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Stop, And Smell, The Wild Flowers, Let your Fascinations, Run Wild🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #flowerpower #wildflowers
Embrace the Concrete Jungle, Turn the City into your Lover, Let it Flow your Vibe, Let Spontaneity Move your Heart Beat, Let your Intuition be your Spirit Guide, It Knows you Best, Enjoy Life, As You are Life, As, even Beyond Life. As for I, Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #fearandloathinginamsterdam
Love me Endless Times, Set my Soul on Fire. Caress me Infinite Times, Set my Body in Motion. Kiss me Eternally, Become One with Me, We are Powerful One🔥 Finally my Guitar gently weeped🎸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #jimmorrison #wanderers #wanderlusttribe #nomads
Like a Leopard, I Hunted, My Nemesis. I Defeated, Its Malicious Intentions. Trading its Con Act, For Authenticity. It was the Downfall, Of False Masquerades, Crushing the Pretenders. Now, The Faceless, Can be Seen🐆 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
As we Kiss, We Slip into, A State of Blissful Oblivion. Within this Magical Space, The Dream of Heaven as Hell, Vanishes, into Complete Emptiness. As, We Transcends, into I. This Pure Void Embraces the Limitless, That Remains, As The Universe✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #mystical #magic #jimmorisson
As I have Freed Myself, From the Imaginary Prison, Of an Illusionary Identity. I was able To Free my Predecessor, Out of its Illusionary Cage. Two Identities are Burned into Flames, Within, the Eternal Flame of Love. The Dragons Transcended their Play, Now, they Rise, As the Absolute Self🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis
I am on Fire, The Illusionary Dream, Has been Burned, Into Flame. The Alchemist, Has Transcend the Play. Yet, I as the Awareness, Can See, That beyond the Lila, I Remain the Same🔥 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis
Leave her Here, Stranded. Where She and Frida, Discover the Lovers. That Sees the Magic, In their Eyes👽 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #fridakahlo #mybestie
My form is Lit on Fire, Melting all Illusions away. All was a Dream. I am Awakened, Into my Highest Seeing. Through the Eye of the Self, I Discovered, That I was never a Form, I am Pure Emptiness, Observing I, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #slowdancinginaburningroom
Music, Flown through Heart, It Hits, Yet, no Pain is Felt. Only High Vibrational Vibes, That Makes, The Soul Move, In Limitless Ways💙 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #jicuridrum
Howl, Under the Moonlight, Transcend into its Glory, Dwell into its Bliss, Purify into its Wisdom, Dance into its Fieriness. Magnify your Light, Let it Ignite, Your Passions🌕 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #fullmoon
Earths, Simplest Treasure, Are Seen through, The Mystical Eyes, Of the Mystic. These Beings, Are the Love, Of Consciousness🍂🍄 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #mushrooms #plantmedicine #medicinewoman #naturelovers
As we Let go, The Decay, Rebirths. As we Release, The Old Transforms, Into the New. As we Surrender, The Human Transcends, Into Being🍂 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #mystical
It is the Love of the Mysterious, The Love of the King and the Queen, The Love of Romeo and Juliet, The Love of Tristan and Isolde, The Love of Khaleese and Jon Snow, The Love of Isis and Osiris. It is the Mystical Love, A Love that Unfolds Magically as Magic, It is the Love of the Courageous, A Love that me and you becomes One, A Love Expressed through the the Soul, A Love Transcended through the Heart, A Love that is Eternal, A Love that is Free, A Love that is Kind, A Love that is True, A Love of Consciousness, Crazy, Wild, Sexy, Love, The Sweetest Escape, A Love of Soulmates🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis #mystical #mysticism #magic
Free Styling, Is Her Rhyme. As Lightening, She Shines. Tantalizing, Your Eyes. While Deep Gazing, An Exquisite Sight. Entrancing, Your Heart, Into Universal Love🌺 #elaineprincepoetry #earthflowerflow #earthfloweryogis #medicinewoman
Revolution, Calls I. As the Destruction, Of Earthly Pollutions, Is a Direct Calling for, Only A Chosen Few👽 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #chosenone
A Romantic Dance, Embraced within, A Scent of a Flower. The Dots shows its Vulnerability, The Purity displays its Delicacy, It Taste as Heaven, It Portrays Beauty, That can Only be Seen, Through the Eyes, Of A Beautician🌸 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis #flowerpower
As a Goddess, I Rise. Into the Winds, I Fly. Victoriously, I Stand. As a Lioness, In its Kingdom. My Eternal Life, Makes I Thrive. I am Kind, As a Heart of Light✨ #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryogis
I am, An Artist of Consciousness, A Muse of the Universe, I am not here to satisfy Egoic Needs, I am not here as an Identity, Only as a Divine Expression of Consciousness. I do not take anything Personal, As, I flow within the Impersonal. Awaken, Boundless, Fearless, Free, And, Universal. I am Art in Motion🎨 #elaineprincepoetry #earthfloweryoga #earthfloweryogis