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The feeling of gratitude is scientifically shown to reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall well-being. So, it's important to experience gratitude not only around the holidays but whole year around.
This could not be more true for so many of us. We are put through trials and challenges in our life and some are bound to completely change how we view ourselfs and the life we lead. I know sometimes we wish to go back to easier times and different parts of our life but no good comes from constantly looking back. There is only here and now; so live it to the best of you abilities and contiue to work on yourselves. Remember even who are now is bound to change; dont let that scare you; embrace that and make the change for the better. 😊 #change #changeisgood #havenofear #livelifetothefullest #motivateyourself #overcomechallenges #embracelife #livelife #livelifedontjustexist
Today, I'm thankful for being back in our home after a few days with family, and for having Digize, Lemon, and Purification on hand. For one, Purification keeps all kinds of lingering smells away. Digize and Lemon both keep my stomach happy especially after yesterday's yummy feast. I clearly had too much turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry fluff {the best!!!}, and stuffing. I'm a sucker for stuffing...but that fluff? Yeah, my belly and I are in a love-hate relationship at the moment...but not for long.
THANKFUL FOR LIFE, HEALTH, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. #thankful #greatful #blessed #thanksgiving2017 #chapter40 #godisgood #embracelife
When was the last time your did something for the first time? When I read this question for the first time, recognition drew a smile on my face. It seems such a light-hearted question, but there is a nugget of hidden wisdom. I had never looked at it that way, but when I now think back of the times that I felt most happy, those were usually times in which I was doing and experiencing a lot of things for the first time. When was the last time you did something for the first time? This question points us to a crucial life hack, one that can help us live our life to the fullest, bring out the best in us, make us feel more accomplished, fulfilled and happy. Growth is what keeps us alive, and it is life, constantly throwing us new opportunities, that makes us grow. Fear keeps us in our comfort zone, home base for the auto-pilot. Living on auto-pilot in our comfort zone, our life energy is slowly being sapped. When we stay in our comfort zone, we are not doing things for the first time. We are not exploring, investigating, learning anything new. We are not growing. Holding on to false beliefs, we are not doing anything that makes us alive and thrive. The gap between the not-doing and the doing is bridged by just that one step that we have to take to get out of our comfort zone, breaking through our false fears. Read the full article on @elephantjournal. ⬆⬆ Find the link in my bio ⬆⬆.
After 3h of pain
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Uncertainty can be confusing as hell, but this little nugget from @iamthatgirl is a sweet sentiment 👌🏼
FRESH AIR is good for the soul! I needed that after spending the majority of my day yesterday indoors. Nice to know my hard head can still force my body to keep putting one foot in front of the other and get it done. Still can't wait to be back home and lifting though...
Oh yes. This has got me 100% I could not agree more. Create a life you love, with things that you love and people you love. If you don’t like what you do, have or feel. Change it. Be radical. Make self care, daily care. Choose your path, your actions and those in your life for love and the care will come in bounds. Repost @connectepsychology #selfcare #selflove #chooselove #embracelife #create
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Three more classes until 2018. Come join me on the mat. Friday Level 1, 10:45 am; Monday level 2/3 at 5 pm and Tuesday Level 1 7:45 pm. All @risinglotusyoga Play, Practice, cultivate your tool of observation and live in the now. #embracelife #joyisnotoptional #yogaeverydamnday