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💥Breakfast Edition💥 - Here is a breakfast that I made this morning consisting of eggs, sweet potato/cauliflower mix, bread, and milk. - The sweet potato/cauliflower mix is actually very low in calories (100 for 2 cups), and I usually recommend it to my weight loss clients on my other page, but I wanted to share this with you. - Eating the same foods over and over can be tough, and lately I have been feeling that way with eggs. 6 days out of the week I more than likely am having 4 - 5 scrambled eggs. I pair it with a glass of milk and know I am getting around 50grams of protein or more. - To try and keep things interesting, add in other items you normally don’t eat to add some new flavor or textures. Combining the cauliflower/sweet potato with the eggs reminded me of a hash and livened up the eggs. So although that part of the meal was low in calories, I still got some great nutrients from the vegetables, and turned a normal meal into a unique one that I enjoyed.
Quien dice q los flaquitos no podemos meterle peso a esta wea?!!!! 170kg XD ectomorfo que se respeta Jajajajajaja #diadepierna #vamoscontodo #nopainnogain #ectomorphs #santiagofitt #gymlifestyle #fitnesslifestile #fitnesmotivation #entrenadorpersonal #personaltrainer
💥Meal Prep Tips💥 - Pictured is a typical meal prep I do for 3 -4 days, depending on how much I cook. Here is my mindset when I prepare the food. - 1.First I pick 2 - 3 different proteins I want for the week. I like to mix it up so I am not eating the same thing week in and week out. Usually I go with chicken and ground turkey but mix in ground beef, steak, and fish. Find what works for you and that you enjoy. - 2.I used to sauté vegetables each week but that got old fast. Nowadays, I just make it easy on myself and get 2 different types of frozen vegetables that can be microwaved. 5 minutes and boom, got your veggies. - 3.For carbs, it is similar to my proteins where I mix in 2 -3 different ones to keep it interesting. This one included white rice, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes. And pasta but I’ll get to that next. - 4.Easy, high calorie meals. I like to have a meal ready that I know can get me a lot of calories fairly easily so if I am behind for the day, I can just microwave it and know I have a good amount of calories coming my way without thinking. Usually my go to is spaghetti with meat sauce, as is pictured here. You can’t really go wrong with pasta, am I right?!
Over the last few days iv had to tell myself to listen to my body rather then Manning up. 😟😟😟 Its not allways about go hard or go home. Sometimes its about being honest with your body and listening to what its tells you. 🤔🤔🤔 So happy lifting to all others. but i need to take a few days away get back fighting fit and ill come back stronger then ever. mentally and physically. 🙄🙄🙄 @ryanjjlifts ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ • • • • • • • • • #takemebacktuesday #restday #listentoyourbody #sickdays #restdays #maldives #kuramathi #arty #sunset #indianocean #illbeback #f4follow #peacful #sea #seaview #prosecco #champagne #gymlife #relax #ectomorphs #grind #pic #picoftheday #picoftheweek #beautiful #mebeingarty
💪🏽💪🏽 ROTATOR CUFF STRETCH & STRENGTHEN 💪🏽💪🏽 🎶 Song: "Marcy Me (instrumental)" by Jay Z🎵 . Shoulder health is very important when working out since the shoulders are involved in all upper body movements. That is why the rotator cuff can easily get injured while exercising in the gym. This is a routine I added to my daily stretch and soft tissue work. This is something that is great to help avoid minor injuries and improve shoulder health. . (PS: Shoulders are very important for basketball players as well) . ------------------------------------ . ROUTINE: . 🔹 Foam Rolling the Lats 🔹 Foam Rolling the Upper Pecs 🔹 Shoulder V Stretch (against a wall) 2-3 x 6-10 🔹 External Rotation Stretch 🔹 External Rotation Strengthen (with resistant bands) 2-3 x 10-20 . . Don't forget to hit the "SAVED" button if you want to use this on your next workout 😉 . #coachedbysean
💥Best Hamstring Exercise💥 - If you’re looking to maximize the stress on your hamstrings during leg days, take a look at this study. - A group of men were monitored doing single leg repetitions at 85% max effort on 4 different hamstring exercises, the leg curl, good mornings, glute-ham raises, and RDL’s (Romanian Deadlift). The study showed that hamstring activity was maximized during the RDL and glute ham raises. Although all 4 of these are great leg exercises, focusing on the RDL and glute ham raises will get you the best bang for your buck. - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24149748 - picture credit - workoutlabs.com
160 кг на 1 раз . Мой вес 75 кг , силушка растёт , а так же и все другие показатели ! #легкаяатлетика #спринт #бег #качалка #спортзал #сила #силовые #база #присед #ноги #эктоморф #мотивация #fitness #sportlife #gym #motivation #ectomorphs #run
💥Hanging Leg Raise Variations💥 - Here are three different hanging leg variations to target your core, starting from the easiest to hardest. If you struggle with these, you can always use a dip machine and have your back supported. - The main issue I see when people perform these is that they rock their whole body to raise their legs up. This is ineffective, takes away the effort on your core, and can cause back pain. - Besides being a great core exercise, it is also great for building grip strength for certain exercises (deadlifts). - Use the variation that you can do 10-12 of and hit it for 3 rounds.
Some people think it's weird to enjoy flexing muscle💪🔥. well I also enjoy peeing in the shower💦. so Which one is worse.😂👅 (My baby biceps though😛 ) . . . . . . . . #becomfortablewithyourskin #teenaesthetics #teenaesthetic #ectomorphs #hardgainer #jonskywalker
💥Protein Sources💥 - What are your favorite protein sources? Comment below and let me know. - When it comes to consuming proteins, it doesn’t always have to be just meats that you are consuming. There are many dairy and vegetarian options that are high in proteins, some of which are included in the list. - Find what mix of proteins work best for you and stick to them. If you see a meal plan saying you need to eat chicken breast 4 times a day to gain weight,
💥Protein Portions💥 - I wanted to post this picture to piggyback on my last post. If you make meals with a significant other, make sure to have your portions reflect your goals. This is a picture of a dinner plate for my girlfriend and myself. - If you are trying to gain weight, there is no reason you should be eating the same amount as someone who is trying to lose or maintain their weight. Doubling up the protein is an easy way to add more calories into the mix. - Remember, two palm sized portions of protein, if you don’t want to count your calories, should get you to your daily protein mark.
💥Hand Portion Guide💥 - If you don’t want to calorie count day in and day out, a great substitute would be to use your hand as a guide for how much proteins, carbs, and fats you should be getting. - The first macronutrient I will break down will be protein. When using your hand as a guide, shoot for two palm sized portions of protein at each meal. Everyone has a different sized palm and certain foods have different protein amounts, but using this method as each meal will work out to be approximately 40-60 grams of protein. - If you do this for three meals, you will be getting between 120-180 grams of protein, which should hit your daily target. If you need more for the day, add a protein shake to add an extra 25 grams of protein. - If you prefer to eat smaller meals (4-6) throughout the day, I would recommend sticking to one palm instead of two. - On a side note, please ignore the calluses on my hands 🤚🏻
💥Try This - Plank Dumbbell Drag💥 - Upgrade your plank by adding this dumbbell drag. Start by having a light dumbbell on one side and reach with your other hand underneath and bring it to the other side of your body. - The goal 🥅 of this exercise is to not rotate your torso inwards to grab the dumbbell. Instead, you are stretching your obliques and lats to bring the dumbbell over instead of your torso. - Another cue is to keep your hands under your shoulders throughout the whole exercise. You can see that I fix my hand placement after my second drag. - I like to do 3 rounds of these with 20 total drags (10 each side).
💥Calorie consumption 💥 - By the end of each day, your total food consumption will put you under one of three categories: in a caloric deficit, eating at your maintenance level, or in a caloric surplus. - If you think you are eating a lot daily but not seeing your weight go up, odds are you are in a caloric deficit or eating at maintenance. - In order to gain weight you HAVE to be eating in a calorie surplus. Does that mean you should be eating 6000 calories a day of junk? 🍫🍪. - To each his own but that big of a caloric surplus will end up being fat gain. Instead, be in a small calorie surplus daily and pair it with a strength training program to see muscle gain. Between those two things, you are sure to see results! 💪🏻 - How many calories should you be eating daily? How much of a surplus should you have? I break it all down in video and text format for members at hardgainerarmy.com Finding your calorie numbers and working out with the plans available, you will see change that you didn’t know your body type was capable of. -
160kg en sentadilla profunda.. Ctm q me costo jajajajajaja 8*170 es la meta de aquí a fin de año.. Vamos mierda!!!! #fitnesslifestile #santiagofitt #gymlifestyle #fitnesmotivation #ectomorphs #ectomorfo #diadepierna #nopainnogain #vamoscontodo #siempreadelante #squatlife #personaltrainer #entrenadorpersonal