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Your Life is Your Kingdom. Work hard for it. Achieve it. Believe it. ☝️👑 Love you all, #QueenRT 😙
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Because sometimes you don't need more ⛰👄🗻 Pic: @baltavigo Love you all #QueenRT
Hey Manifestation Babes!! My name is Sarah Byrd, and I’m a Mindfulness and Spirituality Coach. I help women find their purpose, create an extraordinary life, and master the art of wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation. I am offering a totally free 15-Minute “Find Your Purpose Bootcamp” session to the woman who is ready to do the inner work and completely transform her life. This session is for the woman who feels like she’s done everything “right” in her life - got the degree, the corporate job, the cute apartment - but still feels like something’s missing, like she’s meant for something more. In our laser-focused 15-minute “Find Your Purpose Bootcamp,” we’ll get in touch with the woman you were meant to be. We’ll uncover your passions and identify your core values, then kick it in to high gear to help you create a life of meaning and fulfillment! You’ll walk away having found your passions and knowing how to live your purpose. This is a totally free, no pressure, value giving session! (I will not sell to you during our bootcamp session!) Comment below with a “HECK YES!” if you want in one on of these sessions to connect with your life’s purpose! I only have FOUR spots available, so make sure to grab one! Grab a spot on my calendar here: http://bit.ly/2wsBS0p