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New ukulele cover of #HomemadeDynamite by #Lorde is finally up on YouTube ! (Link in bio) 💕TAG A FRIEND💕 @lordemusic
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Con las ganas - Zahara Ya hacía tiempo que no hacía algo con este instrumento tan mono, así que espero que os guste mucho💙 Y también hace hasta más tiempo que no subo un video a youtube, por lo que la próxima semana voy a volver a subir algo a youtube y me gustaría que la canción la eligieseis vosotros, que al final sois los me dedicais los minutitos a escucharla (y os lo agradezco siempre en el alma❤). Así que si queréis alguna en concreto, que haya hecho o no, dejádmelo aquí abajo en los comentarios o en un mensaje directo y lo intento💛 P.D. Agradecimiento especial a @mariiiina4 por prestarme su bonito ukelele❤ It's been a long since I posted something playing ukelele, so I hope you guys like it 💙. And also, it's been a long since I posted something on youtube, so next week I'll be uploading something and I want you all to choose it. If you want me to sing any special one, feel free to write it here bellow or via DM and I'll try my best💛 #ConLasGanas #Zahara
🏹”Every Time I See You In The World You Always Step To My Girl”🏹 Step by @arze (Vampire Weekend) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to me sing:) ♡ ♡ Let me know what you think💓 ♡ ♡ Love you babes with all my heart😘 ♡ ♡ Also I'd like you guys to meet "Belle" my first ever electric guitar, so excited to make music for y'all with her!🎸 ♡ ♡ Please turn on post notifications so you don’t miss my upcoming Christmas covers🎙
Working on something Christmassy ❄️✨
#Repost from @dscvrm by @InstaSave.DStudio ・・・ This made me teary 😢 Follow me @dscvrm for more 😘 Tag a friend 👇 Via: Hallmark #dscvrm #love #InstaSaveApp
OMG.... I wanna Cry after watching this movie....😭😭😭 when the time can be back again...????? I miss u so much mom...😢😢😢 #mothersday #dscvrm #missmymom #missumom @dscvrm
@Regranned from @dscvrm - This made me teary 😢 #dscvrm #love - #regrann