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eminem funs like's my comment ,all good,but,its joke or real ? He is amazing real,but im true joke #eminemrare #mirgadee #mirgywaygalaxy
i wanna be a stripper
"nicki minaj i wanna stick my penis in your anus" -Eminem
9 Years sober. We love you marshall
which side do you prefer? - cr: @thefeedofslimshady
all of my favs combined
this isšŸ”„ - cr: @ever.stan
Comment the last Eminem song you listened to.
i swear i hate people who says "i like the old eminem more, hes way better bla bla bla", like bitch be grateful that he's still alive
What are your favorite songs by D12?
I love art šŸŽ‡ā¤ btw happy easter to everyone who'sā€‹ celebrating šŸ‡šŸŒ·
eight mile, backstage
Being rebellious isn't something you do by choice, you're born with it.
'Mosh' or 'White America'? šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø
R.I.P Proof, 02.10.1973 - 11.04.2006. šŸ™ We will never forget you!!
'Mosh' or 'White America'?šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø
the new or the old eminem?
50 Cent or Dre?
coca cola or pepsi? lol
What's your favorite song by BadMeetsEvil?
em with a bitch
comment something unnecessary
lmao šŸ˜‚
Do you prefer left or right?
One of my favorite songs.
'Guts Over Fear' or 'Beautiful Pain'?šŸ’­
What's your favorite Eminem song?
'The Real Slim Shady' or 'Without Me'?
opinions on marilyn manson?
"Forgot about Dre" or "Criminal"? (Credit: @eminem_faan_page)
some things never changešŸ’–
Recovery or MMLP2?
In which country do you live?
What's your favourite song at the moment?
Im an Eminem fan and I also can't really agree with this pic, but it's still doesn't mean to be disrespectful to one of these artists and argue about who is better. I posted it bc I wanted to. I respect/love both AND BOTH ARE RAP GODS
what's your rap name?