmatter  #racism #triggered #feminazi #endfeminism #trump #clinton #maga #pcpolice #ucla #charliekirk #tpusa #turningpointusa
"Another survey, this one commissioned by the Minnesota Supreme Court, found that a majority (56%) of the state’s judges, both male and female, agreed with the statement, “I believe young children belong with their mother.” Only a few of the judges indicated that they would need more information about the mother before they could answer. Fathers, one judge explained, “must prove their ability to parent while mothers are assumed to be able.” Nearly all attorneys (94% of male attorneys and 84% of female attorneys) said that all judges exhibited prejudice against fathers at least some of the time. Judicial bias against fathers is also judicial bias against mothers and children. It’s nothing more than the obvious. Take a father out of a child’s life and the child is damaged, all but invariably. There’s far too much science on the matter to deny the fact that children need both their parents. And yet family courts take one parent away from children all the while intoning the mantra of the “best interests of the child.”" - Okay, so something I don't get is- shouldn't BOTH parents have to prove that they can care for their child? That way they know the child is being put in safe care, right? I don't understand why the courts favor the mother in these cases. They should be deciding who gets custody based on which parent is the most stable and where the child would be best to be at. It's not right that mothers are almost automatically favored over fathers in custody cases. Opinions on this? - https://nationalparentsorganization.org/blog/22457-studies-show-judicial-bias-against-dads - -Laura - #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #NAFALT #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike
Question time! Do y'all think sexual abstinence should be taught in schools or should they teach ways to protect from contracting an STD/where to get free testing? I personally think sexual abstinence does not work. Many people say it's a thing kids should ask their parents but it can be VERY awkward and parents still believe in abstinence working. I mean they're still children, but just because you tell them to do something doesn't mean they will. But if you are for it I wanna know why just out of curiosity. -Miranda
Just love these feminist accounts they really empower men! You know after being a straight white male Christian I've realized that in the free world we should just keep our mouths shut and promote feminism for equal rights to all! Honestly I can't stand feminism it's an argument over whats already been accomplished in society that's pushed upon men! And especially love how when someone else thinks differently they silence you and keep out the "hate". @the.demon.hunter keep it up! I'm sure Hit kerb looks down an appreciates your "hard work" of complaining about nonsense! #eqaulity #killmyself #endfeminism #feminism #blackpower #democrats #nazism
(Sources: huff post and Canadian parliamentary website) ONLY CANADA For those that don't understand what this is saying, it's basically calling misgendering someone a hate crime. This isn't the only thing that C-16 says but it's the major part. This is honestly really dumb. If someone is purposely calling someone their incorrect pronouns (I'm talking about regular genders, I'm not talking about the 80 whatever genders, I don't believe in that) yeah that's really rude and demeaning but this can basically allow anyone call a hate crime if they accidentally misgender someone. I feel like this is way too much power because there can be people and will be who abuse this. -Miranda
Alright, so I just finished my live about the admin situation and drama surrounding the account. There's a few things I'm going to do. . . 1.) There is a link in my bio, that has a poll on whether or not to keep admins. It'll be up until the end of the month. 2.) The admins will be on a THREE STRIKE probation period during that time. Alex is on strike 2, Miranda, Laura and Lauren have no strikes. The admin who receives a third strike during the poll period will be removed. 3.) I will be paying close attention to comments as well, if there are still issues with admins by June 1st I will be taking the account back and having no admins. That is all for now. - Eddy
Feminism is straight cancer at this point it used to actually mean something but now it's just entitled bitches whining about nothing and trying to get special privileges #meme #feminism #endfeminism #killme #video #rant #goodmeme
Hey y'all. I'm going to go live at 2 PM central today to talk about the admin situation, and answer any questions you guys have. - Eddy
Make fun of them on your Instagram? Oh yeah? Well two can play that game. So ha! Seriously though, this chick is so delusional and petty it's hilarious 😂 Part two of two Link: https://monicacatherine.com/2017/04/05/dear-microsoft-no/
Think this is ridiculous? Just wait for part two of the article. It gets even better lmao. Part one of two. Link: https://monicacatherine.com/2017/04/05/dear-microsoft-no/
That feel when you accuse someone of fetishizing an ethnicity but you also refer to their partner by their genitilia - Eddy . .
Well pin a rose on your nose lmao
Reposting this bc y'all got it deleted - I'll say what I did last time. My opinion of free the nipple is this- if one can walk around shirtless, so can the other. My main opinion is about breastfeeding in public. It should be legal. Why shouldn't a woman be allowed to feed her baby in public? You don't go to the bathroom or some other weird place to eat, so why should a woman have to go to a bathroom or something to feed her baby? It doesn't make sense. Babies need to eat too. As for just letting women walk around shirtless, it should really only be allowed at places like beaches and stuff like that. I think the same thing for guys. ANYONE being shirtless should only be allowed in certain places. As for the free the nipple movement, it's a joke to me. If it were just for women being able to breastfeed I'd support the movement 100%, but unfortunately it's become more of a "I can't walk around naked so that makes me oppressed" type thing so it's impossible for me to take the movement seriously. What do you all think about it? -Laura - #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #NAFALT #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike
[source: I already forgot] Okay, just saying, but ghost in the shell is based off an anime. Just because it's part of an anime doesn't necessarily mean everyone in it is racist. It's like, here's an example no one spoke about. The anime 'Attack on Titan' is of course, a Japanese anime. Despite that, most of the characters are actually German. So far, the only actually Asian character is Mikasa. But again, despite that, the characters in the Attack on Titan live action were played by Asians. I mean, there were obvious reasons for this because it would be in Japanese but no one seemed to complain about it from what I saw. Also, no one complained when many characters in Hamilton were played by POC despite it being historically inaccurate. It's literally a MOVIE. I think unless something is supposed to be historically accurate or the race of the character is actually important in the movie then it doesn't fucking matter. I think you all need to grow up.. #equality #egalitarian #egalitarianism #endfeminism #antifem #antifemguy #antifeminism #feministsbelike #antilgbtcommunity #endreligiousintolerance #antiblm #antialm #antiselfdiagnosis #stopselfdiagnosis #feminazis #thirdworldfeminism #patriarchy #huffpost #feminimsucks #feminismisnotequality #prolgbt #prochoice #lgbt #stopradicalfeminism #stopfeminazis #antifems
#fightforwomesrights #endfeminism #enddresscode please screenshot and repost with these hashtags and tag us in it
People working in public education and students: "the education system can't get any worse" Betsy DeVos: "Watch me" I honestly didn't like many of the cabinet positions, but I still respected them and didn't wish for failure. But Betsy DeVos, god I can go ranting on her for ages. She is the LEAST qualified out of ANYONE. Trump has been president for not even that long and she's already fucking things up. Someone who's NEVER had ANY experience with public school (literally all her children went to private/charter schools) and when she was questioned, she actually knew nothing. All of her answers were wrong or not straight forward. Public school teachers are one of the most underpaid jobs that require a degree. The healthcare given by most school districts are actual shit and give BARE minimum and they are treated awful especially middle school teachers. God bless those souls. -Miranda