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Part of me feels mildly upset by this whole thing. Yeah, I think it would be great to build a statue of her or name a school after her, but that doesn't mean we have to take down all these other statues just because it's associated with a not so pretty part of history. You can't just erase history and pretend like it shouldn't be acknowledged, all you can do is learn from it. Also, if you feel robbed because this isn't apart of a Disney movie, imagine how Asian Americans feel being basically excluded from the movement that encourages and empowers PoC??? Like y'all love to pretend that Asians aren't PoC because they're pale, but 1) not all Asians are pale, and 2) they're PoC who have been ignored and oppressed just like any other PoC for decades. I'm not saying I believe in the idea that everyone is still oppressed, but I will say that Asians were oppressed just as much as any other person of color when shit was going down. I used to live a few miles away from one of the spots where a Japanese internment camp was placed, and during our history classes we were forced to realize how Asian Americans are basically non existent in education. I'm just saying, y'all need to get your shit together and start standing up for Asians, Native Americans, and other essentially ignored PoC if you want any credibility... _______________________ #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #ANTIFA #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike
"White people are born into not being human." Sounds an awful lot like what a certain white robed racist hate group would say about black people doesn't it? This woman even called all white people demons near the end of the video, which is another thing I could easily imagine the KKK or other white supremacist hate groups saying about black people. She is a prime example of why people draw parallels between certain elements of the extreme left and the far right. Ashleigh Shackelford is also an outspoken supporter and member of BLM and has praised Antifa in the past. She is disgustingly racist and people and groups like her are no better than those on the other side. While we rightfully condemn and castigate despicable white supremacist groups and the like, we need to do the same with extremists on all sides.
What are your thoughts on transgender women being allowed to compete in sports against other biological women?
Feminist logic: "All women are born lesbians and attraction to men is just a social construct."
Just no πŸ˜‚
So basically, the little girl has no idea what happened, the parents lied to her, and the courts in India denied her any rights to her own body. I'm pro life, for the most part, and I absolutely disagree with this decision. That's a 10 year old child who was raped and now forced to give birth. Pregnancy has permanent effects on a woman's body, permanent hormonal changes, as well as more temporary hormonal changes which cause things like postpartum depression. With adults, sure, limit what they can do with their bodies, but no, this is a child. Don't force a child into giving birth to another child after being raped. I can't imagine the kind of pain and suffering this poor little girl has endured and will endure in the future. This disgusts me. Being pro life is supposed to protect the child, not change and ruin their lives. _______________________ #antifeminism #antifeminist #womenagainstfeminism #meninist #meninism #MRA #MRM #idontneedfeminism #endfeminism #endheforshe #heforshe #equality #equalrights #mensrights #womensrights #yesallwomen #smashthepatriarchy #patriarchy #privilege #checkyourprivilege #ANTIFA #misogyny #WageGap #RapeCulture #feminism #feminist #misandry #FeministsBeLike