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I got a little distracted today when I was blow drying my hair. #skillsthebarber #sacramento #dyson #dysonhairdryer
Style Your Selfie! Stop by and see what new for Beauty!! Did we mention?!, there is also a gift when you spend $125! In Beauty! #nars #charlottetilbury #dysonhairdryer #glopro
每年都要安太座保持皇宮內的和諧 #dyson #dysonhairdryer #dysonsupersonic #一年一度千萬不能忘
Hello Dyson🌸 #dysonhairdryer #dyson #dysonhair
3.5 reasons why the new #dysonpurple should be on your wish list & gym bag! . LIGHT WEIGHT - Great for post arm day (who else can relate the struggle is real when it comes to holding the hair dryer up after a great shoulder workout?) 💪🏼 . . THERMISTOR GUARDS - Keeps your hair protected from heat damage and no extra heat post workout (you know - when your body is still cooling down and you blast the hair dryer, making you sweat even more 💦) . . FAST DRYING - Getting your hair dried in less time, create waves or tame that freeze! You all know I'm all about that efficiency! (so you have enough time for post workout brekkie/ protein shakes) . . Because, ITS PURPLE! This is the 0.5 reason. Come on - pretty colours is important too 😝 . . This bad boy is currently retailing for $499 but I've extremely limited 25% off (almost $125!) full price discount codes. If you're interested, send me a DM or email and I will shoot them over to you! X . #gymbagheroes #dysoncollab #gymbeautybag #dysonhair