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@ehmkaynails is wearing @stellachroma Sight for Soar Eyes, inspired by πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…. Head to @ehmkaynails for the entire collection and a discount code! #ehmkaynails #stellachroma
@alteregobodycareproducts Mystery Shopper is a green microglitter with blue metallic shard glitter! This is an exclusive Black Friday polish available only for 4 days. Details on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #alterego. I have it matte here!
I love this mani so much! @ehmkaynails created Woodland Creatures nail art inspired by stickers she grabbed at @target. All the polishes are from @girlybitscosmetics! The new Autumn Cremes were PERFECT for this look! All the details on @ehmkaynails. #ehmkaynails #girlybits #target
@alteregobodycareproducts Mystery Shopper is a special polish available Black Friday to cyber Monday! Head to my blog for details on this exclusive polish and how you can get 20% off! #ehmkaynails #alterego
@bigtranchsoapandcandles Paris Nights is a sultry mix of colors! I love how you can build up your desired density! More photos @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #bigtranch
@bigtranchsoapandcandles When in Rome is a purple, blue, pink base with shifts of orange and gold! More photos on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #bigtranch
@zoyanailpolish is celebrating Black Friday in a BIG way!! 50% off and FREE shipping for your entire order! Get that wish list and budget ready! What are you going to grab?!? #ehmkaynails #zoyanailpolish #everydayzoya #blackfriday #thanksgiving
You definitely want to head over to my blog to check out the rainbow multichrome goodness that is the new @bigtranchsoapandcandles Winter Collection! These toppers shift all the colors! #ehmkaynails #bigtranch
Today is my parent's 37th wedding anniversary! Wow!! I looked it up and Alabaster is the traditional gift so I used @stellachroma Deer Abby and @bornprettystore water slide decals for this look! Details on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #bornprettystore #stellachroma #anniversary
#Repost @ehmkaynails ・・・ @stellachroma Sight for Soar Eyes is inspired by πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…. Doesn't the brown match perfectly?! Head to @ehmkaynails for the entire collection and a discount code! #ehmkaynails #stellachroma
@Regranned from @ehmkaynails - Nail Polish Gadgets?! YES. @thetweexy is a wearable nail polish holder that's perfect for when you're traveling, doing your nails in a car or standing up, and more. Check out my full review on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #tweexy
@stellachroma Ugly Peacock is the polish for the not so cute πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒThis polish is far from ugly! The brown-based green has a multichrome shift (SWIPE) and gorgeous shimmery flakes. More on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #stellachroma
@stellachroma Into the Woods late fall collection is a beautiful transitional collection before winter! Inspired by the animals around her home, this four piece collection is gorgeous! Head to my blog for all the details! #ehmkaynails #stellachroma
I have the Fall 2017 @pusheenbox on my blog today! Check out my hits and misses! SWIPE for the contents and head to @ehmkaynails for the full review! #ehmkaynails #pusheenbox #pusheen
#Repost @ehmkaynails ( @get_repost) ・・・ It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Snoopy is hanging out on top of the great pumpkin for Halloween and I can't get enough of this! I used @zoyanailpolish for this mani. Details on @ehmkaynails! #ehmkaynails #ehmkaynailshalloweenchallenge
These @bornprettystore floral decals may scream spring but I've turned them autumnal! Head to my blog for all the details on these decals and how to use them if you have wider nails. Use PDX31 for 10% off BP purchases! #ehmkaynails #bornprettystore
@ehmkaynails is wearing one of @girlybitscosmetics November CoTM shades. Crab-bury the Hatchet is a cranberry holo with red shimmer and red flakes. #ehmkaynails #girlybits
@girlybitscosmetics Turducken is the other color for the November CoTM! This warm bronze has a surprising purple shift! Swipe for the surprise! Available only during November! #ehmkaynails #girlybits
Just a few more hours to grab this awesome emulsified sugar scrub from @stellachroma! I Drink and I Know Things is a custom wine scented scrub based on The Game of Thrones! This is available exclusively through @polishpickup! #ehmkaynails #stellachroma #polishpickup