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: [THIS VERSE🔥] My music can be slightly amusin' You shouldn't take lyrics so serious, it might be confusin' Just tryin' to separate the truth from entertainment It's stupid, ain't it? I get sick of tryin' to explain it See, I could sit and argue with you, but it goes beyond Just being a snot, pointy-nosed bleach-blond 'Cause I came here to uplift, let your woes be gone Tell 'em to get fucked and just mosey on Constantly movin', constantly usin' The Constitution as a form of restitution Bless the children, nothin' less than brilliant Let me entertain you like Robbie Williams I'll be here when y'all are gone, rebuildin' World revolvin', still evolvin', still Slim How many kids will copy? Prob'ly millions But I'ma do this as a fuckin' hobby till then, 'cause... - ⚡🅂🄾🄽🄶: Stimulate⚡ - #TextShady __________..__________ #EMINEM #SLIMSHADY #MARSHALLMATHERS #EMINEMFANPAGE #EMINEMFAN
Without me.. 🎶 🎹 #marijanPiano
New Eminem account. I have loved Eminem since I was 6 or 7. I'm 16 now. He has helped me through tough times in my life. His music still helps me. I decided to make an account for him. I would really appreciate if you would follow. I want to make this page grow as much as possible. I will make edits also. #Eminem #eminemfan #eminemarmy #eminemfans #eminem4ever #eminemquotes #eminemshow #eminemforlife #Marshall #marshallmathers