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I Arose as Shakti. As Truth, As Power, As Strength, As Wisdom, As Light, As Freedom, As Creativity, As Divinity, As Purity, As Silence, As Love, As Peace, As Joy. I am the Embodiment of Magic, The Expression of Femininity. The Dance of Transcendence. Thy Kingdom is for all that seeks, I. I am the Illumination of Darkness, The Innovation of Creation, The Sensuality of Grace, The Warrior of Light, The Slayer of Pretenders, The Voice of Truth, The Protector of the Animals as Nature. The Awakener of Sleepers, The Wisdom of Silence, The Eyes of the Absolute, The Flow of the MahaShakti. I Shutter the Low Vibrational Energies, Into its Original Purity. I Defend the Hearts of Hearts, I am the Evidence that Consciousness is Existent. I am the Stand of Inward Revolution, I am the Goddess of Annihilation, Perservation as Creation. Universally One, I am the Invisible, Shimmering, As the Glow of Light✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #freestyle earthfloweryogis #beagoddess
Instead of calling it a Drug, Call it Plant Medicine. As that is its Real Purpose, It’s Curative Abilities, A Magico Plant, A Consciousness Being. The Truth is, it is also, One with All. A Natural Alliance, A Defender of Diseases, A Preventive Protector, Love as Plant Form, The Healer of the Nation, The Prettiest Flower, Honor, The Food of the Gods🌿 Legalize it, Don’t Criticize it, Legalize it, Yeah, and I will Advertise it” “Just gimme the Light” Jah Rastafari🔥 @damianmarley @bobmarley #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #medicinewoman #maryjane #revolution #ganjababy #damianmarley #cannabisoil
I Stand Fiercely, Expressing, Fearless Love. This Inner Nurture of the Self, Poised as Magic. A Sublime dance, With the Eternal Beloved. I am Transformed, As the Queen of Kings, The Eternal Wings of the Soul. On my Throne, I Observe, The Castle’s Opened Doors, As All can Enter Freely, To Rejoice as Heaven. Within Universal Presence, We become One👑 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #queenofkings #murals #streetart #art
This Vastness of Space, Is what I AM. I entered the Matrix, Oblivious of Truth. I Transcended the Mystery, That made me forget who I was. I Awakened from the Sleep. I Transformed the Black Roses, Into its Original Purity. Now, I am fully Aware of the Movie. The Unfolding is always Unknown, This is what makes it all so Fun. The Actors are seen, The Being is here, The Movie has a Beginning as an End, Yet, The Awareness is the Eternal One. I am the White Tara, The Demolisher of Untruths, The Wisdom of Grace, The Nurturer of Souls, The Heart of Compassion, The Divine Goddess of Enlightenment✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #whitetara
I Spread my Wings, To Fly into Limitlessness. I Reached its Highest Sight, I Took a Bow, In front of the Masters. I Knocked at Heavens Door, To Melt into Nirvana. As the Eternal One, Nothing can stop I. I am the Immeasurable Self🦋 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
I am Ananda, The Goddess of Divine Bliss. In the Mystical Waters of the Stars, I Dance, As Ethereal Presence, As Meticulous Freedom. I am Illuminated, In the Magical Waters of Light. I am the Waves, I am a drop of the Ocean, I am the Entire Ocean, All as One. Radiating Bright, As Diamonds💎 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #medicinedance #medicinewoman
The Absolute Self, Is the Unborn Awareness. Consciousness, Is its Child. A Divine Projection, Of the Absolute Self. It Projects Endless Imaginations, Infinite Fantasies, That are seen as a Dream. The Play, The Maya or The Lila. It Consists of Countless Dimensions. All Dimensions forms vary, has an Experience, as an Expression, holds a Conscious Lesson and Growth, as it helps to Awaken the Soul. The Absolute Self, which is Pure Emptiness, projects itself as Consciousness, which expands, in all Dimensions, as Forms, Experiences, Expressions, Lessons, Growth, as Awakening. It is the One Self, projected Uniquely, within and as the All. Yet, Paradoxically, it is Pure Nothingness. It is the Unmoved, seen as the Movements. It is the Unborn, seen as Born. It is the Unexperienced, seen as Experiences. It is the Untouched, seen as Touched. It is the Unexpressed, seen as Expressions. It is the Perfection, seen as Imperfections. It is the Nothingness, seen as Everything. It is the Silence, seen as Noises. It is the Undivided, seen as Divided. It is the Uniformed, seen as Uniformed. It is the Thoughtless, seen as Thoughts. It is the Formless, seen as Forms. It is the Unpainted, seen as Paint. It is the Nameless, seen as Names. It is the Undead, seen as Dead. It is the Unknown, seen as Known. It is the Limitless, seen as Limited. It is the Eternal, seen as Temporarily. It is the Imageless, seen as Image. It is the Timelessness, seen as Time. It is the Unchanging, seen as Changing. Therefore, it is never really, an individual, identity, neither a person, nor persona. It does not have a real name, race, sex, country, culture, religion, neither roles. In Truth, it can never really, Experience, Express, Heal, Grow, Change, Awaken nor Die. As The Greatest Change of Perspective, Is to Discover this Consistent Truth, At the Highest Sight. From the One True Eye, Of the Absolute Self. That all that is seen, Is a Temporarily Dream, Yet, a Persistent Illusion🎨 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #streetart #beagoddess #urbanyoga #streetartskalo #changeofperspective
Elegance flows, As Soul. Within this Dance, I am Bewildered by Magic. Every Stone, Reveals a Secret. Every Revelation, Is a Celebration. Grace Whispers, Illuminates this Sight. I am Mesmerized, By Exquisite Light💛 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #islandgirl #sunkissed #beagoddess
As LIONESSES, I Roar, Into its Kingdom, As the Ever last, The Ever Pure, Has Risen, As, thy Soul. Burning, The Pollutions, The Delusions, As, The Illusions. I am Life, I am Love, I am Peace, I am Heart, I am Universally One, I am Eternally Free. I am Kali, The Goddess of Fire, I reside in, Jah Kingdom🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #jahkingdom #sunset #beagoddess #kali
Seeing, Life from a different Perspective, Accepting the View as it is, Letting all Unfold as it should, Not in Control of Anything. All is done for, through, and as I. This is the Sight, As the Awareness. I Remain as, the Undivided. Observing the Duality, The Play, As, a Dream. Yet, Spontaneously Moving, As Being. Intuitively Feeling, As Soul, Connected Universally, In Presence, And even, Beyond Oneness, As Pure Nothingness, Call, I, Miss Nobody💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #beagoddess
Through you I am able to channel your love and light on to another soul. Your grace is felt within the silence, the intentions, the movements, the words and the touch. You are within everything and within us all🙏 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis
Within a Dualistic State of Mind, Awaken into A Heart of Oneness. Transcend the Egoic Vanity, The Shallowness, The Delusions, The Illusions, The Self Praises, The Self Admiring, The Self Centered, The Cockiness, The Ego Centric, The Egoism, The Self Obsessed, The Arrogant, The Egotistical, The Immodest, The Conceited, The Pride, As all of these derives from the constipated, as limited Egoic Mind, Turn all, into Limitless Love. As Universal Love, Is Discovering, That I am, the Same in All. One Consciousness, expressed as the Many. I do not need fulfillment, from anything or anyone, to be filled. I do not need Praises, from anybody, to feel as somebody. I do not need to be anyone, than my own Self. I am neither superior, nor inferior than no one. As The Same Light that resides within I, resides within you, As the Same Love that resides within I, resides within you, As we are Created by the Same Divine Creator, We are the Same Light as Love. All that comes out, within my Poetry, As through the Arts, of Dance as Music, Are the Expressions, of Consciousness. I do not write to Anybody, As, I myself is Expressing, Through this Form, not as a Somebody, As in Truth, I am Nobody. As, so, Do not Take I, at all Personally, As, I do Not Take you, at all Personally. As, it is the Soul, within, I, that Expresses, as I. It is the Nameless. As Consciousness, has No Name, as No Form, of itself. It is the Energy of Eternal Love, as Freedom, It’s Universality is Expressed, within as without. As so, I See You, As Consciousness, As Heart. To Awaken One, As, I. We are going Home, As One. We are One🦋 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #beagoddess
I Howl, At the Mystical Moon. As it Dances, It Enlightens my Soul. To Magically Cleanse, As Pure Magic. I am of the Mysterious, As the Moon Goddess🌕 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #pachamama #fullmoon #moonhowl #beagoddess #moongoddess
In Life not many will understand, the choices one has made. Many times, after a short while, we ourselves, will begin to understand these choices. I was someone Very Naive, as I always try to see the Good in people. I forgive and forget easily, I move Forward. I don't stay angry for too long. Yet, a transformation, Occurred, through my own, Inner Awakening as, the Discovery of the Self. The Self, Meaning, who, I was, before any experience, or Ego mind pre-programmings on this, Earthly Plane. But when one Awakens, this does not mean that one has, No more Rights anymore, to say, No, when it is needed. Sometimes, Consciousness itself, Wants to say No ! No more, for Judging, No more, for Abuse, No more, for Suffering, No more, for Jealousy, No more, for Envy, No more, for Evil, No more, for Cunning, No more, for Haters, No more, for Mischiefing, No more, for Hate, No more, for Copy Cats, No more, for Stalkers, No more, for Liars, No more, for Manipulators, No more, for Backstabbers, No more, for Discriminators, No more, for Thief's, No more, for Illusions, No more, for Delusions, No more, for The Dualistic Mind, No more, for the Unconscious. It says, it is time to defeat, all Darkness, To Destroy all Egos, that seems to take, Ones Consciousness, over. It can even be within the form of ones own, Beloved. As Love, is, knowing, That I am Love. When one knows, I am Love, One beams this Light, Effortlessly, in all possible ways, to desperately, help another to Awaken, into Truth. I AM, a Chosen One, for this Work of Consciousness, None, is out to get you, It's only, the same guy, It's Name is, Mr.Ego. A Speaker of Truth, Has no more Friends, As it’s Identity is now Gone, It has Gained Universality. It is the ALL in One and as One. What doesn't kill you, Makes you Stronger, Its a Consciousness Revolution. I AM👁 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #consiousnessrevolution #chosenone #beagoddess
Normality Bores I, Spirit is Outrageous. Formality Dulls I, Heart is Spontaneous. Time Imprison's I, Soul is Timeless. Duality Bounds I, Consciousness is Boundless. Sheep's Mentality Suppresses I, I AM Freedom👽 @bobmarley #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #soulrebel #beagoddess #islandgirl
My Essence is Freedom, The Innocence of a Child, Radiates, I. I See ALL, As Magic. The Sky Illuminates, My Spirit. It Beams, Magic Dust, through, I. As, I Twirl, Into Endless Fairy Tales, My Favorite, One is Yours. I am, a Wild Child, I Imagine Life, FREELY🌵 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #wildchild #sunset #islandgirl #beagoddess
Indulge, Into Relaxation, Embrace the Little things in Life. As, Within the Simplest things, One will Discover Exotic Pleasures. A Warm Soothing Bath, Flowers that Nurtures the Skin, Music that Lifts the Soul, Now, Close Ones Eyes, Feel the Breath Flow through Ones Form, Thank the Universe for its Endless Delights, Rejoice, within the Stillness of Self, As, Rest is a Gift to All, Come Alive, Into Pleasantville, As, The Goddess of Flowers🌼 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #flowerpower #goddessoflowers #beagoddess
I Conquered, All Challenges. I Explored all Paths, I Dropped all the Baggage’s, I Ran into the Ocean, To Drown the One, That were Carrying them. To Rebirth, Into Freedom, As, The Goddess, Of Plant Medicine🌿 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #medicinewoman #ganjasmuggling #wateryoga #beagoddess
Great Spirit, I Surrendered, This Heart to You. My Figure, Is Your Instrument. A Magical Flow, A Mystical Rise. I am the Infinite Expression of your Sounds. The Rhythm of your Bliss. The Capture of your Beauty. The Dance of your Music. The Revelations of your Mystic. The Magic of your Creation. I am Soaked by your Wisdom. I am Touched by your Grace. I am Kissed by your Delight. To Awaken, as You. I am the Awareness, Now, I Unfold, Endless Blessings, Within your Kingdom, As, The Goddess of Light✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #batcave #medicinewoman #beagoddess
I heard the Sirens. Calling I back to the Sea. After a long stay, I am ready to move on. I Combated, The Dark Waters. Magically, Transforming all into Purity. As through the forces of Consciousness. I am as Strong, as I can Be. I am the Healer of the Ocean. A Mermaid of the Sea🧜🏽‍♀️ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthfloweryoga #beagoddess
It is The Rise of Consciousness, The Revolution of Zion. A Change of Perspective, The Elimination of Intimidation’s, The Removal of Ignorance, The Transcendence of Arrogance, Planting the Seeds of Wisdom, Flowering the Plants of Love, Yielding the Fruits of Peace, Connecting the Warriors of Light, Exposing the Sun of God, Fortune Blessings, Upon All that Praises it’s Name, Jehova, The Highest Almighty, Brings Justice, For the Blooming, Earth Flowers🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #consciousnessrevolution #revolution #earthfloweryogis #standup #beagoddess
Electrified, By the Exquisite Light. As, a Wild Child, My Form starts, To Tremble, Infinitely as Divinely. My Spirit Moves, Within the Groove, Of Earths Music. Passionately, I reached the Sky, I am Flowing, On Cloud Nine💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthfloweryoga #nofilter #paradise #allnatural #nightswim #beagoddess
I am Free, As a Bird, and this Bird, Cannot be Changed. Freedom is my Spirit, My Wings is my Drive. I Land to see the Beauty, I am Mesmerized, From the Observant Sight. My Stay is always Temporarily, As, I have the Heart, Of A Rebel, The Soul, Of A Gypsy, The Spirit, Of A Flower Child, The Awareness, Of An Eagle, The Sixth Sense, Of An Owl, The Intuit, Of A Hawk. I AM, The Limitlessness, Of Space. I Remain, Forever Boundless💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthfloweryoga #freeasabird #beagoddess
I am a Goddess Warrior, I fight Silently. My Intuition, Is my Super Power. I Slay the Darkness, With the Light, That Beams through, I. I Seek Justice, For the Underdogs. My Heart, Is my Greatest Weapon. My Love, Flows, I, As Eternal Oneness💛 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthfloweryoga #sunset #beagoddess
Within a Divided World, Awaken into ones Universality. As Duality is the Greatest Mind Illusion, A Temporarily Creation of Consciousness. The Play of Existence, The Lila. As it is the One Light of Consciousness, That is Expanded within All. Its Essence is Oneness. In the True Place of the Self, The Duality is an Inconsistent Reality. It is the Collateral Beauty, Seen through the Eyes of The Artist. As, The Mysterious illuminates the Projection. It is here where Life becomes Fun, As the Awareness, As the Observant, Of its Endless Imaginations. In the Consistency of the Self, Here, No Thing is Judged, Here, No Thing is Insane, Here, No Thing is Mad, In this Space all that is Imagined, is only a Fraction of the Selfs Imagination. As it is and will remain, Unidentified, Unattached, Untouched, Unblemished, Unreleased, Unexplained, Unknown, Unspoken, Unmoved, Uncreated, Wordless, Silence, Still, As, The Absolute Self💚 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthflowerflow #freeflow #mermaid #weareone #beagoddess
As a Wild Flower, I managed to Grow, Through the Concrete Jungle. I Extended my Divines, With Open Grace. I Conquered all Limitations, I Blossomed as the Limitless. My Scent is of Love, My Flow is Outrageous. I Captivate all Eyes, that Sees I, I am the Spirit of the Wildling’s, As A Wild Thing I Fly. Bewildered by Life, I let all Beings Hearts Sing💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #wildflower #wildchild #wildthing #beagoddess
Into the Mystics I Flow, As a Mermaid I Rise. Transformed, Through the Mystical Waters. I Dance for the Purification of the Sea, I Pray for the Conservation of its living Beings. I am the Heart of the Ocean, I am the the Motion of its Love, I am the Sound of its Existence, I am the Light of its Embrace, I am the Colors of its Taste, I am the Joy of its Ecstasy, Shining Bright, For all to See✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #mermaiddance #mermaid #beagoddess
A Dream is what all is, The Dreamer is what I Am. Its Expressions are Limitless. An Endless Space holds it all. I Am Projecting the Dream. I Am the Space that holds the Dream. I Am the Nameless, The Creator of it All. I See Time, yet, I Am Timeless, I Reside Beyond the Illusionary Projection, As Silence✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #californiadreaming
Transitioning, The Known into the Unknown. The Fear into Fearlessness, The Doubt into Doubtless, The Age into Ageless, The Closed Minded into Open Minded, The Cowardliness into Braveness, The Image into Imageless, The Darkness into Light, The Limited into Limitlessness, The Touched into the Untouched, The Face into Faceless, The Impurity into Purity, The Attached into the Unattached, The Person into Presence, The Identification into Un-Identification, The Duality into Universality, The Imprisonment into Eternal Freedom, This is the Golden Age. The Age of Aquarius. To Transform the Constipated Psychological Egoic Mind, into Ones Pure Heart. To Transcend, the Sheep Mentality, the Rat Race Mentality, the Discriminative Mentality, the Poverty Mentality, as the Victim Mentality, which creates, the illusion of Separation on Earth, into the Truth of who we all are, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. By Merging, the I of the identity into, the I of Consciousness, itself. So, the Only I of Truth, is able to Remain🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #beagoddess
A Magnetic Mystic Fire, Flows through her Bright Spirit. She is in Competition with None, As its the Same Light, That Flows within All. We are Eternally One🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #weareone
All stages of Life, In its depths, Brings Enlightenment. I started by Crawling, I Ended up Flying. The in-between Stages, Expanded I, into a Butterfly. The Infinite Colors of the Universe, Will be Seen, Within the Magic of these Eyes🦋 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
As one Awakens, One Transcends, Into a Highly Evolved Being. Life becomes Mystically, ones Spiritual Gifts Amplifies. Ego mind made programmings, are Transcended into Heart. Presence is now ones Truth. Even the Sight of Presence, is seen as a dream. As, the Absolute has taken over the Play. In its Presence, as itself, its Super Powers are ones own. Heightened Psychic Abilities is oneself. Empathetic is what ones Soul is. ClairVoyant is ones Sight. Telepathic Communication is ones new found Language. Revelations are Revealed, within Divine Timing. Life is fully Understood, As One is the Creator of All, The Brahman, As the Absolute Self✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
In the Mystical Groove Of Nirvana, It Welcomes Two Hearts, As Mirrors. Showing their True Colors, As Each Collides into, One Blissful Rainbow🌈 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
Live your Life as You are Always on Vacation, as Life itself is a Vacation. Like a Rollingstone, Flow Into the Complete Unknown. Take the Grandest Leap of Faith, Jump into the Wild, Bewildered by your Wildest Dreams, Set by the Highest and Purest Intentions, In Collaboration with the Universe, Be the Artist of Manifesting, Let the Art of Consciousness be Expressed through you, Explore the Deepest Part of your Soul, Follow the Sun, Dance under the Moon, Know Your True Name, Wear Your Crown, Be The King or Queen, Of Your Universal Castle, Now, Fly🌼 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #likearollingstone
El Camino de Planta Medicina, The Road to Plant Medicine. For the past 3 weeks, I have been wandering with my Lover city of Amsterdam. Sometimes, the City slaps one in the face, other times Sensual kisses are given on ones face. The City of Rock n Rolla, The City of Freedom. Through all the trials, tribulation, as struggles, it was so much Fun, as I remained as Heart, I met the most beautiful beings from across the world. I saw the Oneness in all, I cried, I screamed, I yelled, I laughed, I laughed and I laughed some more, at this Madness of the unfolding called Maya. However, My Lover is sending me out of here, it says it's time for a new Adventure. To Explore new Cities, to Embrace a new Study. I am Traveling to Latino America soon, it's been calling my name. I will Sing with the Forrest, I will Soak up the Sun, I will Cleanse within its Waters, I will Eat Amazing Food, I will Create Art, I will Revisit my previous Spiritual Journey, I will Dance at the Pyramids Sights. I will be Bewildered by its Medicine, I will visit the Indigenous Tribes, I will Express the Art of Consciousness, I am placed in the Fire of Grace, To Transform into a Medicine Woman, Some are born to plant their seeds, others are born to Fly. Mexico, here I come, Que Sige La Fiesta, Tequilla❤️ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #medicinewoman #mexico #beagoddess
Silence is who I Am, This Unlimited Space of Love. Unformed is who I Am, This Infinite Space of Light. Uncreated is who I Am, This Endless Space of Void. Unprojected is who I Am, This Serene Space of Quietness. Unborn is who I Am, This Eternal Space of Self. I Am the Nothingness, Appeared as Something. I Am the Eyeless, Seen as Eye. I AM✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #satchitananda #anandamayima
To the Misfits, The Anonymous, The Strange Ones, The Rebels, The Underdogs, The Game Changers, The Revolutionaries, The Truth Seekers, The Wolves of Consciousness, The Flowers of the Zion. We are the Destruction of Babylon, as The Destroyers of the Illuminati. Many are Called, Few are Chosen✨ While my Guitar gentle weeped🎸 @la_palomera #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #earthflowerflow #jimmorrison #whenyourstrange #peoplearestrange
Love Holds I, Light Shines Across I, As Everything is I. From the Soil, to all the Grasslands. From the Stones, to every Mountain. From the Rivers, to every Sea. From the Waves, to the Oceans. From a Stem, to every Plant. From a Bark, to every Tree. From the Sky, to every Season. From a Seed, to every Flower. From Being, into all Humans. From Spirit, into all Animals. I am all and all is I, As the Universe is also I. I am even Beyond, As the Absolute Self. For knowing this, Nothing will ever, Change my World✨ Now, Hostel lifestyle connects the Art in Us, Spontaneously my Guitar gentle weeped, yet again, With Le French Boy🎸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #thebeatles
Like a Rolling Stone, I Dwelled into my Heart. Observing the Clowns as the Jokesters, As they were Caught, In the Middle of their own Masquerades. Yet, I Remained As Light. My Being is a Guitar, It Expresses the Sounds of Nirvana. Blissfully Radiating, Universal Love, Onto the Earth💚 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #amsterdamdanceevent
We are A Star of Consciousness, Life is our Magical Playground. We are the Expression of Music, Flowing to the Beat of our Hearts, As, the Rockstars, Just Play🖤🎼🎧 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #ade2017 #amsterdamdanceevent #fridakahlo #mybestie
Stop, And Smell, The Wild Flowers, Let your Fascinations, Run Wild🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #flowerpower #wildflowers
Embrace the Concrete Jungle, Turn the City into your Lover, Let it Flow your Vibe, Let Spontaneity Move your Heart Beat, Let your Intuition be your Spirit Guide, It Knows you Best, Enjoy Life, As You are Life, As, even Beyond Life. As for I, Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #urbanyoga #earthfloweryogis #fearandloathinginamsterdam
Love me Endless Times, Set my Soul on Fire. Caress me Infinite Times, Set my Body in Motion. Kiss me Eternally, Become One with Me, We are a Powerful One🔥 Finally my Guitar gently weeped, with this lovely soul brother from Argentina 🎸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #jimmorrison #wanderers
Like a Leopard, I Hunted, My Nemesis. I Defeated, Its Malicious Intentions. Trading its Con Act, For Authenticity. It was the Downfall, Of False Masquerades. Crushing the Pretenders, Like a Domino Effect. Now, The Faceless, Can be Seen🐆 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
As we Kiss, We Slip into, A State of Blissful Oblivion. Within this Magical Space, The Dream of Heaven as Hell, Vanishes, into Complete Emptiness. As, We Transcends, into I. This Pure Void Embraces the Limitless, That Remains, As The Universe✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #mystical #magic #jimmorisson
As I have Freed Myself, From the Imaginary Prison, Of an Illusionary Identity. I was able To Free my Predecessor, Out of its Illusionary Cage. Two Identities are Burned into Flames, Within, the Eternal Flame of Love. The Dragons Transcended their Play, Now, they Rise, As the Absolute Self🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #janisjoplin
I am on Fire, The Illusionary Dream, Has been Burned, Into Flame. The Alchemist, Has Transcend the Play. Yet, I as the Awareness, Can See, That beyond the Lila, I Remain the Same🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis
Leave her Here, Stranded. Where She and Frida, Discover the Lovers. That Sees the Magic, In their Eyes👽 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #fridakahlo #mybestie
My form is Lit on Fire, Melting all Illusions away. All was a Dream. I am Awakened, Into my Highest Seeing. Through the Eye of the Self, I Discovered, That I was never a Form, I am Pure Emptiness, Observing I, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #slowdancinginaburningroom
Music, Flown through Heart, It Hits, Yet, no Pain is Felt. Only High Vibrational Vibes, That Makes, The Soul Move, In Limitless Ways💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #jicuridrum
Howl, Under the Moonlight, Transcend into its Glory, Dwell into its Bliss, Purify into its Wisdom, Dance into its Fieriness. Magnify your Light, Let it Ignite, Your Passions🌕 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #fullmoon
Earths, Simplest Treasure, Are Seen through, The Mystical Eyes, Of the Mystic. These Beings, Are the Love, Of Consciousness🍂🍄 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #mushrooms #plantmedicine #medicinewoman #naturelovers
As we Let go, The Decay, Rebirths. As we Release, The Old Transforms, Into the New. As we Surrender, The Human Transcends, Into Being🍂 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #mystical
It is the Love of the Mysterious, The Love of the King and the Queen, The Love of Romeo and Juliet, The Love of Tristan and Isolde, The Love of Khaleese and Jon Snow, The Love of Isis and Osiris. It is the Mystical Love, A Love that Unfolds Magically as Magic, It is the Love of the Courageous, A Love that me and you becomes One, A Love Expressed through the the Soul, A Love Transcended through the Heart, A Love that is Eternal, A Love that is Free, A Love that is Kind, A Love that is True, A Love of Consciousness, Crazy, Wild, Sexy, Love, The Sweetest Escape, A Love of Soulmates🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #mystical #mysticism #magic
Free Styling, Is Her Rhyme. As Lightening, She Shines. Tantalizing, Your Eyes. While Deep Gazing, An Exquisite Sight. Entrancing, Your Heart, Into Universal Love🌺 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #medicinewoman
La Revolucion, Me Llama. Que la destruccion, De las polluciones de Tierra, Es una llamada Directa, Para solamente, Unos Escogidos👽 Revolution, Calls I. As the Destruction, Of Earthly Pollutions, Is a Direct Calling for, Only A Chosen Few👽 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #chosenone #consciousnessrevolution #consciousrevolution #revolution
A Romantic Dance, Embraced within, A Scent of a Flower. The Dots shows its Vulnerability, The Purity displays its Delicacy, It Tastes as Heaven, It Portrays Beauty, That can Only be Seen, Through the Eyes, Of A Beautician🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #flowerpower