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you thought it wasn't going to happen but it is ... WET DREAMS is back and better with a safer Venued!!!!!!!!! Lavish Gang Presents 💦Wet Dreams💦 AUGUST 26, 2017 The ultimate holi-paint party 👙Bikini and gyal song Edition👙💃🏼 Venue: 39 Manningshill rd Kingston 8 YGR sports bar & complex Sound:🔊007 🎤 ATTRACTION Holi Powder 🤹‍♀ Water gun 🔫 Water Trucks🚚 Paint 🎨🎨 Hookah🚬 Dry Area👗 👚 Mixologist🍻 Admission: General Prerson $500 Gate $700 VIP $2000 VIP includes cocktail of your choice for the whole Night🍸🍹🍷🥂 Get your tickets now!! VIP tickets are limited get them now. #wetdreamsparty #lxvish #pplwahwata #gyalsongedition #lavishgang #dynamic follow @wet_dreams_fantasy for more info No weapons allowed. must be 18 are older to drink. drink responsible
#INFOTERBARU!! #perubahan BENTUK & JADWAL acara !!! Anniversary 5th GREAT EVOLUTION present !!! "EUPHORIA HIP HOP MEDAN 2017" @cafe joker mmtc pancing Minggu 24 september 2017 #RAPCOMPETITIONPERFORMANCE !!! REGISTRASI : 75k - crew (max 2 orang free masuk ) JUARA UMUM - Juara 1 RAPCOMPETITION ( Uang tunai - Trophy - Sertifikat ) - Juara 2 RAPCOMPETITION ( Uang tunai - Trophy - Sertifikat ) - Juara 3 RAPCOMPETITION ( Uang tunai - Trophy - Sertifikat ) HARAPAN -Juara HARAPAN 1 RAPCOMPETITION ( Trophy - Sertifikat ) -Juara HARAPAN 2 RAPCOMPETITION ( Trophy - Sertifikat ) -Juara HARAPAN 3 RAPCOMPETITION ( Trophy - Sertifikat ) JUDGES : - UCOK MUNTHE Special performance : - 300k ( free 5 orang / logo / durasi 10 menit ) -WINGS AQUILA -STAGE VOICE -HHTOC -TINIFLA -CASPER -MERGE CLAN -STRIVE RAP -TNI -MEDAN CLUSTER -FANTASTIC -PARALEL -CONCE -TKM -BLOKADE -HUMBLE PEOPLE -MEDAN HIPHOP KINGDOM GUEST STAR : -UCOK MUNTHE -JAYPEY -DYNAMIC CLAN -LOWDSPEAKER -SUICIDE SQUAD -GREAT EVOLUTION Tiket (presale) 20 k OTS - Media Partner : - #Beritahiphopmedan - #HUMBLESTUDIORECORD Follow us on : INSTAGRAM - @greatevolution_ FANSPAGE - GREAT EVOLUTION Registrasi - @bestcamp MHK / GREATEVOLUTION station , Jl.Gurila No.5 Medan ... ID-LINE - theochristiann #ANNIVERSARY #GREATEVOLUTION #MHK #DYNAMIC #MPSQUAD #27AGUSTUS2017 #HIPHOP #MEDAN #RESPECT #SUPPORT #LOCAL #TALENT #BIGTHANKZ
How Do You Warm Yourself Up Before Sports? 🔥 Or Do You Even.. . #Repost @dr.surdykapt ・・・ Post 128: Active (Cycling) VS Passive (Foam Rolling) Warm Up . Which one is better?! . Active. Here are my two reasons why: . 1. Long-term physiological adaptations: foam rolling doesn’t permanently change the structure of your tissues, improve your cardiovascular health, or help develop neuromuscular coordination (among other things). . 2. Short-term timeline: the effects of both active and passive strategies only temporarily decrease muscle stiffness. However, one or two good, dynamic exercises can sufficiently warm up your entire body quickly. Foam rolling can be time consuming and ineffective if the amount of time between rolling and exercising is too long. . Ultimately, though, warming up is based on preference. The best exercises are the ones you actually perform. There may be an additive effect of foam rolling AND performing active exercises, so if you happen to perform both, make sure to load the tissues shortly after rolling! . Morales-Artacho AJ, Lacourpaille L, Guilhem G. Effects of warm-up on hamstring muscles stiffness: Cycling vs foam rolling. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2017;(December 2016):1-11. doi:10.1111/sms.12832.