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Loving the new look of our Shea Butter duo!!!! I keep a set near the kitchen sink and in each washroom at our house. My hands have been eczema free for 2 years thanks to these products!🌿🌿🌿
As a passionate skin therapist, I have seen numerous client's suffer with eczema. It's itchy, dry, red and one in three New Zealanders are affected at some stage in their life. Therefore, I thought this year I would dedicate some of my time to researching this condition for 'National Eczema Week' for my clients. My final recommendation to relieve eczema symptoms is: Eczema has a strong correlation to gut health. Leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability) can be helped by a good source of Omegas 3 & 6, to improve the balance of essential fatty acids protecting the lining of the intestinal tract. By tightening the pores of the gastrointestinal tract, these essential fatty acids prevent toxins, pathogens and partially digested food particles from getting into the bloodstream and overwhelming the immune system. Cod liver oil is known for its high content of omega 3s, having anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve certain symptoms of eczema to prevent dry, flaky and inflamed skin. Flax Seed Oil is also particularly helpful in decreasing inflammation in the skin due it its high content of alpha-linolenic acid (an omega 3 fatty acid found in plants) . . . . . #hawkesbay #beautytherapy #beautytherapist #labellevousbeautytherapy #homebasedsalon #supportlocal #buylocalfirst #supportsmallbusiness #eczemarelief #flaxseedoil #omega6 #omega3 #omegas #eczema #essentialfattyacids
. . Kelebihan Elysian Booster Serum 1- Mencerahkan kulit gelap dan kusam 2- Menghilangkan masalah kulit kering dan berminyak 3- Menjadikan kulit lembap dan anjal 4- Mengurangkan jeragat/ Melasma 5- Menghilangkan masalah kulit tak sekata 6- Menghilangkan semua jenis jerawat( jerawat nanah,jerawat pasir) 7- Menghilangkan semua jenis parut (parut jerawat berkesan untuk dihilangkan) 8- Mengurangkan eye bag bawah mata 9- Menghilangkan oil seed/ kolestrol bawah mata. 10- Menghilangkan garis halus bawah mata,muka,kulit kendur. 11- Mengurangkan blackhead, whitehead (pakai secara konsisten untuk hilangkan terus) 12- Mengecilkan liang roma/pori2 terbuka 13- Eczema,ruam,nappy rash (baby) 14- Kulit sensitif 15- Kawah/lubang pada muka . ================= Info Booster Serum ================= ✔ pembuatan dengan teknologi nano Germany ✔ mendapat pengiktirafan HALAL ✔ mempunyai kelulusan KKM NOT150902912K ✔ sesuai untuk bayi/ibu mengandung ✔ Produk dari bahan semulajadi . 15ml tahan 2-3 bulan hanya Rm85 jer
. . PRODUK PERTAMA DI MALAYSIA YANG MENDAPAT PENGIKTIRAFAN DARI SWITZERLAND. Obersea sangat kan? Yang penting dengan harga yang mampu milik. 👍 . Semua produk Elysian Beauty mendapat pengiktirafan dari institusi RAHN yang berpusat di SWITZERLAND kerana menggunakan bahan bahan berkualiti tinggi,selamat dan premium yang diimport dari Switzerland. . Produk produk Elysian juga mendapat kelulusan dari KKM, terbukti selamat digunakan. Tidak mengandungi bahan bahan kimia berbahaya seperti mercury atau hydroquinon. . Jangan ragu ragu lagi untuk cepat cepat gunakan produk Elysian Beauty tau. Dah ramai yang kulit berubah 360 darjah dengan penggunaan yang konsisten. . Yang dah guna ofcos takkan cari lain. Ada yang menyesal kenapa tak kenal Elysian dari dulu lagi. Memang tercari cari sangat produk natural dengan harga macam ni. . Produk laris dan laku keras tau. Dah mengumpul ratusan feedback positif dari pengguna dalam masa dua bulan.
3 days into my customers use of Soothe and already seeing results!! Doesn't get better than that !! #rosacea #sensitiveskin #eczema #eczemarelief #bestskincare #clearskin #lovemyskin
👋🏻goodbye acne and any other skin condition you might be suffering from 👌🏻 #amazingresults #acnetreatment #eczemarelief #psoriasissucks #feelamazing #yesitworks #bossbabe #purehydration #healnaturally
Makkk..aiiiii memang tak senang duduk bila ekzema menyerang. Sedap yakmat menggaruuu. Sedar2 berdarah melecet. . Balm 😍💯natural organik mengandungi 🌹minyak zaitun 🍀lilin lebah 🍂aloe vera 🌿minyak biji bunga matahari ❎steroid ❎bahan kimia merbahaya 💆melembabkan kulit sepanjang masa . RM35 W.a: 0196457366
You really don't have to deal with dark spots! Grab one of these Aloe Vera based facial cleansers at www.sorefreshed.com and use it twice per day and watch those blemishes fade away! #skintransformation 👱🏽‍♀️
Apa lagi yang membahagiakan mak-mak selain lihat perubahan eczema anaknya makin baik? 😍 Face oil boleh digunakan untuk semua. #essentialoil #essentialoilmurah #essentialoilmalaysia #maryjardin #maryjardinian #maryjardinkedah #maryjardinagent #maryjardinlover #maryjardintestimoni #maryjardinfeedback #eczemababy #eczemarelief
Next level hydration with a dry touch finish. Daily Restore Hydrating Lotion will become your new go-to treatment for everyday skin health. #SkinClinical
Have you considered that the oil from raspberry seeds might be a great additive to your regular skin treatment regime? Here is a list of its benefits: • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines • Clear up your skin • Has a strong antioxidant content, sun-damage protection • Plenty of carotenoids to aid in healing • Brilliant source of vitamin E • Keeps your skin moist • Has anti-inflammatory properties Have you tried this oil before? How do you use it?
Been doing a lot of gluten-free baking in the #TPMkitchen lately. Will share with you soon the different kinds of #glutenfree flours I use which won't burn a hole in your wallet. AND a recipe share for the greatest tasting gluten free Choco cupcake.
Treat your skin and hair to Tahur Essentials. Click the link in our bio to order today! #TahurEssentials #plantpure
The journey to finding and eliminating your eczema triggers can be a long (and painful!) one so if this is currently you, our Colloidal Oat Soak will be your new best friend. Add 2 tablespoons to your bath for relief from dry itchy skin.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #frankieapothecary #family #nature #naturelover #natureaddict #nz #nzfamily #buynzmade #sensitiveskin #eczema #eczemalife #eczemarelief #kawakawa #nativebush #skincare #dryskin #naturalskincare
It’s the little things in life that matter most ✨ Thanks @daniegalindo for the beautiful pic.
"When your 2 year old who has no idea behind the meaning of what she's wearing asks for them on for relief, you know they are bring relief" ~ Katelyn Don't forget too we now have FREE SHIPPING automatically on orders over $100+ storewide at www.bamboobubby.com.au